Pup’s life whose back was broken in dog attack ended in tragedy

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In a heartbreaking tragedy in Houston, Texas, a pup’s life ended in tragedy on Saturday night because the very family she depended on to keep her safe, betrayed her after ignoring her injuries and left her to suffer for days without veterinarian care. It is believed the dog had been defending her newborn puppies when she was attacked by another dog who broke her back; leaving the mom paralyzed with an open wound that was never treated and soon became septic.Story to be told RDR

As soon as she was surrendered, the ailing dog was gently wrapped in a towel  by animal advocate, Leslie Ysuhuaylas, who contacted Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help. The organization’s co-founder Stacey Silverstein, immediately authorized the dog be sent to the group’s emergency veterinarian partner where it was hoped her life could be saved. Tragically, her injuries were too severe; the young pup was in excruciating pain, had trouble breathing and could barely lift or move her head. After careful examination by the veterinarian staff, it was decided to humanely end the pup’s life. The damage to her ravaged body was too extensive.

Leslie reflects on this sweet dog’s life; the innocent victim’s eyes in the video were so full of sadness and pain:

 “I document everything, even the death. I want to remember every bit of detail of their life and their pain. I find it only fair to them. To at least remember they existed. To at least show the world they existed. Write their story and what they have been through. And to hate those that caused their deaths because they will not be the only ones. They are just the previous abused to the next. When you’re tired, when you want to silence down and take a break, remember them. I try to be as open as possible, give people the opportunity to love and care for these dogs. They are mine as much as they are yours. Please remember them until their last breath. They all have a story, an irresponsible owner, abandonment, abuse and neglect all caused by human hands . Some may consider this graphic, but this is reality, this has been my reality this week. Today was the first time I had to sign a dog to be euthanized, it was the hardest and easiest thing to do to relieve their pain.

Fly high little one .. You will never be forgotten.”

Leslie never learned the dog’s name; she was with her for such a short time, but posthumously dubbed her Angel. It is not known if animal cruelty charges will be pursued.

Three young puppies were surrendered with Angel. Once old enough, the puppies will travel to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. At this time, Leslie is hoping a foster home in the Dallas area can be found to care for the puppies for the next four to five weeks. Click here to help.

To help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC with Angel’s veterinarian expenses and the care of the three newborn puppies, donations can be made by clicking here or Paypal [email protected]. Checks and other donations can be sent to RDR NYC, PO Box 101, NY, NY 10028.

(Photos and video of pup’s life ended in tragedy courtesy Rescue Dogs Rock and Leslie Ysuhuaylas.)



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    • This sweet little girl did’nt deserve this just trying to protect her babies and she gets savaged and her scumbag owners just ignore her , what is the human race coming to . Rest In Peace little girl , your babies will be cared for , sleep safe in the arms of angels up above , just to watch that short video brought the tears , and i am almost 80 years of age , those owners should be punished , God Bless you sweet little Angel ,

  1. I want the owner of the Mother Dog arrested and thrown in jail for a very long time. The dog’s owner failed to render medical care for the poor dog. No animal should have to die like this Mother Dog did. Very sad. Tragic. Put the fool cruel hearted owner in jail. Make it happen!

  2. Je ne comprendrais jamais les gens qui laissent souffrir leur animaux, se sont des enfants, on ne laisse pas un enfant dans la souffrance, tout ces (maîtres) cruels ne devraient plus posséder d’animaux. S’ils ont des enfants, pitié pour eux. J’espère qu’ils seront condamnés le plus sévèrement possible. Ils n’ont pas d’excuses. Pauvre bébé ????????

  3. After seeing this, I don’t know what to say except I’m heartbroken and it just doesn’t seem to surprise me of how little some humans can be to their pets or animals period. Why I sometimes hate even looking at these sites or videos of animal abuse as it just makes me more depressed then I already am. And then I wish that I could confront these people so I could show them what it’s like, the pain and suffering they do or allow to happen to these poor innocent animals, but then that would just prevent me from being with the animals that I have saved and care for. I just don’t understand how these people can even sleep at night as it haunts me and I’m not even the one doing it. We are by far the cruelest creature on this planet and sometimes wonder if we will ever learn and change.

  4. That Dirtbag owner should be put on a list of never to have pets as long as they hear she lives what worries me is she was guarding the puppies where the hell are the puppies are these scumbags don’t have them she looks like one of my dog’s God bless you rest in peace

  5. Poor sweet little baby girl. RIP Angel. Your babies will be loved. I wish you had had caring “owners”. We will not forget how sweet and brace you were.

