Dozens of dogs shot in Morocco ahead of FIFA visit to host World Cup

Dozens of dogs have been shot and killed in Morocco ahead of the FIFA visit to assess the country’s suitability to host the World Cup. The FIFA World Cup is an international association football competition involving men’s national teams of the members of the  Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport’s global governing body.

When a video recently appeared on social media showing a pile of dead stray dogs and a  dying dog being dragged away in an apparent cull at the coastal resort of Tamraght, people were appalled. The video was posted by “Tierbotschafter” – a Swiss animal advocacy group claiming the heartbreaking images of the dead dogs had been collected shortly before a planned visit from the FIFA delegation to assess the country’s bid for the 2026 World Cup.

According to the Mirror, animal advocates and the rescue organizations stated the cull of the dogs had been unnecessary since many of the dogs killed had recently been vaccinated and sterilized as part of the animal control population programs.

“Since that night, [last week Thursday] dozens of dogs from our castration and vaccination programme have been shot, injured or taken away in a lorry while still alive,” Brigitte Post from the charity stated. “In a flagship project in and around Agadir, we castrated over a thousand dogs, vaccinated against rabies, tagged them with an ear tag and returned them to their territory.”

A nearby resident witnessed the heartbreaking murders and described how 30 to 40 men started shooting dogs in the middle of town paying no attention if the dogs had ear tags. Those same gunmen threatened or arrested onlookers who tried to video and take photos of the barbaric scenes. That’s when local residents gathered up dogs and safely hid them away.

As to the FIFA, a spokesperson has been in contact with Moroccan authorities and expects the animals will be treated humanely, however have not weighed in on whether the country will be chosen. In competition is a joint North American bid from Canada, the United States and Mexico.

(Photos screenshots via Golders News and Sports/ Tierbotschafter)

To watch the Daily Mail video click here. (Disturbing footage)

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15 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    They need to find out who authorized these mass killings and why when they knew the dogs had been tagged, vaccinated and neutered/spayed. All that money spent on these dogs and now they are gone. Hope the FIFA does not select Morocco.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Totally disgusting and cruel…… one can ? who ordered the dogs killed…… appears to an outsider that the killers were acting on their own authority (& using threats of violence to intimidate anyone trying to stop them)……
    IMHO, this country should NOT be allowed to host ANY international events……

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    WTF is wrong with these asshole countries???? They need to kill the assholes doing this instead of the dogs!!!1! THIS HS GOT TO STOP!!!!

  4. Star Shelley says:

    This county is no better than Asia eating their. dogs. I hope they do not have the world international event in that country and hope the world cup team voice their disgust regarding not to play in that county, also they need to punish the people who are responsible for this.

  5. Mary Ann Clark says:

    These mass murderers need to be arrested and imprisoned for a very long time or else maybe they could all be publicly executed on these same streets! FIFA should be disbanded permanently if they choose this place! SHAME ON THEM ALL!



  7. Diana Rowell says:

    Boycott all things Moroccan, no products made from there and even more effective is take away tourism dollars. This country THRIVES on tourists and I guarantee you that if YOU are truly outraged, then put your boycott of traveling there where your mouth is. Money talks folks and YOU ALL have that power.


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