Puppy left with severe injuries after owner said attacked by her siblings

In South Texas, where animal cruelty laws seem too often to be overlooked, a four-month-old shepherd puppy was left with severe injuries after her owner told the local kill shelter the pup’s siblings had attacked her. Dallie’s injuries, when she was surrendered on Wednesday, were critical.

Within an hour of having been informed of Dallie’s life or death situation, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had already made arrangements to have the puppy transferred to their San Antonio Veterinary Hospital partner for life saving medical care. Rescuers do not believe the story told by the puppy’s owner as to her injuries.

“The serious damage that occurred to Dallie had to be from something other than a fight with her sibling,” rescue co-founder Stacey Silverstein posted on the group’s Facebook page. “She was brought to the kill shelter after her owners brought her in stating her siblings attacked her.”

Dallie had definitely been attacked, left bleeding and in shock with severe open wounds. Half of her ear was missing as if it had been “chewed off.”

“The serious damage that occurred to Dallie had to be from something other than a fight with her siblings. We DO NOT BELIEVE THIS SCENARIO AT ALL AND BELIEVE DALLIE WAS ATTACKED BY AN ADULT DOG. That is the only way this could have happened.

Her ears have been ripped off, and she’s dripping blood everywhere.”

On Friday, Dallie underwent surgery. Her condition remains critical. Her left ear had been completely torn off, her head and neck sustained deep wounds, and she required 100 sutures. The veterinarian staff stated the puppy lost a tremendous amount of blood and remains on pain medication and strong doses of antibiotics. Her pain must have been excruciating.

“We saved Dallie yesterday when she was brought into a Texas kill shelter by her owner stating she was attacked by her sibling. Take one look at Dallie and WE KNOW this is a lie !!! Dallie was attacked by an adult .. all due to her owners neglect and failure to properly care for Dallie. These people get to walk away, turn their backs on Dallie while others (US) pick up the pieces for Dallie, who right now at 4 months old is fighting for her life !! Are we angry? …. YES!!! We are very angry !”

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