Atlanta resident dreams of having her own animal sanctuary

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Rachel Cohen has always been a risk taker. She went to school to become a pilot because she loved the adventure of high places. After many high paying jobs as a pilot and working as a recruiter in the corporate world, Rachel decided that although the money was good, none of these were her dream job.

Rachel has always loved animals, especially cats. This led her to volunteer at Lifeline Animal Shelter in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area.  She spends many days a week working with the cats, socializing them, cuddling the newborns and the kittens that are often frightened in their strange environment. Although Rachel loves volunteering at the shelter, she has her sites on something even bigger, running her own shelter; a shelter that would save cats and dogs from being euthanized.   She wants to rescue the animals that no one else wants; the feral cats that are deemed “unadoptable” and dogs that need extensive training or are deemed aggressive, an automatic death sentence in most shelters.

She has a soft spot for the animals considered “ugly”; those that may be maimed, missing a limb, deaf, blind, or suffer neurological problems.  All would be welcome at the sanctuary which will be appropriately named “A Home for All of Us.” The main mission of “A Home for All of Us” is to rescue over 70 million homeless cats and dogs in the United States and prevent them from going into the shelter system which has proven time after time to be a broken, faulty system.

If successful, the rescue could be responsible for saving 2.4 million shelter pets that would otherwise be euthanized just because no one wants them. The sanctuary will offer a safe environment where animals will be loved and given individual attention and socialized with other pets. Dogs and cats will be free to walk and play in a fenced in area.  They will be housed in kennels and facilities that will have heat and air-conditioning with a 24/7 staffed environment.

Until “A Home for All of Us” can acquire some land and an operating space, they are currently serving as a resource to support no kill animal rescues organizations throughout the Atlanta area. Many product donations have already started coming in from Chewie, Barkbox, and Nerf dog toys.

There are many ways you can help “A Home for All of Us” become a reality.  

Donating to their Facebook fundraiser

Through Paypal:

Visiting their website:;

Facebook page:

Or going to

And choosing “A Home for All of Us” as your charity.

Anyone interested in being a corporate sponsor can email Rachel Cohen at

“A Home for All of Us” has already been established as a 501(c ) 3 charity and has a federal tax ID number. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

This country needs more sanctuaries where the damaged, abused and forgotten can live out their lives in peace and not live with the fear of dying simply because no one sees their worthiness behind the scarred faces, lopsided ears, and the broken spirits.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Oh my goodness! I had been thinking about the same type of sanctuaries throughout the United States similar to Best Friends Sanctuary in Utah. Since there are still kill shelters, there must be other facilities for unwanted dogs who through no fault of their own, can’t be adopted. I have thought that there should be trainers that go between shelters to work with those animals who would benefit from professional training. Costly, maybe, but in the long run, would save a lot of animal lives who might normally not be adopted. A safe haven for older animals who find themselves cast out by their owners. I truly hope that Rachel Cohen can be successful with this wonderful plan for a sanctuary for animals.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    I truly hope Rachel Cohen’s dream becomes an actuality – so many unwanted animals are euthanized and this is unfair to these innocent dogs/cats who did not ask to be born. No animal is a disposable object and all are entitled to live a long safe life being loved and cared for.


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