Visual reminder about importance of vaccine

The heartbreaking visual reminder about the importance of one vaccine

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A veterinary hospital has provided the public with a heartbreaking visual reminder about the importance of one particular vaccine – parvo. On July 13, the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic shared the story of Mr. T, and his life or death struggle with Parvo.

What happened to this dog?

Mr. T’s owners brought their pet to the veterinary clinic after three days of him not eating – on the morning that he arrived to the veterinary hospital, Mr. T had started to vomit. On the day that Mr. T arrived, his tail was still wagging and he was happy to greet the veterinary staff – but the professionals smelled a distinct odor which led them to believe that he was about to face the fight of his life.

The clinic wrote,

“there was this faint distinct smell of metallic yuk. Has Mr T been vaccinated? No they hadn’t got around to it. Out with the parvovirus test and the anxious 10 minute wait for a result. Yep, you guessed it, positive for parvovirus infection.”

The life or death fight

Mr. T was rushed to isolation and his first night was spent in relative comfort…but everything changed by morning. The clinic wrote:

“Mr. T let everything go. This poor, poor boy was covered, and I mean covered, in his own diarrhea and vomit. As a putrid smell started to work it’s way out into the vet clinic, I started scrubbing the area, an all too familiar job for vet nurses and always looking back at Mr. T, to tell him it was okay.

Gone was the wagging tail and happiness. Now his head hung low, his eyes half closed, laying on his bedding not moving, he was clearly suffering in the grips of this terrible disease.”

The veterinary clinic added:

“This is parvo. Unfiltered, uncensored and undeniably devastating.”

Mr. T’s fate

The lack of the parvo vaccination resulted in a devastating illness for Mr. T – he literally fought for his life with the help of the veterinary staff who tended to him round-the-clock. On July 13, the clinic wrote:

“I’ve just been in to visit Mr T. He’s recently been cleaned up and resettled, but has already vomited again. He is not drinking or eating anything so is relying solely on IV fluids and medications to keep him alive. He is feeling extremely miserable, but hanging in there.”

On day 5, the outcome that everyone had hoped and prayed for became a reality. The clinic stated:

“Mr T Update – Day 5
Well look at Mr T this morning!! What a difference! He gobbled up his breakfast, enjoyed some belly rubs and scratches behind his ears 😊. He is now able to have his antibiotics orally, and will be going home today 😊.”

The critical take away

Mr. T’s owners allowed the veterinary clinic to share their pet’s story with the public in order to raise awareness and educate about the importance of the parvo vaccine. Mr. T suffered terribly because of his owner’s oversight and he easily could have died – please ensure that your pets are up to date with their vaccinations.

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    God bless you, Dear Mr. T. Your pain and suffering is over. Thank you all caregivers for helping him and for providing the information about the urgency of proper vaccinations.

  2. Marni Montanez says:

    oh I’m so glad he’s ok. My question to the vet offices who shame people about not getting shots. What about those who got their dogs and then fell on hard times and couldn’t your expensive shots? Do you help with cost? No, I didn’t think so. There are shots our dogs don’t need and vets have been giving them to our dogs and poisoning them. Last year they tried to put a big scare about all these dogs getting the dog flu. How many really got it or even died from it? A few, but not the masses they were proclaiming into scaring people into getting unnecessary shots. I don’t believe vets anymore. Some of then are in it for the money and don’t give a damn.

    • Shirley says:

      They did not shame the owners. Owners agreed to have their story told. Not getting that “expensive” vaccine just cost the owner so much more had they gotten it. Why should veterinarians help you pay for your vaccines? You know full well going into owning a pet, there is going to be some expense. If you can’t afford it, or don’t get one!! Every vaccine offered they do need at some point depending on where you live, but they are seeing that not all of them need to be given every year. Doing titer tests can tell you the level of protection your dog has from the vaccine. Again, the vaccine for dog flu… Depending on where you live, it may or may not have been necessary. For those “few” owners whose dogs DID die, I’ll bet they wish it was given. Don’t lump all veterinarians together!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      If they can’t afford the “useless shots” as you seem to think they are, can they afford the veterinary care the dog will require to cure what the dog gets from not being vaccinated? No I didn’t think so, and the vets won’t help with those costs either. When there is some evidence to show my vet is “poisoning” my dogs with these shots then I will be the first one to agree with you, but so far I have had no such experience.

