Owner ‘beat the hell’ out of his dog to show who was the boss

In Lake Worth, Florida, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man for “beating the hell” out of his dog and biting the two-year-old husky on the ear to show him who was the boss and to “establish dominance.

According to  CBSNews, Patrick Shurod Campbell has been charged with one felony count of aggravated animal cruelty after deputies responded to a neighbor’s complaint about suspected animal abuse inside of a nearby apartment. Two roommates of Campbell stated they had heard him beating the dog.

The husky, named Dimetri, was found in a dark closet blocked off by a couch and what looked like blood stains on the carpet and armrest of the sofa. Campbell confessed to biting Dimetri on the ear and stated the dog had destroyed personal items in the apartment the day before – including a pack of cigarettes. When Campbell showed the dog the pack of cigarettes, the dog laid flat on the ground in fear. That’s when Campbell bit the dog in the ear.

On Friday morning, Judge Ted Booras set Campbell’s bail at $10,000 and ordered him to stay away from all animals. Campbell surrendered Dimetri to the Palm Beach Animal Care and Control. The dog  will be placed with a rescue organization.

(Photo of owner who beat his dog to show who was boss via PBCSO and screenshot from CBSNews)

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18 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    So glad they removed the dog. What I don’t understand is why did a neighbor, someone who didn’t even live in the house, have to make a call to stop animal abuse and the roommates did nothing until the cops came. I guarantee it that if I had a roommate beating on a dog, I would either be going to the hospital or I would be dead, because I would have jumped in the middle to stop this creep and believe me I would have called the police just before I pounded on this guy.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Wish this SOB could receive the death penalty. Place him in the slammer with animal lovers ! Maybe he will have Dahmners fate. I hope the poor dog recovers and is placed with a loving person.


      I agree . What are the room mates two wimps afraid of this POS. No class hope they beat the shit out of him. What is matter with some of these pos.? Those two room mates should be arrested too. I would have called the cops right away. Then smashed his face in and beat his butt.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Piece of garbage doesn’t deserve such a light sentence and should be in jail for a while. Vile people like this will do the same to people when given the opportunity. Violence is inside these scum waiting to erupt.

  3. vicki hood says:

    Lets all watch for proper prosecution. Watch arrest, DA, court and judge for proper sentencing. This is sewer scum living in Lake Worth Florida. Your animals are in danger along with cnhildren and women if he has to show dominance. Good luck for that innocent husky that was beaten up. May he get someone who is a real person and loves instead of hurts.

  4. Kat says:

    Somebody needs to “beat the hell” out of this a**hole to show him who is the dominant one! He needs to be locked up for a long time!

  5. Red says:

    But this a** wipe in a cell with an animal lover……maybe he will get his ear bitten and shown what a beating feels like. This monster deserves to stay locked up for awhile!! Thank you to the roommates for reporting this monster…… he could have turned on them!

  6. J. Martin says:

    Low life POS!!! You’d be praying for death asshole!!!! I’d beat the supreme FUCK out of you .. just because it would make me laugh

  7. slv says:

    That POS should never have the privilege of being able to own a dog or any other animal. He obviously doesn’t understand. Throw his dumb ass in jail. Monster!!!

  8. Nadya Rossi says:

    I might have known! Yup, he fits the profile of a violent, immature, primitive dog abuser. So, no jail time, no fine, no lifetime ban on owning or caring for animals? Figures. I’d like to see him hung, drawn and quartered, like they used to do 500 years ago.

  9. pennysdachshunds says:


  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another ghetto rat with the brain power of a doorknob. Wanted to show dominance over a dog – what a fucking asshole. What is he unable to act like a man? Guess not, he has to take out his inferiority issue on a dog – shows you what a waste this punk is. I hope his black ass sits in jail and is mocked by other inmates who realize he is a loser who thinks beating a dog shows ‘dominance’ – all it shows is how stupid this idiot is.


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