Brookfied Zoo lioness dies from tragic fall just 2 weeks after mate died

At the Chicago Zoological Society, a female African lion had to be euthanized on Tuesday after she suffered life threatening injuries from an accidental fall just two weeks after the zoo euthanized her mate due … Read More

Lioness at Indianapolis Zoo kills father of her 3 cubs

A lioness at the Indianapolis Zoo killed the father of her three cubs earlier this week. A statement posted on Friday from the zoo staff reported they had heard “an unusual amount of roaring at … Read More

Boy ignored warnings at zoo and killed pregnant meerkat who bit his finger

A 12-year-old boy ignored warnings about petting the animals at a Hungarian zoo when he stuck his arm through the fence and was bitten on the finger by a meerkat. Officials believed the pregnant meerkat … Read More

Black rhino treated at Chicago zoo for nasal blockage using CT scanner

A black rhino named Layla, who lives at a Chicago zoo, underwent what is believed to be the first CT (computer tomography) ever performed on her species. The seven-and-a-half, 2,300 pound rhinoceros was being treated … Read More

One elephant died and four others injured in circus truck crash

In a heart wrenching accident in Madrid, Spain on Monday, one circus elephant died and four more hurt are being treated for their injuries. The truck overturned on a highway linking Albacete with Murcia in … Read More

Zoo’s ailing and emaciated lion has died

Juboraj, Comilla Zoo’s lone lion died on Saturday. His photo, showing the 18-year-old lion as “almost living death,” went viral on social media earlier in November. Many animal advocates accused the zoo keepers of starving … Read More

Zoo’s ailing and skinny lion draws social media outrage

A once regal lion, now ailing and skinny just lies in his cage. No one hears his once mighty roar. Comilla Zoo’s lone lion, Juboraj is 18-years-old, and his “almost living death” photo has gone … Read More

Hunters capture baby elephants twisting their trunks and kicking them for Chinese zoos

More than a dozen frightened, wild baby elephants have been captured by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks), from the Hwange National Park to be sold to Chinese zoos. Zimparks is responsible for conserving … Read More

Investigation reveals disturbing abuse of animals at zoo

A Canadian animal law charity has released undercover video footage which reveals disturbing animal abuse at a zoo in Ontario. According to the National Observer, the video, which was released on Friday, was taken … Read More

Poachers break into Paris zoo, shoot rhino and saw off its horn

A four-year-old male rhinoceros was found dead on Tuesday morning at the Parc Zoologique de Thoiry; he had been shot three times in the head by poachers, and his horn had been chopped off. This … Read More