      • Marissa Kindig says:

        I rescue dos here in Venezuela and will never forget the bad vaccines one time. I took 9 pups in for parvo vaccine and it led them to the worst death ever. I no longer chance it and let them be, my own pups as well. I rather help one that is sick, rather than make one sick. Poor babies

  3. Red says:

    This means REGULAR check ups, vaccinations, FOOD, WATER, daily walks, LIVING INSIDE not OUT… chains…. Come on people. If you are a penny pincher or too frugal to do what is required, do not get a pet.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    So here’s to all the know it all’s that are constantly warning us against vaccinating our pets. I realize some pets get diseases even though they are vaccinated but I prefer to try to keep my pets from getting such diseases and not watch them possibly die from something like this. Many prayers being sent for this precious pup, yes he could of died, and face it the shot was probably a lot less expensive than the hospital stay and treatment his owners paid.

  5. Sue says:

    Wow, the ignorance being displayed here is overwhelming. But I can’t really blame people, as I used to believe the same way. However, I’ve since investigated vaccines (for over 36 years) the massively financially bloated mega-powers behind their marketing and propaganda, and the incredible dirty tricks used to keep the public in the dark.

    There is no real proof that vaccines work. In fact, this testimonial, copied from a breeder’s site, reflects my own experiences in rescue, back when we had more unvaccinated dogs to compare with the vaccinated:

    “I have not vaccinated for over thirty years now and am currently in my 5th generation of unvaccinated dogs. Back when I was vaccinating, I lost pups to Parvo and had nothing but trouble, so stopped vaccinating and have had no problems since.”

    Personally, I have found, in rescue, that when all other factors were equal (quality of food, water, and environment) the unvaccinated dogs fared much better than the vaccinated ones. Vaccines are not only causing the diseases they are supposed to protect from, but also cancer, leukemia, auto-immune diseases, seizures, paralysis, skin allergies, IBS, and so much more. There ARE ways to build healthy immune systems. Injecting known poisons and foreign RNA,DNA, and viruses is NOT among them.

    I’ve also been aware, for at least 30 years, that parvo is actually a laboratory created disease.

    For people who REALLY care about their animals, it’s time to stop listening to what profiting industries tell you, and start looking into this subject in-depth.

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    • Barkley's Mom says:

      WOW! I love it when someone insulates that I am ignorant because I choose to vaccinate my pets! I am in awe that for 30 years you have raised dogs without vaccinations and somehow been allowed to skirt the law on rabies vaccines. I am also wondering how I have been able to raise dogs for the last 40 years with the vaccinations to the ages I have. I have German Shepherds and the youngest one I have lost so far has been 13. None died from cancer, leukemia, auto-immune diseases, seizures, paralysis, skin allergies, IBS, but of old age related maladies. One got bit by a snake which lead to his demise. Two had age related leg problems (at 15 I would hardly blame that on vaccinations)!. I know have a 12 year old Beagle and two 8 year old Shepherds that are very healthy. I once watched my tiny puppy die of distemper that we had adopted from a shelter and know the horror well of such a thing. You want to go on not vaccinating your pets, then go ahead but you have NO right to tell the rest of us that do vaccinate that WE are wrong and ignorant! It’s a matter of opinion!

      • Laura says:

        BM: You “raised dogs for the last 40 years”? “Raising dogs” means breeding them to sell their puppies. You truly are toxic and a dog exploiting, selfish person. Congratulations on being responsible for bringing countless more German shepherds into a world where they are among the top breeds (#4) ending up in shelters and being euthanized: I’m sure your karma reflect all you’ve done to them. Don’t even start in about you’re “product” being a cut above the rest and all that blithering…I don’t buy that stuff for one second. Anyone wanting a German shepherd needs only to go to their local shelter and there will always be several to choose from. And any work required to rehabilitate them is welcomed by any true dog lover. Instead of their being put to death so that you can sell ever more puppies.

