West Virginia woman threw a puppy out of moving car on Interstate

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A West Virginia woman faces animal cruelty charges after authorities state she threw a puppy out of the window while in the back seat of a moving car along Interstate 85 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina on Sunday. Luckily the dog survived the cruel act, however suffered abrasions and possibly a broken front leg.

Tracy Nicole Carr, 26, had been in the vehicle with her sister, who asked Carr to hold the puppy because it had become restless and was trying to climb into the driver’s lap. According to The State, a report from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office stated the sister heard the window roll down and then heard a thud.  She reached into the back of the car to find the puppy and found out the puppy was no longer there. Carr told officers the window had accidentally rolled down, and after the puppy “fell out,” she “hoped the dog’s head exploded on the ground so that it died without feeling pain.”

Environmental Enforcement Director Jamie Nelson stated the puppy was picked up by Animal Control and taken to an emergency veterinary clinic.

Carr was recently released from the Georgia Department of Corrections and was being driven home. If found guilty of ill treatment of an animal for a first offense, Carr faces up to 60 days in jail and/or a fine from $100 to $500.Carr remains in the Spartanburg County Detention Center and in lieu of a $1,000 bond.

(Photo of Carr who allegedly threw a puppy out of a moving car by Spartanburg County Detention Center booking photo.)

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33 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Good thing she wasn’t MY sister or she would have been going out the window after the dog! It sounds like she should have NEVER been let out of jail in the first place, I hope the puppy will be ok and I hope Tracy Nicole Carr remains in the Spartanburg County Detention Center until she rots, I know if she were my sister I would be disowning her!

  2. Me' says:

    She is a drug addict. Look at that face. KILL her now before she kills an animal or kid. Some people are not worth the life god gave them

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    TAKE ONE LOOK at the face of this Bitch.. EYES< NOSE< AND FACIAL "TWEEKING" this is A "METHER" and probably her sister TOO! the massive amount of drug induced West Virginia Contribute a GREAT DEAL to the MURDER< TORTURE > I hope the AUTHORITIES TAKE THIS INCIDENT SERIOUSLY as NEXT TIME IT VERY WELL COULD BE A CHILD>>>> THE LAW ENFORCEMENT NEEDS TO GET THEIR ACT THGETHER to curtail some of this SHIT!!

  4. Sherry says:

    She’s lying about the window accidentally rolling down and the dog flying out of the car. What a monster. Hope they nail her.

  5. Linda Szymoniak says:

    On her way home from prison and the first thing she does is try to kill a puppy by throwing it out a car window. Loser. She needs to be taken right back to prison and kept there for the rest of her life. Thank goodness the puppy is okay.

  6. susispot says:

    It would appear she is as DUMB as she looks. Not buying a word of that blah, blah that comes out of her mouth. She needs to go back to jail and stay there. She will not be a good citizen now or in the future. Spare us.

    • Sherry says:

      It’s certainly time for courts to get serious with punishing these abusers. The slap on the wrist they normally give isn’t putting a dent in these freaks. Throw them all UNDER the jail.

  7. Bunny Peters says:

    Just looking at this POS tells me I wouldn’t trust this fucked up cunt to hold a sack of crap, let alone a living being….. SMH……

    If she were my sister, I would have killed her and claimed “justified homicide”……. NO way would I have let her get away with hurting my helpless furbaby……..

    This cunt should be tossed back into a prison cell and the keys destroyed so she rots forever….. it would be great if she was maimed or, better yet, killed by other prisoners…..

    She does NOT deserve to live……. any resources used to sustain this cunt are essentially wasted…..

    This cunt must stay locked up for society’s safety…… first a helpless puppy as a victim then she “graduates” to a helpless child…… exactly how serial murderers get started……

    • Sherry says:

      Bunny , I agree with you. Except, I believe it’s just as bad to do this regardless if the victim is an animal or a person. The act of viciousness is the issue right. So, Either way, you a dealing with an obvious psycho that shouldn’t be able to live in society.

      • Bunny Peters says:

        I agree with you: cruelty is cruelty no matter the victim’s species……

        Lock up this useless POS forever….. we don’t want or need her evil presence in our society……

  8. Angela Corso says:

    That’s a woman? LOL She looks to be a drug addict. No excuses for her behavior. For the sake of the public, this woman would be better behind bars!!! Prosecute to the fullest!!!

  9. Red says:

    Why is it that NO MATTER what is done to poor, innocent animals, the courts just slap the monsters hand and send them away. IT IS A PROVEN FACT if anyone can intentionally injure or abuse an animal….they WILL EVENTUALLY HURT A PERSON!! Wake the heck up judges and courts!!!!! You just release these monsters back into society where something else will happen. The judges who do this should be held responsible!!! Animals can not protect themselves from monsters, it is up to us to report them, police to arrest them and COURTS TO PUNISH WITH JAIL TIME AND HUGE FINES!!!!!


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