Owner of Mokai Lounge buys horse led into bar to give her loving home

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An asinine stunt at the Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach on March 9, when a scantily clad dancer was led into the crowded and noisy lounge riding a frightened white mare led around by a rope, almost cost the owner the revocation of his club license.  City Manager Jimmy Morales had some stiff penalties for Roman Jones, who was charged with animal cruelty and a threat to public safety. A video of the horse panicking, slipping on the dance floor and bucking the woman off went viral.

Roman paid some heavy fines, but was allowed to reopen on Wednesday evening. According to the Statement from Miami Beach Manager Jimmy Morales the club paid $12,150 in code violations to the city and donated $10,000 to a horse rescue charity. Only service animals will be allowed in the club.

But now there’s more, and after numerous apologies and admitting full responsibility for the dangerous deed to both the horse and patrons, Jones stated he couldn’t forget about the little white mare and how this terrible experience would have affected her. And so on the club owner’s Instagram page, he told the world  on Wednesday he bought the white horse and renamed her Hope.

“…I bought Hope the horse. I’m very sorry for what happened at Mokai and I take full responsibility, regardless of whose idea it was. In order to make amends to the horse directly, I purchased her and am boarding her at a private barn with other horses where she could be loved, bathed, dewormed, well fed and looked over by a vet. She will live out her days happily, and hopefully helping children with therapeutic interaction as she loves children.

Roman Jones added:

“She has been renamed Hope for a new beginning and a happy life in a peaceful environment. Hope is a very special horse, she is a small Arab cross and has one blue eye. I will update my Instagram with more photos and videos in the weeks to come. I thank my friends for accepting my apologies and remorse, and I appreciate the special people that expressed care, compassion and support.”

(Photos via Roman Jones’ Instagram)

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Wow, very surprised but quite pleased that the owner of this club not only to care of his financial obligations for this stupid incident, but went one step further and actually has a heart. This horse will have a wonderful life thanks to the owner and makes me feel that there are good people in this world.

  2. susispot says:

    I think that was very honorable of the bar owner to give Hope a home and a new vocation. To be a therapy animal requires a special temperament. I expect they will need to do some careful conditioning with Hope to make her a suitable therapy horse. Good luck pretty girl.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Glad to see that Jimmy Morales stepped up, admitted what a dumb and dangerous idea it was – and went further, bought the horse, renamed her Hope and will be giving her a new lease on life.

  4. Jacqueline Kenny says:

    Out of all the animal abuse reports I have read and commented on. I honestly have to say this is the best most honest person that is taking responsibility for the mistake. He has gone above and over the punishment he received. I just want to say thank you for been the better person!!!!


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