        That puppy whose terrible death you exploit to make your point about vaccines, only makes the opposite point. Most all dogs and puppies are vaccinated for distemper before being adopted from shelters. We had adopted a dog long ago from a shelter who’d had her required shots including distemper…and guess what? She suffered through distemper and barely survived. All the many dogs we’ve had since then, vaccine free, none of them has ever contracted any contagious disease.

        You say “it’s a matter of opinion” whether to vaccinate or not, but you know full well that the vaccine pushers are for mandatory vaccines for everyone. Start dealing in truth and stop your tale spinning.

        And quit breeding dogs and continually follow up on ALL those you’ve sent out into this treacherous world and make sure they’re ALL (and their puppies too) well and loved. That’s what you should be concentrating on instead of what you do here.

      • Laura says:

        Didn’t check that last reply before posting; should have said “karma WILL reflect” and “your product” (not you’re).

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Laura, I am NOT a breeder! I adopted and took care of dogs is that better? What a harsh nasty person you are attacking me! Why is that? What have I done to YOU?

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Laura, you go to a shelter and adopt a German Shepherd what are you getting? You don’t know the genetics of the parents, you are most likely going to get a dog from one of the “back yard breeders” that breed for the big bucks they think they are going to make. It’s not about rehabilitating them, that isn’t the problem, it’s the genetic problems that the dogs may have from poor breeding. And why don’t you go to our local shelter, German Shepherds are far and few between, If you want a German Shepherd you most likely will have to go to one of the rescues around here. And the puppy I am exploiting, was from the Brooklyn Humane society and was supposed to have had it’s shots. Back in the 60’s when we got her the shelter was a hell hole and still could be for all I know. My husband was in the service and we wanted a puppy. We spent a lot of money trying to save that poor little pup and I still cry to this day when I think of how she died in my arms and I was helpless to help her. I give up! I am really tired of this, I have lived my life taking the best care of my pets I can and have always been willing to spend the money on Vet care should it be needed. You are calling the WRONG person names here you obviously somehow assumed I am a breeder and NO I AM NOT!

      • Laura says:

        BM: You claim you’re not a breeder and then you go on to condemn shelter dogs as inferior to “reputable” breeders’ dogs. Whether you’re a breeder or not, your support of dog breeding is just as vile. We take our dogs as they come, any breed, any odd combination, any set of problems, because it’s not about us, it’s about the dogs and rescuing them from abuse and abandonment and giving them wonderful lives.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Laura, At the moment I have 2 German Shepherds and a Beagle. All were adopted from shelters, I do know the history of the German Shepherd’s parents I do not know the history of the Beagle’s. I’m sorry you don’t approve of reputable breeders, but I do, that has never kept me from adopting a pet from the shelter ancestry unknown. Get off your high horse!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Laura, who is condemning shelter dogs, Two of the 3 I have now came from the shelter. You seem to want to read into what I write anything negative you can. Have a nice day, and take your hateful attitude with you. I thought we, on this forum, were supposed to be dog lovers. It turns out this is a prime example of why I love my dogs more than most people I come in contact with.

      • Laura says:

        Who is condemning shelter dogs, you ask? Why, that would be you, BM:
        “Laura, you go to a shelter and adopt a German Shepherd what are you getting? You don’t know the genetics of the parents, you are most likely going to get a dog from one of the “back yard breeders” that breed for the big bucks they think they are going to make. It’s not about rehabilitating them, that isn’t the problem, it’s the genetic problems that the dogs may have from poor breeding.”
        That’s condemnation in my book, scaring people away from adopting shelter animals who are disapproved of by dog eugenicists, likely including you, in favor of buying from “reputable” breeders. We’ve had backyard breeder rejects we adopted from shelters, what’s the problem? They were precious and wonderful animals. No honest and realistic dog lover wants dog breeders in this world. You might be some sort of dog enthusiast and may love your own, but you’re not honest or realistic about billions of other dogs’ plights in this world because of “humans.”
        If you respond with yet more of the same old stuff, I plan on not replying further.

