Mountain lion euthanized after killing a dog in Colorado

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On Wednesday, a mountain lion was euthanized by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officials, after having been captured on Monday in Evergreen after it had killed a dog. Officials state the mountain lion was killed because he was emaciated and sick.

According to the Denver Channel, the owner of the dog had been outside with his pet off leash when the dog rounded the corner and suddenly the dog yelped. When the man walked over to see what had happened, he saw the mountain lion had pounced on top of the dog and killed it.

Two officers were later able to tranquilize the cat and brought it to CPW for an examination and  to decide whether to relocate him, take him to a wildlife sanctuary for rehabilitation or euthanize him. Authorities have stated, because the animal killed a dog, would not be a reason to order the cat’s death.

After a veterinarian examination, it was decided the emaciated cat that weighed less than 80 pounds, likely would not have survived the winter. A necropsy has been ordered to determine why the cat was in such poor condition.

Rest in peace mountain lion.

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