Sickos tie and ignite firework rockets to a neighborhood cat

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In Derby, United Kingdom, Sam Copeland Whelan, the owner of six of her own cats, has been left devastated after vile sickos tied two firework rockets to a neighborhood cat and set them off. Barely alive, the cat was found by Whelan’s brother on Saturday afternoon on Thorndike Avenue in Alvaston. He had called his sister to warn her to make sure she kept her “beloved” pets safe at home.

According to the Derby Telegraph, Whelan’s brother, immediately called a local veterinarian to the scene. Tragically, by the time the veterinarian arrived, the tortured cat could not be saved. A microchip will help authorities identify the cat and contact the owner.

“It had two firework rockets attached to it,” Whelan stated.  “All of its fur was no longer on it and one of its legs had been ripped off. The fireworks had gone off. It looked appalling, and by the time the emergency vet came to the scene it had sadly died. It did well to survive so long. It’s so sad and tragic. My brother believes the cat was pinned down, and then had the rockets attached to its body.”

A spokesman for  the Derbyshire police said it was appealing for witnesses concerning the incident. Witnesses or people with information are asked to contact police on 101 and quote incident reference number 592 and today’s date if they know who is responsible or if they witnessed the incident.

On November 5, Great Britain celebrates Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night and Firework Night. Traditionally there are small displays of fireworks in private homes as well as huge displays in public parks. The event commemorates the anniversary of an attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament by Guy Fawkes on November 5, 1605; “the reason was to remove King James I from the throne, and restore Britain’s Catholic monarchy.”

All pet owners are urged to keep their pets indoors; cat owners – don’t let your cats wander out on their own.

Follow the National Pet Rescue.

Rest in peace poor kitten. We hope you find some justice.


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  1. Pray that this poor cat was so much in shock that the pain was intermittent and he succumbed quickly. Find those scum and stick firecrackers up their backside and mouths and let’s see what happens to them. Disgusting, vile things that roam our streets.

  2. I do not care how old these vile humans are, if they are old to torture and kill animals they are old enough to be executed!

  3. Justice please. Someone please start a reward fund. That poor kitty died the most horrible death by deranged idiots. . These sickos will grow to torture and maim other animals then children

  4. I think any POS who hurts any animal in this way … should have the EXACT SAME THING done to them. I don’t give a fuck WHO they are.

  5. This is a warning to ALL cat owners – DO NOT let your animals outside for any reason whatsoever – there are way too many dirtbags who get their kicks by torturing animals – this poor cat did not deserve to be treated so cruelly – PLEASE find these hunks of sewer sludge and PROSECUTE them. This person should have listened to their brother who warned them.

  6. Whoever did this should receive the same treatment–what ever the equivalent for a human is of two rockets on a cat. Hopefully, that would be enough to blow the idiot or idiots off the face of the earth. I pray that they get caught and punished severely. No creature deserves to be treated this way. Only humans are cruel and torture smaller beings. The world would be a better place without most of the human’s populating it.

  7. HEY YOU SICK A.H.’s that did this…… you better enjoy because KARMA Will catch you. You are worthless, useless, rotten sorry excuses for humans. That’s OK…what goes around comes around. Just wish I could be there to see you get yours!


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