California woman’s guide dog poisoned during trip to China

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A California woman continues to mourn the death of her guide dog during a recent trip to China after her dog was poisoned by neighbors. The dog’s owner claimed to have heard the neighbors threatening to kill her dog.

According to the Express, Leewen Zhang had traveled to Chongqing in China from California with her guide dog Julie. She had planned to travel to Europe after the Chinese New Year, and had been nursing Julie back to health after the dog had suffered from a heart condition. Instead her beloved guide dog was poisoned.

On the Facebook page of the charity group Fight Dog Meat, Zhang’s heartbreaking story about Julie quickly went viral as a photo showed the woman embracing her dog that had just died.

“Evil people wrapped the rat poison into chicken meat and spread on the lawn Julie loves to go rolling over,” Leewen wrote. “She ate one little bite, and died in a few hours with huge pain and suffering. I could never forget her scream…”

Police in China have since warned Leewen there are few animal cruelty laws in the country, and although hundreds of thousands of dogs are poisoned each year, no one ever gets arrested nor are they ever held accountable for the horrible crimes.  What makes this crime even more revolting, is Julie was a service dog from the United States and provided a service to humans.

There may be no laws now in China, but Leewen isn’t giving up; there will be animal protection laws in the future.

Rest in peace Julie.

A petition calling for justice for Julie can be found here.

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13 replies
  1. Micele says:

    Here is an idea pay someone to poison your neighbours right after you board the plane to come home to California.
    It’s the only solace that this poor woman would ever have after somebody doing something so retarded.
    People only learn when tragedy strikes if you send a tragedy to the family who inflicted such a thing maybe they’ll think twice before they ever do that again to someone else.

  2. Vicki says:

    I don’t give a flying FK if these reprehensible acts are “cultural” or not. These evil creatures that exist in that country need to have their way of thinking changed and I don’t care if its by violence or not. I would venture to say that Julie gave to society far more than those flippin’ monkeys ever did. No loss if their existence is wiped off the face of the earth. I’m sorry Leewen Zhang for your loss. Rest in Peace, Julie.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Such tragedy for Leewen Zhang to have her precious Julie tortured and killed the way she was. I do hope some animal rights groups in China take action against the person who did this. It is a slow process, but there are groups that try to protect dogs from being kidnapped and used for dog meat. The numbers of Asian animal groups are growing and they have made small strides in their protection of these animals. I hope this woman can find another companion that will bring her as much join as Julie brought her.

  4. Dalma Bugg says:

    It’s a dreadful tragedy for Leewen and for her dog. An uphill battle to try and change a country’s culture that’s been established for centuries, but it is really bad when a blind woman can’t even visit her own native land with her guide dog without experience eating her to be killed, most likeiy to be served up for the neighbours’ dinner.
    Despicable people who do this sort of thing
    Thoughts and Prayers for Peace and Comfort for Leewen as she comes to terms with not only the tragic loss of her gentle friend, but the ramifications for her future mobility unless and until she can get another guide dog. They take quite a long time to train, and it is also very expensive to train each dog. I wonder has anybody set up a GoFund Me page for Leewen to help her get another guide dog.

  5. Denise Moore says:

    She should have known the way the Chinese treat animals and people that her dog was not safe going to China!!! They will never change their hatred of life in general but they certainly pretend to care, never ever trust them, she left for a reason. RIP Julie and condolences to Leewen Zhang, dirty scoundrels that did this may they suffer a similar fate

  6. Raj says:

    Each and every human being and the animals have a soul which should not be destroyed. In this case the neighbors have destroyed a wonderful soul, where in the neighbors will truly be born as dog in their next birth which will be true!!! Amen.

  7. LINDA TONDI says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss! These people don’t seem to have any conscience. They seem to be living in prehistoric times! We don’t eat our pets, but I guess China did not get the message! Many of these people are barbaric and don’t realize that dogs and cats are not food, THEY ARE PETS, to be loved, and cared for!

  8. rumpelstilskin says:

    this happens everywhere and asian people although some eat dogs it is not always the case. my dogs a beautiful doberman show dog and my lab were shot dead by a neibor. i am a satanist and that neibor is now in a nursing home unable to move his hands. he will never hold a weapon again.


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