Neglected dog left on roof of home for days returned to owner

A dog in Hazleton that had been left on the roof of a home for several days with no reports made to authorities by the owner has been returned to her owner. Firefighters were able to rescue the dog on Sunday.

According to PAHomePage, neighbors stated the dog had been sitting there in the rain and hot sun for days with no food or water. Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale said the owners had called authorities that same day to report their dog had been stolen. When authorities arrived at the home on South Street, they heard whimpering and crying but could not place the location of the sounds.


Firefighters arrived at the home and were able to find the dog on the second floor roof where she apparently climbed out of an open window. Neighbors, however are extremely upset the dog has been returned to the owner, claiming neglect and referencing disturbing images of the same dog tied up to a fence post in 2015 after the home had been condemned. The dog was reportedly removed from the home twice by Luzerne County SPCA. Subsequent enforcement had been followed up by Hazleton City Code Enforcement.

The owner of the dog, identified on Facebook as “LaNegra Chula A” appears to be repeatedly breeding the dog and selling the puppies at $300 each.

The dog was examined at an animal hospital and returned to the owner. The Luzerne County Animal Control has been notified. The photos have gone viral with animal advocates notifying authorities and asking for an investigation involving animal neglect and cruelty.

(Photos via screenshots PA Home Page, Facebook)

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24 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a bazaar story. They reported the dog stolen when she was on the roof? Anyway you look at this, it needs to be investigated and form the sound of it, the dog needs a new home! Why they continue to give this dog back to these neglectful people is anyone’s guess.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Sometimes returning a dog to a so called owner is not the best thing and in this dogs case, seems this dog has been used as their breeding machine for them to make money off of. Hope the police investigate and remove the dog immediately.This picture of the dog chained up, is not good and should be removed from these sub humans now.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    Well of course JUST LOOK AT THE MAMMARY SWOLLEN TITS on the poor animals stomach!!! The Police Department and EVERY ONE of the Officer’s are worthless for ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN .. The BASTARD of an Owner will continue to SUCK the LIFE out of this dog until she drops DEAD from having PRODUCED LITTER after LITTER for this Ethnic Piece of Shit!!!

  4. Animal Advocate says:

    Never should have got the dog back. PA laws must be changed as well
    as city ordinances. Unbelievable after this report and previous reports! Sickening! Owners should also be arrested for fraud, lying to law enforcement about their dog being stolen!

  5. Marni M says:

    Sometimes I think animal control gives abused dogs back to owners because they are too lazy or don’t care to do anything about it. then there are some really caring animal control officers. I wish they worked in this place.

  6. Jan Barnes says:

    This is a living nightmare for the poor innocent dog! Can’t they see how much the dog is suffering? If a complete investigation isn’t done immediately, I fear the worst for this sweet defenseless dog! Maybe she escaped to the roof in self defense!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      And returning the dog to these maggots is proof positive that Luzerne Co. SPCA could care less about the dog’s welfare – this dump needs a complete overhaul – they just sentenced this dog to death.

  7. Deborah Dearmore says:

    Please take this baby away from these trashy,no good for nothing pieces of shit people. They don’t deserve to have any animals whatsoever. Take him and this time do not give her back to them. Please!!!!!

  8. Red says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!??! Why in the hell was this poor animal returned to the MONSTER who owns her??? It is very evident she is being abused and bred repeatedly!?!?!?!?
    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP………..STEAL that poor dog and get her out of that situation!

  9. DJL says:

    That’s Hazelton PA for you. Full of a bunch of freaking assholes that can’t determine their ass from a hole in the wall. It’s against the law to keep a dog on such a short leash. The poor thing is almost strangling herself tied to the gate, are you kidding me Animal Control and Police of Hazelton….get a freakin brain and get that poor dog away from these immoral assholes. If you don’t know your own dog is on your roof you don’t deserve to have one, god I hope they don’t have kids….

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    It is pretty obvious that Luzerne County SPCA have little to no concern for the welfare of animals – to return this poor neglected dog to the human trash of an owner proved it. Another backyard breeder whose ONLY concern was the money they got off overbreeding dogs – what the hell is wrong with this dump? This owner has been reported before for cruelty and neglect yet this dog was given back to be abused again.

  11. Rosiekat says:

    What a sin! Take that dog away ASAP! Just look at that dog! You can see the horrible condition she is in. She is a pretty dog. It is hopeful she would get adopted.

  12. ELLEN FILOTEO says:

    are you serious giving back this poor dogs that suffers too much already to the bastard and evil owner ,look at the dog OMG please have mercy on the the dog that cannot voice herself please o please help the dog.what kind of system do we have ?????? my god have mercy on the poor dog.

  13. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I am an advocate. This dog must be removed from this home instantly. These owners are the primary reason we have animals constantly being killed in shelters. The dog purposely escaped to the roof to flag attention be sent elsewhere. I would get her out of that yard if she were in my state. I am going to pass it around to hopefully a few who are closer to that state.

  14. Caroline Burton says:

    No wonder people take the law into their own hands. Vigilante justice would be prosecuted, bet your life on it, but prosecuting someone who makes life hell for innocent animals is too difficult for them to handle? It’s bad enough that the police dept. say they can’t do anything, but Luzerne SPCA??? WTF are they there for? Get these animals out of there and put the abusers in jail where they belong – they should never be allowed to own anything that breathes!

  15. PAMELA D says:

    Looking at this shit the dog was returned to its fucked up owner? Really? So the next time they find the dog it will be dead and if so the authorities need to have their heads chopped off along with this MotherF&^ker. I would break this bastard in half if I found him. Steal the damn dog from the owner. Treating this poor dog like trash and what the hell kind of life this poor is having. I wish the worse on this scumbag.

  16. PAMELA D says:

    This is exactly how these bastards should have been treated when they were a baby and this way they would have been dead instead of being on this earth. Just looking at these photos show these assholes are low life scumbags leaving this dog out in all types of weather. Sick POS who are cowards. Just makes me sick because I can’t get a few minutes with these scums.

  17. Nancy Earles says:

    Please, someone living close to these people go steal this dog from their yard and find it a better home where the owners cannot find her ever again. Crazy that animal control and courts do not enforce proper care and treatment of animals in their districts.

  18. Diana Rowell says:

    Good ole PA is at it again, they REALLY like their dogs CRUELLY BEATEN, RAPED, STARVED AND TIED TIGHT WHERE THEY CANNOT MOVE. It amazes me that the HARDWORKING taxpayers put up with this shit! They’re all either too stupid or too lazy to make any REAL changes so they have recourse for this blatant abuse. BUT NO they allow the hateful, vile, corrupt authorities continue to IGNORE VIOLENCE AND ABUSE. Pennsylvania appears to have come straight from China, as they operate just like the vile, violent Chinese ass wipes and ignore ALL abuse. I had a chance to move there (PA) for a GREAT job, I said no fucking way will I move to a state to sweeps child and animal abuse under the rug on a DAILY basis.


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