She's old and smells bad

Ultimate betrayal, man handed over dog saying ‘she’s old and smells terrible’

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A senior golden retriever has suffered the ultimate betrayal…her owner gave her away for a particularly cruel reason, telling a rescue agency, “She’s old, and she smells terrible. We’re buying a new home and don’t want her to stink it up, so it’s time to turn her in.”

Adding insult to injury…the man asked for his old dog’s leash back because he was getting a new dog!

The heartbreaking situation

Erin Morse, with Midwest Animal Resq, described the heartbreaking scene:

This is what heartbreak looks like. I don’t even know her name, her prior owner didn’t bother to write it down when he came to “turn her in.”

And recounted the man’s cruel words as he handed over his dog of twelve years:

“Here’s a donation (as he literally threw a 20 at me) do I just let her go now? I need this leash we are getting a new dog today.” I sat there in stunned silence, unable to digest what was happening. And just like that, he unhooked the leash, gave her a brief pat on the head, then turned and left. The dog waddled to the door and softly cried as the person she loved for 12+ years left her behind.”

The dog’s condition

The senior dog’s “terrible smell” was the result of neglect. Morse wrote:

The condition of this poor sweet girl should be criminal. The eye watering smell was due to the horrific ear infection, and fur matted with years of puss and blood. We did our best to get her comfortable, flushed her ear, gave her a bath and pain meds. She was a sweetheart the entire time, but she never took her eyes off the door her owner walked out of.

A rescuer’s never ending pain

Morse described the pain of seeing dogs cast aside as if they mean nothing:

 I know in my brain I shouldn’t be passing judgment, that I should somehow be grateful he made the effort to drive 10 minutes to our shelter rather than dumping her on the street. But I look at her, and I’m angry. I think of her family happily playing with their new puppy and I’m livid. Then I think of the next rescuer who will experience the same thing in 10 years when the family exchanges the now senior pup for a new one…and I feel hopeless.

Donations can be made to the rescue group’s website here.

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38 replies
  1. Melissa Gurley says:

    How very sad and cruel this poor dog never did anything wrong but love it’s owner makes me sick I feel so sorry for this senior dog will he be up for adoption ? I checked out your website and cannot find this sweet dog

  2. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Doesn’t Deserve a Dog.

    And hope your new house burns fast to the ground POS. I’m a Christian; but I don’t even care that I just said it. It’s fitting. Nothing excuses his actions. Nothing.

    • Melissa says:

      Jennifer Johnson,

      My thoughts, precisely! This cretin shouldn’t EVER be allowed to have another pet! Why does this bastard even bother?! Your judgement is fitting because Nothing excuses his actions and his heartlessness! What a POS!!

  3. Sharon Frant Brooks says:

    I have two rescued Golden’s, now 12 years old each. They are still active and loved, despite one having had a stroke about 6 months ago. I lost my beloved golden girl when she was 13 to cancer. I will gladly take in this girl if she is in need of a good home in NJ

    • Dalma Bugg says:

      Sharon, speak up for her because transport across country can be arranged if need be. Sometimes they do it by linking up volunteers who will do a certain leg of the journey and sonetimes there are flight spots available with the canine flight service for rehoming. Rescue Dogs Rock in NYC could give you info on how to arrange it or at least steer you in the right direction. Of course your first contact is the rescue where this girl is, but please do something quickly if you really can, as it seems you’re probably the only hope this darling girl has. Please let us know how you get on.

  4. Donna Schneider says:

    How can anybody just throw away their animals? I feel so bad for her and the part were she waddled to the door broke my heart. I also feel sorry for their new puppy who no doubt will suffer from years of neglect and be thrown away as this dog. Her only mistake was love.

  5. Safe Haven says:

    This shelter had a duty to report the condition of the dog and file charges against that owner.
    For 2 reasons: First, it is animal cruelty to not give a pet Vet care & to let it suffer. It is also neglect for letting the dogs fur get knotted up (and painful for the dog). That needs to be reported & prosecuted so that he learns a lesson that animal abuse is NOT ok! If you let people skate by, they will continue to do the same thing again & again.
    Second, reporting it would leave a record of how he treated the dog so any other agency considering adopting to him in the future will be able to look up & see that he abused a dog previously.

  6. Dalma Bugg says:

    This precious girl deserves pampering every day for the rest of her life but it would never fix her heartbreak, nor would it compensate for all the years of pain and neglect she has suffered st the hands of that lowlife. She just deserves pampering for herself and because she’s a deserving senior, Thoughts and Prayers for Missy that she will find a new home with a family who will love and treasure her for all her gold n years. I’m presuming that Midwest Animal Resq got the ex-owner’s contact details so that this lowlife can meet with the full force of the justice system. The part that sits in the pit of my stomach is that he even took her leash off and then patted her before deserting her – that’s just – can’t even describe what I feel about this. All I know is if I lived in the US, I’d be applying to adopt this precious girl right now.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Anyone that dumps a dog like this should be banned from every owing another pet! This dog was neglected and they complained because she smelled! I wish nothing good for this man and his family, their actions prove they don’t deserve it.

