Surrendered to shelter in their sweaters: Brokenhearted ‘Romeo and Juliet’

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Surrendered to Carson Animal Care in California on Wednesday, dressed in their winter sweaters, brokenhearted senior chihuahua and poodle mixes Romeo and Juliet snuggle together to help each other stay brave in a frightening shelter. Surrounded by the loud noises of clanking food bowls, dogs barking and an intercom system that repeatedly calls out for someone to report to the information desk, Romeo and Juliet shiver in pure fright.

The closely bonded dogs – Romeo, 8, and Juliet, also 8-years-old, had been turned into the shelter because their owner no longer wanted to bear the responsibility of caring for them. And although Shakespeare’s drama “Romeo and Juliet” ended in tragedy, it is hoped that these two can find a new home together and rewrite one of the saddest endings. Share their plights with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.


A5140558  JULIET -1/04/18-

#A5140558 My name is JULIET and I’m an approximately 8 year old female Poodle Toy. I am not yet spayed. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 1/3. I will be available on 1/3. You can visit me at my temporary home at CCLINIC. My former family who owned me for had to give me up because they just weren’t up for the responsibility of a pet. But they said that

Poodle Toy  AGE:8 years
Female  ARRIVED:1/3
Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566
M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248

#A5140556 My name is ROMEO and I’m an approximately 8 year old male Chihuahua. I am already neutered.

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(Photos and video of Romeo and Juliet courtesy of Saving Carson Dogs volunteers)

Check out the video here. They are both so scared, and it is truly heartbreaking:


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16 replies
  1. Melissa Gurley says:

    Poor babies they must be scared to death how cruel of their owner they did nothing but love their owner and this is what they get so very sad someone please help them I pray they get adopted and not killed

  2. Helen says:

    Shared on FB. I hope the two are adopted out together. Their owner should be banned from ever having another living pet. How much work is involved taking care of two tiny dogs? I have two senior dogs, one is 120 lbs and the other is 85 lbs, now that is work, but I would never dream of dumping them in the shelter as they are part of my family!

    • Bunny Peters says:

      I agree with you!!! We have dogs and horses (eventually we will adopt another kitty, but MacKitty was so unique, he has very difficult paws to follow)……. I can’t understand how anyone would abandon a treasured senior family member……. I would give anything to have had more time with our treasured MacKitty…… Our precious furbabies are family members and are with us forever (from adoption day to their last breaths of life)…….. Whilst I hate seeing senior treasures in a shelter (@ least they are in a place that is protected from predators, fed, watered, and hopefully rehomed), they have a chance for a new furever home, where they will be treasured family members…….

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    I hope these treasures can be adopted and spend the rest of their lives in a furever home where they will be treated as beloved family members……

    It is tragic to think of them dying alone, afraid and worst of all unloved……

    I hope for the absolute worst lives and deaths for their former owners (who deserve to burn in Hell forever for their cruelty to “dump” these senior treasures)….

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    KARMA!! KARMA!!! I hope Nobody is there for the POS in their Time of Family, Old Age, and in need of Support!!!

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I feel so sorry for the owner that didn’t want to “bear the responsibility” for their care! How time consuming it must have been, what a hardship to take care of these two precious pups you had taken in and promised to love! What a wonderful thing you have done by turning them into a “kill” shelter where they can be put down and any moment. I hope nothing good ever comes to your life again! I also pray these two precious pups can stay together and find someone worthy of their love!

  6. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I shared with Frosted Faces too. They are usually pretty good about helping if they can. I will take them. Help transport please? I’m in GA. 478-456-8764.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    I would thoroughly enjoy stuffing those damn sweaters right down that owner’s throat until they couldn’t breathe one more breath. I hope when this bastard gets old and infirm their family does not want to take care of them anymore and dumps them – let the punishment fit the crime. PLEASE a senior rescue group step up for these little ones – they are the innocent victims of a vile maggot who couldn’t be bothered.

  8. Shelley says:

    My Lord 8 years old is not Old! What is wrong with these horrible people, no heart, no commitment to their pets. Watch out people you also will be there when you get old and you will not be wanted , hope ypu are sleeping at nights, wishing you nightmares for the rest of their lifes

  9. Luana Duncan says:

    Well, this was posted last Jan., now it is August. So are those 2 beautiful pups still there? Or have they been adopted? I hope they have gone 2 a loving good home!! I’d like 2 know!


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