Baby elephant used for ‘selfies’ dies one day after separated from mother

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In Kurubarahandi, India, sightseers anxious to have “selfies” with a baby elephant that lost its mother died less than 24-hours later. According to the Express, excited villagers grabbed their cellphones – even as the injured calf cried desperately for his mother.

The eight-month-old baby had been injured after residents of the village attempted to scare the mother and another adult elephant back into the forest jungle. The men shouted and used sticks to drive the animals away in order to protect their crops, but amid the ruckus, the calf became separated from his mother and became too weak to keep up. Instead of the men trying to chase the calf away so he would have had a better chance of being reunited with his mother, they all surrounded the baby and began to take pictures.

When the mother elephant returned for her baby, forestry officials had already realized the calf had a fever and took him away for veterinarian help. Although he was treated with glucose and bottle fed milk, the baby died a few hours later.

Asian elephants continue to present conflicts with humans as their natural habitats are steadily taken away by man’s developments and as the animals enter into the built up areas in search of food. More than 300 Indians are killed annually by elephants, however at least 50 elephants die throughout the year.

Whose side does one take? Aren’t the elephants entitled to their own natural habitats without humans stripping every acre of protected jungles? You be the judge – please remain civil.

(Photo of baby elephant via screenshot via CEN)

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19 replies
  1. Marni says:

    On the side of the Elephant of course. I don’t want people hurt or killed, but Elephants do not torment and tease for entertainment………….people do. There should be a way to protect both.

  2. Helen says:

    RIP baby elephant. Too bad the adult elephants didn’t stomp on the idiots who wanted to take selfies with the baby elephant. Elephants and other wild life should be able to live in their natural habitats without human interference. I can’t imagine a world without the beautiful majestic animals.

  3. Adrienne says:

    These villagers must be educated about the elephants that live around them and what they need to do to protect their crops without doing harm to adult or baby elephants.Knowledge helps both the animals and people.

  4. Pamela Bolton says:

    HUMANS are the most deadly disease on the planet HUMANS think they are the superior being but when you look at all the abuse and intrusion of them onto other species territory, that supposition is laughable. I will ALWAYS take the animals side.

  5. jeanette says:

    good grief, Stop having so many kids all over the world. stop killing wildlife, they were here first. poor baby elephant, also poor mother who came back looking for her baby. stupid people.

  6. Carolyn Buck Allen says:

    Why can’t humans share the habitat with the elephants? God loves all his creatures. R I.P. little baby. So sad.

  7. Ellen Cottone says:

    This is what they do to a lost frightened baby!?
    He died on purpose.
    Now you pay.
    Take a good look at your “with” crying baby elephant selfie.
    Now explain it to God at your trial for it.
    Don’t for get to bring your cell phone for “that” selfie event

  8. Red says:

    I am so PAST SICK of humans and their “selfies” why? Why do you need pictures of everything and everywhere you go? Really? You think your time and your adventures are that special that you risk hurting, killing and destroying wildlife?


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