One elephant died and four others injured in circus truck crash

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In a heart wrenching accident in Madrid, Spain on Monday, one circus elephant died and four more hurt are being treated for their injuries. The truck overturned on a highway linking Albacete with Murcia in the southern part of the country, as it tried to pass a slow moving vehicle. The elephants were part of the Circo Gottani circus which includes elephants, tigers and horses.

According to ElPais, the truck tipped over as it tried to get back into lane – most likely from an uneven distribution of weight from the five female elephants moving around inside of the truck. The driver wasn’t injured, but one of the elephants died at the scene of the accident.

The elephants’ circus trainers worked at keeping the elephants calm, however two of the animals suffered “serious injuries.” One had to be moved by a crane to clear the road. One photo showed one of the injured elephant’s foot wrapped in white bandages. It is not known how seriously he was injured.

“With five unpredictable animals, each one of them weighing three to four tons, accidents can happen no matter how much care has been taken,” stated Albacete’s police officer, Jose Amado.

Animal advocacy groups have criticized circuses and contend this is just the latest example of how circuses are a danger to both the physical and behavioral needs of wild animals.  The town council explained the four elephants would be cared for by local authorities until another truck could be procured for their travel.

Just one month ago, a one-ton hippopotamus escaped from another Spanish circus. Fortunately he was safely captured after leading police on a one hour chase.

In the United States, Ringling Brothers Circus’ 11 female elephants performed for the last time in May 2016.  They danced, they pedaled, they stood on each other and even stood on their heads. For 145 years, elephants just like these gals had traveled in trains and performed in cities as the banner  of the circus displayed their acts. Only through years of legal battles and mounting scrutiny from advocacy groups and animal rights activists,  did the public became aware of the cruelty and torture the elephants endured during their training and their endless journeys while chained, whipped and beaten into submission.

(Photos via screenshots and Twitter)

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9 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Too bad they didn’t all die, because they’d be a lot better off than continuing to be used and abused in a circus. Bunch of sadistic, greedy freaks ought to be beat with a bull hook until they cannot see and thrown down a dark pit to die a LONG, SLOW, PAINFUL DEATH! Sub-human maggots!

  2. JEANETTE says:

    I don’t understand why grown people take their children to a circus or a zoo. these animals are supposed to be free of all people especially poachers. leave them alone in their natural habitat.

  3. Red says:

    Why can’t every country BAN the use of animals for entertaining BORED HUMANS?!?!?!? All animals should be in a sanctuary, or in their homeland roaming and enjoying their life. Not having to transport humans, dance for humans, stand for humans……….ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

  4. PAMELA D says:

    I hate the circus and animals need to be banned from it. Use humans to entertain jerks. Absolutely it is greedy scumbags using animals to make money.

  5. Yildiz Altas says:

    Bu hayvanlarimiz için lütfen birlik olalim bu hayvanlar için yeterli bir halk yeterli bir toplum degiliz

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    O when will ALL countries stop using animals in circuses? They were not born to be used as human entertainment – be abused, terrorized, beaten until they are broken – now some idiot caused an accident and who suffered? The elephants of course. I HATE CIRCUSES and will never attend one.


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