Teen accused of kicking puppy in apartment elevator

Puppy allegedly attacked in elevator
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A Virginia teen is accused of dragging, and then kicking, a puppy inside of an apartment elevator in Newport News. According to WTKR News, 19-year-old Rebeca Castellanos was charged with animal cruelty after surveillance video at the Liberty Apartments captured her “violently” dragging a 10-month-old pit bull named Hendrix into an elevator, and then kicking the pup.

Castellanos allegedly kicked the puppy in his side, even though the video showed him doing nothing more than cowering in the elevator. The pup has been seized from Castellanos’ custody and taken to the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter for care.

Another person, identified as 22-year-old Tyler Williams, is also facing a charge for inadequate care. Williams and Castellanos are expected in court on May 23. The accused woman refused to talk to the news station about the alleged incident in the apartment elevator.

(Screenshot of Hendrix via WTKR News)

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  1. Please keep Hendrix away from these monsters permanently! Castellanos and Williams need long prison terms with no plea deals or chance of parole!

  2. “Just a kick” and next time would be something more serious. Better to take this dog away from him than chance his anger again.

  3. Both of these punks need to be kicked across the city of Newport News if not the state of Virginia – Rebecca Castellanos and Tyler Williams are both ghetto rats and should be treated like such. Hendrix did nothing to deserve this smelly bitch treated him so cruelly – two useless wastes of space – give them what they deserve – let their nasty butts sit in prison and see how they like being abused by hardened inmates – Hendrix should never be anywhere near either one of them again, he is the only one worth saving.


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