Mountain lion Colorado runner killed was only 3-month-old kitten

In Fort Collins, Colorado, a necropsy of the mountain lion killed by a Colorado runner with his bare hands, was only a three to four-months-old male kitten.

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Idaho woman breaks up fight between young mountain lion and dog

In Mackay, Idaho, a woman intervened in a fight between a dog and a young mountain lion – not realizing at the time one of the animals was not a dog.

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Mountain lion euthanized after killing a dog in Colorado

On Wednesday, a mountain lion was euthanized by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) officials, after having been captured on Monday in Evergreen after it had killed a dog. Officials state the mountain lion was killed … Read More

Mountain lion wanders into Colorado home and eats family cat

In Boulder, Colorado, on Thursday evening a mountain lion padded into the living room of a home two women shared and ate the family cat. It is believed the cat entered through a screen in … Read More

Sleepy mountain lion found napping in woman’s Oregon home

In Ashland, Oregon, a sleepy mountain lion napped for nearly six hours behind her couch. Lauren Taylor recounts the strange but heartwarming encounter of what happened on her Facebook page.

“This cat was drinking from

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