Owner reunited with his tabby cat 14 years later

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In Fort Pierce, Florida, the owner of an orange tabby cat was reunited with the pet he lost 14 years ago.  Perry Martin, a retired K9 officer thought his cat named Thomas Jr. – better known as T2, had died during Hurricane Jeanne in 2004.

According to the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast, an embedded microchip brought the family back together. Martin had adopted the cat in 2002, and when his cat went missing, Martin filed a missing pet report with the Humane Society hoping someone would find him – if only by a miracle. Weeks, months and years passed, and Martin never heard a word. T2 must have died.

It had been two weeks earlier when T2 arrived at the shelter. When he had wandered into a family’s yard,  he was lame, emaciated and full of fleas. The family had been taking care of the stray, giving him food and even giving him a bath. They named him Ginger. It’s when they took Ginger to the veterinarian to be examined, did they find he had a microchip. And that’s when they found out he was nearly 18-years-old.

TCPalm reports the microchip listed three different phone numbers, and it was the third number that made the treasured connection. Meanwhile the retired Fort Pierce Police officer has been in awe of the attention the pair has received.

“I’m so happy our story’s out there, especially the information about microchips because it’s so important,” Martin stated. “I am tickled to death he’s home. He’s not in great shape, but neither am I.”

And now the family dog, Sassy, a golden retriever and T2 are getting better acquainted.  Many thanks to Lisa Wadsworth and her amazing children, Lauren, 13, and Quin, 11, who even offered their mom the money to pay for the vet to make sure T2 could get all the medical help he needed. There are so many unsung heroes – these are three very important people.

(Contributed photos Doreen Poreba)

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  1. Why everyone DOES NOT microchip their pets is beyond me…..it is not that expensive…and once the pet is scanned…they will come back to you!

  2. Crying loads of happy tears. This is the best reunion story I’ve seen in a long, long time. Microchips work….PERIOD. If I ever lost my cat (or dog), I’m not sure I would ever have given up hope that someday he would be found but I would also need to try and be realistic that after 14 years, the probability of him being dead would be greater than being alive. I hope T2 can live at least a couple of more years and make it to age 20! (Also, yes, many thanks to the people who found and cared for “Ginger.”)

  3. If only T2 could talk and tell of his adventures for the last 14 years. I’m so glad he will be able to live out the rest of his days with Mr Martin. Lisa Wadsworth, Lauren, and Quin, are true heroes!


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