Dog or mountain lion? What photobombed reporter’s live shot?

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As a welcome diversion to all of the political stress going on in the news, Twitter users took a break this week as KUTV reporter Morgan Saxton seems to have been “photobombed” by a mysterious animal that walked into her live broadcast on Wednesday morning in Salt Lake City.

As her video hit Twitter, the question  to identify the animal quickly went viral:

“Terrifying. A dog, maybe a mountain lion, made its TV debut during my morning live shot!!! What animal do you think this is?” Morgan asked. “here’s our video of … something… walking into @KUTVMorgan’s live shot… any thoughts?”

And within a few minutes,  the Internet became involved as the opinions came forth. Was it a dog, a mountain lion or a coyote? The Utah Department of Wildlife later tweeted, saying it definitely was not a mountain lion after they had examined the paw prints. And then … the mystery was solved!

The owner of the mysterious paw prancer sent in a photo to the television station.

According to  People, the unscripted guest was a dog.

“MYSTERY SOLVED: The owner of this camera-friendly fella just sent us a picture of their pup who made its way into my live shot this morning. Come  back anytime!”

The Utah DWR also provided users with information that proved the furry creature was a dog and not a cougar.

“The ears are close together, tall and pointier at the tips. The tail appears shorter than a cougar’s tail,” the division wrote. “We checked on the tracks, and they were definitely dog tracks.”

It was a fun and informative morning for all.

(Photo of dog or mountain lion via freezeshot of Morgan Saxton’s Twitter video)

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