Boy accused of killing pets with insulin

11-year-old boy accused of purposefully killing 3 pets with insulin

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An 11-year-old boy in Iowa is accused of a heinous act of cruelty which claimed the life of three pets. According to multiple sources, two dogs and a cat perished after being injected with insulin – the killings are believed to be intentional.

What happened?

The tragic situation unfolded at a home in Marshall County on July 12. The boy’s mother called 911 to report that her son was behaving “erratically” and when deputies responded to the residence they discovered three pets who were barely breathing. Help was requested from Diamond in the Ruff Rescue and the ailing dogs and cat were rushed to a veterinarian for care.

On the day that the pets were found, the rescue group wrote:

While you are sleeping … we are working overtime! Thanks God for our volunteers who step up in the middle of the night! This won’t be cheap but it is what we do! Please consider donating to our cause! Please pray we can save these babies! Thanks to Dr Drager for taking our late night call!

The outcome

Despite efforts to save the animals, all of them perished. On July 14, the rescue group wrote:

We are saddened to report that Precious.. the last of the three crossed the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge this morning. We did everything possible to save her. Fly high..knowing we will find justice.

The boy accused of killing the animals

The boy accused of killing the dogs and cat is believed to have obtained the insulin from his mother. Charges against the youth are expected reports WYFF4 News.

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28 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I’m for “death by lethal injection” for both of them! The bitch must have been deaf, dumb and blind!

  2. Gizmos Mommy says:

    With something this cruel there is no hope for that maggot prepubescent savage SOS. I would commit that thing for the rest of its existence. Feel that’s too harsh? Well that’s a sociopath; there’s no hope for them and there’s no treatment.

  3. Adrienne says:

    OMG! Where and how did this kid get the insulin from his mother? She must take insulin and this sick,demented son of hers, figured he wanted to see what would happen to animals if given her insulin.How much did he inject into the dogs and cat to cause their death? This child needs to be in a facility where he can be watched/treated before he causes more deaths. What is this country coming to? People need to watch the actions of kids, whether yours or others because many are already would be killers in the making. Parents are not noticing abnormal behavior of their children?


    good gried, what next for this 12 yr old? babies, maybe when he grows up, teenagers are next. this boy needs help, now! poor little pets so vunerable. not sure if spelled it right?

  5. GSD Joe says:

    An 11 year old child that murders via injection is clearly mentally-ill and is in dire need of help. I pray that the psychotic liberal left doesn’t act to justify this psychosis…

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!! This is an 11 year old Homicidal Psychopathic Killer in the MAKING… a Jeffery DAMER ! He needs immediate admission to a Mental Institution for the Criminal Insane BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS SICKO IS!!! The fact that he used three vials ( one for each dog) pretty much says it… I hope the hell the police didn’t leave this Beyond Evil Monster of a Kid home with his mom unsupervised… This is fodder for a NEW STEPHEN KING BOOK!!! Maybe he was practicing as to WHAT he was going to do to “MOMMY DEAREST ” while she slept!!!!! Scary!! Scary!! Scary!!

  7. linda says:

    Fucking son has major issues and is a future killer!!!!!!! That child needs to meet his match….die the same way!!!!

  8. KathyR says:

    WTF?! And of course, no one will admit that this “kid” has a history of “erratic” behavior. I doubt this is the first incident.

  9. Bunny Peters says:

    OMG: WHY??? Their lives mattered and I hope that POS is locked up forever……. he is a future serial killer…….

    When I was that age, I just wanted to play with our family pets (walk, fetch, trail ride)…… I would NEVER have thought to intentionally hurt any of them (in spite of their thoughts on “bath time”)….

    RIP precious treasures……. Your lives were stolen from you….. You didn’t deserve to be murdered…… please look for MacKitty in Heaven….. you will be welcome to join his group of snuggle buddies…….. so sorry that you were failed so horribly by humans……..

    That POS who murdered you will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty……. let’s hope he gets there ASAP after suffering a terrible death in pain, alone, afraid and unloved…….

    • Bunny Peters says:

      BTW: WTF was “responsible” parent doing? If she failed to stop her POS son, she is as responsible as he is for those 3 furbaby murders……..

      Lock her up too & lose the keys……. a terrible failure of a “so-called” parent……

  10. Bev Woodburn says:

    This psychpathic depraved animal torturing 11 year monster needs to be put to death before this pos lowlife monster murders other defenceless and inocent trusting sentient beings. I don’t care what age this bastard of an evil kid is, kill the monster. An eye for an eye the saying goes. This vile and evil Monsters punishment must fit this evil 11 years old crime. Die you vile and evil little monster bastard.
    RIP the precious dogs and puddy who had their precious lives taken away from them by this filthy lowlife monster from hell.
    Their precious innocent spirit and souls have crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Animal Heaven. Fly high you darlings.

  11. Bev Woodburn says:

    Kill the vile and evil 11 year old monster before this evil bastard kid tortures and murders more innocent and defenceless sentient beings, These precious and innocent sentient beings must get Justice. If this 11 year old monster is not put to death then this monster will be the next Serial Killer. Get rid of the filth from our planet earth. I don’t care what age these animal torturing murdering bastards are, eradicate them all from our planet earth.

  12. Animal Advocate says:

    Future serial killer! Release the name of the little bastard! Too bad the little psycho didn’t inject himself! One less potential serial killer ! Mother should also be held accountable! She may be next since he is doing that to innocent pets!

  13. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I hope they press charges against the kid and the mother as an accessory. They should have 3 counts of cruelty each. This boy has something seriously wrong with him and needs to be “scared straight.”

  14. Red says:

    HOLD THIS MONSTER IN TRAINING responsible for his actions. Do not buy the story “he is only 11”. If he can do something this horrid at 11….. just think what he will come up with when he is older.

  15. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another serial killer in training – this punk is 11 yrs old and he intentionally killed three animals – he needs a nice long trip in a juvenile facility where he can encounter kids who will victimize, terrorize and abuse him. Where the hell was his mother?? She reported her punk kid was acting ‘erratically – No lady, he was murdering your three pets – he was acting like a cruel abuser – this is what you gave birth to – a miserable subhuman who needs to be put away for a long long time.

  16. Nadya Rossi says:

    Why would this clueless “mother” expose these helpless animals to her monster of a son? Why would she leave her syringe & insulin out where he had access to it. Put both of these wastes of oxygen to “sleep.”

  17. Rev Glo says:

    Sociopath ….time to nip this before he starts to kill people. Sad that animals were killed in the process of the boy showing us who he really is.

  18. Me says:

    The dumbass mother did not know he was stealing her meds?
    I would beat the living crap out of him. He would not be able to walk for weeks. He would NEVER forget what he did to those innocent animals. Freaking little devil

  19. Barbara Hartman says:

    Kill this murderer…if he’s allowed to live, he will continue killing animals…thus leading to killing people…if his mother reported him and those suffering sweeties. she had to know her son is sick in his head.


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