Kansas family devastated after their dog shot in own front yard

A family is devastated in Nickerson, Kansas after someone trespassed into their front yard and shot and killed their dog on Sunday morning.

“No worse feeling than holding your pet as they die in your arms when all they were doing was playing in your yard. It’s just a dog, but they’ve never just a dog,” owner Colleen Dickey told KsnNews.

It had been a normal Sunday morning when Colleen and her husband heard gunshots coming from their front yard. After rushing out, they spotted their dog Joe breathing heavily sitting by the barn. As Colleen approached Joe with a treat in her hand, she noticed the gunshot wound. A .22 caliber bullet had pierced the dog’s lung. By the time they could rush Joe to the vet, he had died.

Joe was a huge white dog, and there was no way he could have been mistaken for a coyote, so why did someone enter into the family’s yard and intentionally shoot their friendly three-year-old Ashkash dog?

The Reno Sheriff’s Office now has the bullet, and there is an ongoing investigation. Investigators have a footprint on the dirt road as well as tire marks of the intruder.

“It’s like he just stepped out, took his shot over towards our house and got back into the car and they took off,” Colleen stated.

The family has offered a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the heartless culprit. Information can be called into the Reno County Sheriff’s Office at 620.654.2735.

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