Help me: Meet Ana just rescued off the streets of South Texas

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Meet Ana; this poor gal was just rescued off the streets of South Texas. While dogs have inherited the instinct to hide their pain that is caused by injury or infirmity, just the look on her face tells her entire story.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were contacted on Thursday morning to help Ana.  She is now being transported to the organization’s South Texas veterinarian partner for life saving treatment.

“She is in very critical condition, from months and months of neglect,” posted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Stacey Silverstein on t the organization’s social media page. “She’s weak and barely able to stand. Emaciated and her skin is raging with infection ….”

No one knows Ana’s prognosis at this time, but there is no doubt she will be receiving the best of care, and every medical procedure available to veterinarians will be made available to this poor victim of extreme neglect and cruelty.

Updates to follow. Donations to help with this dog’s care can be made here.

Fight for your life Ana. It does and it will get better soon.

(Photo of Meet Ana courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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    • Me' says:

      This is South Texas border towns so no investigation would be done. They have no shelters or ac and SPCA or Humane Societies could careless since there is no money in South Texas. The police and council members of these rural towns are generally behoven to others but not animal advocates.

  1. vicki hood says:

    Ana, Love you sweet baby. I would take you as mine forever if i could get you here. Lets all get on the donating list. Even $5 woiuld make a tremendous difference in helping. When we read about Rescue Dogs Rock NYC ,if we all chip in, so much more could be done for the innocents that are suffering. Got a tear? Is it worth a few dollars to feel like you helped some of the forgotten, the frightened, the starving, the injured innocents? Ana needs you. Who could forget about her suffering? Pay Pal is so easy. Ana needs YOU.

  2. Dalma Bugg says:

    Oh my goodness, this poor precious girl. Thank the Good Lord for god samaritans who knew to contact RDR NYC. Thoughts and Prayers for this beautiful girl to fully heal and recover well so that she can move on to a wonderful life with her very own furever family where she’ll akeays know she is loved and well cared for. For right now I pray that she be as pain free as possible while she undergoes treatment. Sharing and donating.


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