Fat raccoon gets stuck in sewer grate until police lend a helping hand

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An obese raccoon found his expanding waistline a profound hindrance to exiting a sewer grate in a Chicago suburb on Friday. Oops! The masked bandit got stuck.

According to the Facebook page of the Zion Police Department, the rotund little guy had to be rescued by workers and officers, who one might add made fun of the raccoon’s huge belly (calling him ‘fatty’) that stood in the way of his freedom.

“As a police officer no 2-days are the same. Ofc. K. Vaughn responded to a call for assistance this morning for one of our furry residents. It seems this little guy has been eating a little too well and got caught in the sewer grate. Animal Control Ofc. R. Knorr & Ofc. Vaughn were unable to remove him and had to request help from the real heroes over at the Zion Public Works Department. They were able to free him and our friend was no worse for wear. Check out the photos and see if Ofc. Vaughn is more scared of the raccoon than it is of him! All in good fun, nice save Ofc. Vaughn.”

Josh Behling was there when the raccoon was freed. On his Facebook page, he posted more photos of the rescue and  added he pulled the lid off once the little critter was freed.

Reporting on this  adorable little raccoon with its happy ending gives us all a reason to smile this morning.

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(Photos courtesy of Zion Police Department)


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  1. Adrienne says:

    As least they rescued the raccoon rather than kill it. Great job done and more officers should be proactive when it comes to helping animals,all kinds.


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