  6. Laura says:

    It’s widely admitted that dogs vaccinated for Parvo can and do come down with the disease even after the vaccine has “had time to work fully,” with the usual handy-dandy excuses given that 1) there are different strains of the disease, 2) vaccines aren’t 100% effective, or 3) it must have been a “bad batch” of vaccine. Read what Marissa Kindig commented and please let it register. Puppies’ immunity to disease is best served by their mothers being naturally healthy (as opposed to fake immunity from vaccines) and those puppies getting vital colostrum from those mothers’ milk. But of course, dog breeding should not be happening at all, with “humanity’s” terrible record of creating severe dog overpopulation and horrible abuse of dogs, as well as other animals.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      That’s right lets cut out dog breeding and leave it to the strays to get our puppies from, I’m sure we will get quality pets from that. Responsible breeding isn’t the problem with overpopulation, it’s the irresponsible people that don’t get their pets fixed and think that having puppies is cute, or profitable and don’t care about what or who their dog is breeding with. In a perfect world I’m sure all the puppies would have healthy mothers and fathers and get the vital colostrum from their mother’s milk, but lets look at reality of shelters and strays where most of us get our pets because we want to adopt not shop. What are you getting? The history of the dog is unknown, some have been abandoned and abused. are you really saying they shouldn’t be vaccinated to prevent illness? or should we just let them pick up a virus and get sick and die?

      • Sue says:

        You obviously haven’t read the information provided. And while I don’t consider the word “ignorant” an insult (it just means one doesn’t know about a given subject, and when it comes to vaccines, that is to be expected, because the information is forcefully hidden from the public-at-large), I would say that one should consider the term “willfully ignorant” a true and accurate insult. The willfully ignorant continually repeat what they’ve been taught to believe, and actively resist even looking at, let alone attempting to comprehend, anything that challenges that training.

        And that remark about “quality pets” looks like the canine version of eugenics to me. Dogs are not products, they are living, feeling beings, no matter what breed, or mix of breeds, they happen to be. And, going back far enough, all of the “purebreds” are really inbred versions of what were mixed breeds a couple of centuries ago – inbred to satisfy the whims of people. It’s bad enough that when they live with us, they are completely at our mercy (or lack of it), as we govern literally every aspect of their lives.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Sue, I have read the information provided and it does NOT change my mind about vaccinations. You want to call me names and “willfully ignorant” so be it, I stand my my right to have a difference of opinion about vaccinations. For every article you can dig up for NOT vaccinating, I can probably find one FOR vaccinating, what is the point? I have seen NO adverse effects from vaccinating my pets and should I need to board or get my dog licenses, these vaccinations are needed and as far as rabies a law!

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Unbelievable, I now am a breeder because I said I “raised” dogs, I don’t pretend to even be qualified to do such a thing or would I want with so many in the shelters. I do however support responsible breeders that breed for the love and good of the breed. I am also “willfully ignorant” because I choose to vaccinate my pets and don’t subscribe to all the propaganda that Sue likes to paste in here. Laura says I am a dog exploiting “shill” whatever that means. I give up! Sorry I have a difference of opinion from these two “experts” I don’t know how my pets have ever lived so long with all the abuse I am subjecting them to! The title of this article “The heartbreaking visual reminder about the importance of one vaccine” suggests that maybe had the dog had it’s vaccination (which it didn’t by the way) it might have not have had to fight for it’s life. I’m glad these two “experts” have set me straight, I have been so wrong for 40 years thinking I have been taking good care of my pets by vaccinating and taking them to the Vets. Shame on me! I’m Sorry Bear, Spunky and Barkley you probably could have lived to be 20 years old and not only 15 and 13. I’m done! This makes me sick that I am being attacked for taking care of my pets!


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