Man accused of dragging his dog behind truck ‘to teach him a lesson’

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A dog owner from Linthicum Heights, Maryland has been accused of dragging his dog behind his pickup truck on Saturday to “teach him a lesson ” for escaping the yard. Arrested on Wednesday at his home, Herbert Sensibaugh, 53, is alleged to have tied his dog to the bumper of the truck and dragged him for more than a quarter of mile. He now faces four counts of animal cruelty charges. In addition, he faces drug charges after cocaine and prescription medications of Oxycodone  were found during a search of his home.

According to WtopNews, neighbors witnessed Sensibaugh dragging the black and white pointer named Rebel and described the dog as scared and unable to keep up with the truck. When witnesses confronted Sensibaugh and demanded him to stop, he refused and told everyone to mind their own business. An argument followed, and the suspect stated he was “disciplining the dog for escaping from his yard,” according to police.

Local residents state Sensibaugh has a history of abusing and neglecting his dog citing examples of Rebel tethered in the front yard on a very short chain. He has also been fined for hunting and fishing violations.

Rebel was transferred to an emergency veterinarian hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.

(Photos of man dragging his dog behind truck screenshots via FoxNews)

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18 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another POS that has NO business owning a dog. This is NOT how you teach your dog to stay in it’s yard! I hope they don’t let this moron have the dog back, I would fear for the dog’s safety.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      That’s exactly right!!!!!!

      I wonder if Rebel was simply trying to stay away from this POS??? He would be absolutely fine with a better family…….

      I hope Rebel is rehomed into a loving furever home where he will be treated as a beloved family member!!!

  2. s krentz says:

    That ass ho– shouldn’t be teaching lessons to dogs. First off, they don’t understand what the lesson is, and second this jerk needs to be taught lessons on how NOT to punish a dog for no reason. He needs to be taught a lesson !! In JAIL !! Hope they took away all animals from him and the dog is safe.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    This hunk of maggot puke named Herbert Sensibaugh needs a lesson taught to him – his cruelty to a dog he mistreated, abused and had no right to own definitely deserves his nasty ass to be tied to the back of an 18 wheeler – and dragged until he is no more than a grease stain in the road. I would love the chance to ‘teach him a lesson’.

  4. Terry says:

    what is it with all these crazy old asshole men dragging dogs behind trucks. It’s time courts started handing out “eye for an eye” punishments for animal abuse.

  5. Animal Advocate says:

    Another case that the perp deserves the death penalty, but first tie his sorry ass to a truck and drag him!

  6. Sue says:

    I do hope that the arrest means he’s sitting in jail waiting for a stiff sentence, to put him away for a long time, and NOT that he’s at home on ‘house arrest’ waiting for a slap on the wrist, and then gets the dog back.

  7. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Drag that stupid bastard behind his truck and teach him a lesson on how to treat animals. If he has abused this dog before why was he given back to him???? I hope the bastard rots in Prison.

  8. Red says:

    Anddddd… was the dog supposed to KNOW why he was being torturously dragged????
    Put this monsters name on a National Registry so he may NEVER, EVER own, adopt, buy or live in the same home as a companion animal!!!!

  9. pennysdachshunds says:

    Thankfully the Authorities TOOK these Reports of abuse and torture VERY SERIOUSLY and WENT OUT TO SEE for themselves:: Bonus here was to find the supply of his Drugs of Choice and probably one reason for his abusive actions… This Putrid Dick Weed Needs to cool down in the pen for about 24 months…

  10. Robert says:

    I appreciate you guys sharing this story and bringing attention to what the poor little guy went through. After chasing him down and getting him to stop we were shocked at how comfortably ok he was with what he was doing. The poor dog had cowered under his truck as he and I exchanged words about it. Much more details involved but posting on Facebook is what got the attention to save Rebel in a timely manner and I just wanted to thank you for sharing and bringing attention to situations like this one. Rebel is safe and now has hundreds of potential loving homes he’s welcome too. Thanks again.

  11. April Schmidt says:

    SOMEONE SHOULD DRAG THIS BASTERD BEHIND A TRUCK!!! I hope he goes to PRISON FOR A LONG TIME!!This is SICK AND DISCUSSING IT MADE ME CRY!!!!????????????????????????????????!!I HOPE AND PRAY THAT THIS FURBABY FINDS A NEW LOVING HOME!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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