500 dead dogs found inside totes containers behind Monticello home

In Drew County, Arkansas, authorities made the grisly discovery of 500 dead dogs found inside of totes containers in a Monticello home. Sheriff Gober, from the Drew County Sheriff’s Office stated the residence had been turned into a big human dog house.

According to Fox News, the Sheriff’s Office, the Department of  Health and the State Department of Environmental Quality were investigating after complaints from neighbors referencing loose running dogs growling at children. Health Department officials found 500 twenty-gallon storage totes with dead dogs in them stacked up behind the home. Feces was everywhere including inside and outside of the home as well as dead dogs lying outdoors in various stages of decomposition.

The elderly woman, who owned the property had been caring for stray and abandoned dogs for years, and when they died of natural causes, she would put them in the totes. Neighbors referred to her as a dog hoarder.

“For some reason she couldn’t stand to bury an animal under the ground,” Sheriff Gober told KATV. “So what she would do is put them in these plastic totes and stack them up and put them on the edge of her property. Over the years they’ve accumulated.

The sheriff stated there is no animal neglect involved, but the situation remains a health department issue. At this time the woman does not face charges and is cooperating with authorities.

In a subsequent report from Monticello Live, 44 dogs were removed with the help of 2nd Chance Fur Dogs. The discovery of the dead dogs had been made in late July. By September the report stated the dogs’ bodies had all been removed and buried. The situation was discussed at the last October meeting in conjunction with the proposed voluntary animal control property tax issue.

“.After Monday’s original report, we learned from knowledgeable sources that 39 dogs were vet-euthanized on site. Only 5 were rescued and have been able to be rehomed. 10 animals escaped, 2 of which reportedly killed a neighbor’s dog and attacked a groundskeeper mowing a nearby cemetery.”

(Photo via screenshot from Monticello Live)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    She needs to be taken into a hospital for psychiatric evaluation and then placed in the right facility. Can’t explain or condone what she did, but why didn’t neighbors report this years ago? Misguided caring for dogs.


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