3-month-old infant dies after bitten in head by family dog

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In a terrible tragedy, a Sherman Oaks, California family is devastated after their 3-month-old infant died after having been bitten in the head and face by one of the three family dogs.

According to CbsNews, the attack occurred on Saturday afternoon as the grandmother, who had been caring for the infant, left the room to get the child a bottle. When she returned the baby had been bitten in the face and head area; the family didn’t wait for emergency vehicles and instead took the baby to the nearby emergency hospital where she was airlifted to a specialty children’s hospital. Tragically, the infant died as a result of her injuries.

Police removed three dogs from the family home – a small dog, a Labrador retriever and a Rottweiler. None of the dogs were ever known to be aggressive. The dogs have all been taken to Animal Control where DNA samples have been taken to determine which dog or dogs were responsible for the attack.

Sadly, this is a tragic reminder to never leave a child alone with a dog. Dogs can easily be stressed out by the crying of an infant. Dogs have been known to try and carry a baby in their mouth much as they would do to a puppy. Even if you have to leave the room to get the baby’s bottle, take the infant with you. Even one second could mean the difference between life and death when any dog is left alone.

Rest in peace little girl.


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Prison time ordered for woman who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty -read more here.

11 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    This too continues ::; How many times in just this year… the dogs will pay the price … as did the poor little baby::: for the Grandma ‘s neglect and down right stupidity !!!! WOW

  2. pamela bolton says:

    What do you want to bet that they kill all three of the dogs BECAUSE of Grandma’s lack of oversight?

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    I love the way they stay “attacked”. More than likely the baby was crying and the Dog was trying to pick it up, hardly an “attack”. It doesn’t matter though the dog will be deemed vicious and killed. Nobody ever thinks this could happen to them, but here we are again because someone left dogs with an infant!

  4. Christine Brown says:

    This is so tragic and its the stupid woman’s fault in leaving the baby alone with the 3 dogs. The dogs will have to pay the price and be put down all because of this stupidity of this woman.
    RIP Little one you will be sadly missed but never forgotten

  5. Bambinator says:

    Why do people think it is ok to leave babies and very small children unattended at all, let alone within reach of an animal??? Smh ????

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    These poor dogs will most definitely pay the price for Grandma’s stupidity. You would think that this is not the first time this has happened, that people would know not to leave an infant with dogs – was it too much trouble to take the baby with her? Unfortunate incident – and again, this is a human problem, not a dog problem yet a small baby died and the dogs will pay the price.

  7. Theresa says:

    Yeah I blame fucking grandma should’ve been watching the baby you fucking asshole now all three dogs are probably have to pay the Price

  8. maxiemom says:

    Hungry baby cries so grandma leaves her alone with the dogs, who naturally react as they would with one of their puppies because grandma failed to put the baby in a crib or up where the dogs couldn’t get to her.

    Now the dog responsible for reacting will pay for grandma’s negligence. This happens all of the time because humans are stupid and careless around pets! This is worse than unfair. The one who should be held responsible is the one who was irresponsible, even if it was unintentional. I’m not saying jail time or anything, but the human beings who cause these events need to be the ones singled out for what happened, not the dogs who are trying to help the child.

    Also, why take the small terrier? Aren’t cops smart enough to figure out that that dog doesn’t have a mouth big enough to inflict that kind of damage?

    *** It’s like another story I saw once where a stupid human had poisonous snakes for pets and actually thought they loved her. She took them out of their enclosures and let them roam freely in her home while she cleaned them. Her ‘pet’ Gaboon viper bit her, and she died. So naturally the cops killed every single snake so they could chop their heads off and check the ‘bite radius’ to figure out which snake caused her death. The really stupid thing was that the Gaboon viper was the ONLY snake she had that would cause her to vomit blood. ***

  9. Red says:

    DO NOT KILL any of these animals due to the negligence of the human…..this is the woman’s fault for NOT carrying a crying baby with her!! One of these animals was reacting on instinct….. not murder!
    SAVE THE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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