Senior dachshund found discarded outdoors in a box

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In Michigan City, Indiana, a senior dachshund mix was left outdoors shivering in a cardboard box in a residential neighborhood. Michigan City Animal Control contacted the Michiana Humane Society for help with the senior dog dubbed Wally. And on Friday, after reaching out to  Newman Nation: Senior Pets United, a rescue organization focused on caring for both homeless hospice and senior dogs, stepped in to help Wally.

Wally’s tragic story began on Thursday:

“I have chest pains from how horrible this story is. A shelter in Indiana just reached out to me about this dog they named Wally,” posted founder of the rescue, Zoe Kharasch, on her Facebook page. “Someone saw an SUV pull outside their house tonight and stop. They went out to see what was going on when the car pulled away and discovered a box on the side of the road. Wally was inside.”

And there he was – an old dog as sweet as can be thrown away as if he was trash. Zoe continued:

“Wally is definitely very old but so far the shelter said he’s the sweetest thing with a good appetite. I have no idea what medical condition he is in and he is required to be on stray hold for 3 days, but I can’t NOT save him.”

By Saturday afternoon, Wally became “Wallace” (much more dignified it has been stated) and was reported to be resting comfortably after having been rushed to the vet where x-rays revealed he had been suffering from extreme bloat. The poor old guy had eaten his food too fast while at the shelter because he had been so hungry and was full of gas and food – veterinarians were concerned and watching for signs of a twisted stomach. His painful ear infections have also been addressed as with his flea infestation.

A contact has come forward identifying Wally and stating his owner had recently died. Why he was tossed away in such a cruel and heartless manner has not yet been explained.

And now for everyone who needs a smile and the reassurance that Wallace knows he has been rescued; check out his Sunday afternoon video.

“Wallace update: He is doing a lot better today! The bloating has significantly decreased and he’s still pooping like a mad man. Wallace wants nothing to do with his bed today and is up walking around, wagging his tail and enjoying the company of the other dogs in the home.”

(Video and photos of senior dachshund via Facebook Newman Nation: Senior Pets United)

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  1. This happens so often when someone dies in a family!so heartbreaking I can’t believe no one can step up in the family to care for the old guy!!

  2. Sub human maggots who do shit like this make me sick. What a sweet boy. I had my Gizmo for a little over 18 years. I’d do just about anything to have him with me again.

  3. To whoever abandon this precious dog you’re nothing but a fucking worthless scum bag I hope some day you’re abandon and left alone you heartless piece of shit

  4. Bless Wally’s little Soul!!! be it hours, days, weeks, months or maybe even a year the individual/individuals who open their hearts and home to this little man will be hero’s in his eyes!!! a Dachshund is awesome and it is so sad the family of his owners were Putrid to abandon him , I hope this will come back to haunt them till they go to the grave…

  5. Dear Wallace I hope you find the loving and forever home that you deserve! As for the creep you that abandoned you at the side of the road, I hope Karma catches up with him or her swiftly and with severe punishment!

  6. When I adopted my Kyoko, she had nearly been starved and weighed only about half of what she should have weighed. The shelter was not supposed to have her spayed (I would do that after she was transported to me and I got her to a healthy weight) but the vet did anyway. She bloated. Thankfully, her stomach didn’t twist. In addition to smaller, more frequent meals, I gave her an anti-gas tablet twice daily. I hope they are giving this boy anti-gas meds. Glad to see he was saved. This isn’t too far from where I am.

  7. Be it days, weeks, months, or maybe a year!!! this little guy will reward the person who will take him into their hearts for the remainder of his days on earth more loyalty and love than they can imagine !!! the “putrid, vile, no-accounts ” that dumped possible the prized possession of the family member who died, should be boiled in oil!!! I would venter the owner of the little man thought his family would provide for the care of his pet till death…. How very Sad!!! I hope someone will come forward and alert the authorities who did the unthinkable deed!!!

  8. OK so Wallace’s owner had passed away – in this case there must be some information as to who dumped this poor senior dog like trash – this vile action needs to be addressed and the subhuman needs to be arrested and charged – they are only lucky that someone saw and Wallace was rescued – anyone who would do such a thing needs their photo taken and posted to social media and TV so everyone can see what a loser they are.

  9. Thank You for saving him!!!I hope you find out who the Person was who dumped him like this and punish them to the FULLEST!!!!


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