  8. Adrienne says:

    How could this scum actually stand there and ask for his dog’s leash back. I would have given it to him around his neck and chocked him. He should not have been allowed to get another dog and too bad that owners who do this aren’t on a list of “DO NOT ADOPT TO THIS SCUM” so other shelters can see who has cast their pets aside for younger ones. Hope he new place is haunted and they make him go so crazy he jumps out a window.

  9. Bunny Peters says:

    This poor, terrified, confused precious treasure……. OMG: my instinct is to snuggle her and reassure her that the world is “OK”…….

    I just don’t understand how anyone could abandon a precious treasure who absolutely loves them…… Seniors are incredible precious treasures (& mostly want to snuggle and snooze)……. a perfect “low pressure” companion……

    I would give everything to snuggle my beloved treasure MacKitty (who passed away @ 14.5, waaaaaaay too soon from liver cancer)…… I am sick inside to think of this terrified senior dying alone, afraid and (worst of all) unloved inside a cold, crowded, noisy shelter…….

    Sadly owner surrendered pets are @ the top of euthanasia lists & seniors are “the first of all the euthanasias” as they are usually deemed “unadoptable due to age”…… I am heartsick to think of this precious treasure wondering where her family is & why she is alone as she is euthanized…….

    There are special places in Hell reserved for this senior lady’s former so called family for their cruelty…….

    I hope this senior lady finds a new furever home ASAP…… If someone is coming to the SF Bay Area, she is welcome here….. I would be happy to foster her (probably “fail” as a foster since she would think our home is “perfect”)…….

  10. Mary says:

    Please let us know what happened to this sweetheart. Just makes me sick that humans can be so cruel to defenseless creatures. This poor sweetie gave years of love and now is just tossed away.

  11. J. Martin says:

    Disgusting way to treat a family member .. dickheads like that should NOT be to have a companion at all.
    When that asshole (him & his twat wife) get old .. hope BOTH are treated the same way.

  12. pennysdachshunds says:

    I had to look on the internet to see where Midwest Animal Rescue is… Kansas City, Kansas… I would hope the rescue got this sweet Girl’s ear treated and got her cleaned up and tried to place her in foster or a new home… But I somehow think that may not have happened and they put down immediately … Kansas is no longer the State that Dorthey and Toto would want to go home to !!! There has been a large influx of Racially Diverse People and No longer is this a farming community, trusting, helping and caring communities… There is So much Animal abuse and torture there .. Sad to Say…. I felt so Saddened to Read this story… Too bad This putrid POS Shit didn’t get Mugged and Choked to DEATH on the Way out to the Parking Lot!!! The New Dog is in for a SAD! SAD! and Neglectful Life!!!!

    • Dalma Bugg says:

      Being in Australia, I had no idea that Kansas had gotten that bad too, I think the whole orld knows about Texas and maybe one or two others, but as you said Penny, Kansas had always been farmers territory and while they view their animals as workers, farmers at least get their animals treated by Vets. This poor precious senior girl and her successor don’t stand a chance at all it seems. It’s such a sad and sorry world we live in these days, so far from everything that’s good and right and wholesome with no respect or value placed on life itself. Bunny mentioned just wanting to bundle this girl up and cuddle her til the hurt went away, well, me too, but she probably won’t even get that except from the one person who got the word out about her sad story.

    • Safe Haven says:

      We had no idea about Kansas either! This is the first I have heard that they have a lot of animal abuse there!
      We have recently (last few months) just learned how bad Texas is, & have plans to expand & start partnering with the shelters there in order to help.
      We’re in AZ which USED to be the second worst state for euthanasia.
      We tried to google what states need the most help, but did not have any luck. What would you say are the worst states for euthanasia?

      • pennysdachshunds says:

        Well Texas is at the top of MY PERSONAL “S” list Harris County is a Brutal Place . WE live North of Kansas and Nebraska .. Oklahoma … I believe may need help with pets. I think that Colorado, Wyoming, Montana , and Idaho , and Utah may be on the ok side too.

  13. Allie says:

    Well what goes around comes around. Maybe when he gets old and smelly his children will drop him off at some rest home and tell him that they are getting a new Dad, pat him on the head and say bye bye.

  14. Vicki says:

    Hope this dirt bag’s “new house” will be in the path of a tornado. Nothing less because of the despicable thing he did to this dog. That might put things in perspective for this fool. And when he himself gets old, I hope he acquires a smell so putrid that no human would want to be near him and he’ll spend the rest of his days in isolation. That would be poetic justice.

  15. B Beck says:

    This dog was I. This state because and only because they didn’t take proper care of her. This isn’t going to change with a puppy!! What happens if the puppy craps in their so called “New House” then what?? This is just the beginning of another severe abuse case !! I agree this family doesn’t deserve a dog or any animal for that matter.. you are all right he and his family are Assholes and will be assholes to this puppy as well.. what a shame that this couldn’t be prevented from them EVER owning another animal!!

  16. Susan Schwartz says:

    These people need to be added to the animal abuse list. All pet organizations should be REQUIRED to check the names on the list prior to ever adopting a dog to any new owner. I pray that this precious senior gets a loving home/rescue where the remainder of its days can be lived in safety and protection from harm.

  17. Sandra says:

    I am not Christian so fuck the nasty cunt of a man, throw him straight into an incinerator and poof he will gone and this planet a better place. Support 1 animal from your local shelter.


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