Elephants forced to perform underwater tricks at Thailand Zoo

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Exhausted elephants continue to be forced to perform underwater tricks at a zoo in Thailand. The disturbing footage has gone viral sparking outrage among animal advocates throughout the world.

According to the Daily Mail, elephant trainers at the Khao Kheow Open Zoo use inhumane training techniques. The handlers use a process called “phajaan” (the crush) where the elephants are beaten into submission. The same cruel techniques have been historically used training elephants to carry guests and visitors for the growing tourist trade.

In the video, one elephant is made to prance around a huge tank while bobbing her head in and out of the water. Trainers sit on the animal’s neck while pulling their ears, poking them and yelling commands. Last month, World Animal News tweeted a video and said that an elephant forced to perform a swimming show and had been hurt by a mahout.

Animal protection organizations have condemned the zoo and have encouraged advocates to give negative reviews on the website TripAdvisor. According to the Zoo’s website, the show has been going on since 2016 with performances twice a day. In response to the criticism, Zoo director Attaporn Sriheran stated the water show provided exercise for the elephants and that other pools had been made specifically for the elephants to swim where visitors could observe their behavior.

And now a campaign has been started to put an end to the shows. More than 132, 000 signatures will be taken to Chon buri officials asking to stop the shows.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Swimming in a pool for the enjoyment of the elephant is one thing, but forced to follow commands and do certain “tricks” is something else. This place needs to be shut down now.

  2. Dalma Bugg says:

    This activity is not entertainment any more than Whales and Adolph is performing at such places as SeaWorld, it needs to be stopped immediately. Elephants are kings of the jungle, not clowns for the circus wherever it may be, just as Whales and Dolphins are not meant to be penned and forced to perform. I marv l at how there have been so few deaths of trainers by the actions of these huge creatures when they are treated so cruelly day in day out for many many years. Get them out now. I’ve signed enough petitions against these activities over the years, and yet they still seem powerless to get any concrete action taken.


    I have Never seen an elephant going underwater for less than a few seconds, this is cruel. I would like to hold these so called trainers heads under water for a long time.


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