Advocates call out Malibu Wines for not evacuating Stanley the giraffe

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In Malibu, California, Stanley the giraffe has been reported to be fine. As the Woolsey Fire quickly spread, residents, businesses and animals were forced to quickly evacuate. Animal advocates were very worried about Stanley’s safety.

Stanley the giraffe,  is by far the most popular animal attraction at the Malibu Wines’ vineyard, and boasts more than 43,000 followers on his Instagram, so anyone can understand the huge concern over the giraffe’s safety as the fire continued to destroy everything in its path. On Friday night, Malibu Wines’ management team and animal trainers posted they had been feeding and caring for the animals and asked the public for hay.

“Thanks to everyone in the community for your prayers and support through this difficult time. Our amazing animal care and facilities team began preparing for evacuations late last night and because of their efforts we have survived the fire. Our management team and animal trainers are onsite right now feeding, providing water, repairing enclosures, and caring for our animal family (including Stanley). While we have lost a considerable portion of our barns and facilities, our primary concern is the lives our animal and human families. We have a small number of number of animals unaccounted for but the search is continuing through the night. Your offers of support are deeply appreciated and as we begin the reconstruction process we will reach out to neighbors to help with this process!”

In case one is wondering how a giraffe took up residence at the wine making Semler family, the 1,000 acre ranch has been home to 20 exotic animals including zebras, camels and of course Stanley for the past few years. There are always tours, and guests are ushered into safari trucks to see a large herd of horses,  exotic animals, views of the canyon and of course the reds, whites and roses blooms and plants of this vast wine ranch. Some of the animals can even be petted!

And with such exotic animals and a hefty price tag to see and touch them, social media has come out and criticized the lack of an emergency plan – especially for Stanley. As it has been retold by eyewitnesses, Stanley and the other animals had not been evacuated.

“Lucy Perry Guerre The giraffe was put into the large pasture with horses that were not moved. The large pasture forms a large natural bowl so the fires go around the top. The facility did phone around ahead to evac places and no one would take a giraffe. I evacs to one such place where people from the facility explained the situation. The giraffe, bison, horses all got along and stayed safe together. The pasture is huge and park like. I do agree that having a sole giraffe is not ideal but he is with a herd of other herbivores such as zebras, bison, donkies, horses and have excellent daily care. The facility is a business, yes, but they donate to local causes, and i have never been refused donations when i asked.”

Comedian Whitney Cummings posted a photo of Stanley on her Facebook page on Sunday, after personally visiting the vineyard where a portion of the barns and facilities had been destroyed. Several horses were unaccounted for at the time, but friends and supporters of the Semlers stated the animals were moved to a dirt field with a body of water nearby, and there was no fuel for the fire to burn at the location.

“This is how close the fire came to the fence. Shame on you @malibuwines for not evacuating this animal or any of your animals. I tried to reason with you, tried to help you, and I brought you food for the animals. Now do the right thing and take better care of the animals you use to make money. I have trailers and people who can take them out safely ready to go. DM me and I will help you,” wrote Cummings with a photo showing the fire ashes and how close Stanley stood to the destruction.

Read the latest animal related news on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

(Photos of Stanley the giraffe via FB)

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