  6. I can’t stop my tears…….I can only pray that whoever it is that did this to this sweet baby pays dearly for what they did, not taking her for medical treatment as soon as this happened…..OMG, so very, very sad……:'(

  7. This family should be charged with cruelty. They left the poor puppy suffer for so many days. If they had seek for help maybe the dog had a chance with water excesise . But they choose to ignore her to a point to be euthanized. I can’t imagine how much pain she went through. Look at this crying eyes. It huts me so much. They need to pay for the pain they cause the puppy to suffer.

  8. why do so many of these stories seem to come straight out of texas. and how is it a new york city rescue group stepped in to try and help.

  9. Poor little dog so sad to see the look and pain in her eyes.I have a question did the owners not have the money to pay for the medical treatment or did they just not want to pay for it.If they just didn’t have the money then they should have had the dog put to sleep or surrender the dog to someone who could afford it.Also I wish there were funds set up to help pay for vet bills for people who want to help them but can’t afford it.It is so sad that the dog had to suffer for so long.If the owner could afford it but was too greedy to pay for it then they should be punished.I hope that people who have money to spare should donate to funds to help in situations like this.So Sad.Such a sweet little face.Thank you to the caring people that were there with her petting her as she passed away.That had to so heartbreaking for all of you.This video made me cry.Rest in peace little Angel.You are in heaven now.How sad for her puppies also.

  10. I vote we euthanize the bastard owners!! Such a sad story!! RIP precious little girl!! You deserved so much!!! Run free to the Rainbow Bridge!!!

  11. Poor little baby. Your life mattered and you will never be forgotten by any of us. You live on in your babies and in our hearts. To the POS owners who left her suffering I hope that misery and misfortune follow you for the rest of your pathetic lives. She may not have been able to be saved but at least she wouldn’t have suffered for days if you had done the right thing and sought medical attention when it happened. And to RDR thank you for caring for her in her final moments.

  12. Agree severe punishment to her neglectful owner. Though governing bodies do not make punishments to fit these crimes. Humans left to their own devices can be wicked stricter rules to protect these innocent animals everywhere is needed desperately!

  13. I’m 50 y/o, & in those MANY yrs…seen much…GOOD, BAD, UGLY & indifferent…it takes MUCH 2 make this old girl cry, & indeed…I say it every morning over coffee w/ mother (lives next dr & she’s my BEST FRIEND!)I say, u know mom,”it takes SO MUCH 2 SHOCK ME” yet on a daily basis…the DEPRAVED, DESPICABLE BEHAVIOR of HUMANS…the utter LACK of compassion for 1 another, the CRUELTY to the weak, & defenseless…sorry…no more!

  14. only tears from here. Saw the dog crying, so very very sad………
    When the soul cries, there are no tears…………….

    RIP little Angel, run free, the pain is gone and you’re a little twinkling star at heaven now

  15. I sincerely doubt that in TEXAS these Rotten Scum Bags won’t have a single charge filed against them & may even have another little dog already that will suffer at her hands… Was it ONE of their other pets that did this to Little Angel? This was not reported in the article as to how and where the fight was ! If so the other animals need to be also removed from the VILE HOME.

  16. Just crying when I read this article, how can people act this way? It makes no sense at all, and makes me sick to the stomach, be well beautiful little one if there is a heaven I know you’ll be there. love you ❤️

  17. Im just in tears , while reading her story, down to watching her 21 sec, video, oh ANGEL,, im so sorry for what u went through, but now all ur pain has passed, n ur healed , although ur time was cut short here, now you’ll have everlasting love, and care , from all our ANGEL’S up threre with u ,, here’s a lil kiss for a lil beauty that u were,, Muahh,

  18. I cannot believe the pain this beauty went through..I’m re sharing this post . I want people in vancouver Canada to see this too . I hope the Texas family held accountable for animal Neglect upon abuse this way . Hopefully they lay restitution to an animal cause like the rescue NYC that helped baby angel . I can’t believe it . So heartbreaking.

  19. “ANGEL” I am so sorry you suffered so long. Bless you, “Angel ” you are either at. “RAINBOW BRIDGE ” or St Francis of Assissi took you directly to Heaven. I know there was a “Guardian Angel ” who knew of your suffering at the expense of. ..I don’t want to judge. I took God in the form of Bread in Holy Communion. I live in Texas. I don’t get on Facebook as often as I would like. I pray you are being loved and experiencing “life”

    • I agree with you (crying as I write this)……

      I hope the POS owners suffer agonizing, painful, horrific deaths before they burn in Hell forever for their cruelty.

      RIP Angel. I hope you can meet up with MacKitty in Heaven so you can join his snuggle buddy group. I hope your babies all are adopted into loving furever homes where they will always be beloved and treasured family members.


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