Python adopts maternal love towards 4 orphaned puppies

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In Vadodara, India, rescuers were shocked when they rescued four orphaned puppies that had fallen into a well cuddled up and sleeping next to a six-foot long rock python. The snake, which routinely preys on small animals as rodents, birds and frogs seemed to have bonded with the six-week old puppies rescuers explained.

According to the Times of India, animal activist Neha Patel arrived in the village on Saturday and were told the puppies were trapped in a 70-foot deep well. One of the volunteers climbed into the well using a rope to lower him down and spotted the rare sight.

“The puppies had slipped inside the wall from a narrow passage and were trapped inside for the last four days. The python, who was in the well, could have easily preyed on them, but it rather cozied up to the pups. It was an unusual behavior by the python,” stated Patel.

Fortunately the puppies were all pulled out, and later the snake was rescued. Rock pythons are not poisonous but can injure large animals and humans with their nasty bites. Needless to say, rescuers were amazed by the relationship – it was as if the reptile had been protecting the puppies.

(Photo of snake screenshot via Times of India.)

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  1. ellen cottone says:

    Shocked because it seems every boa owner is eventually attacked. So cold blooded reptials are not the cold blooded killers we often thought. I think this snake would have eventually hunted and brought back food.
    Well they should let the snake and the puppies continue to live together and take care of each other. this is another well documented case of unusual interspecies relationships.This centuries the “Jungle Book”

    • ellen cottone says:

      actally when a snake is digerstin pray its a long process and they are vernable they perfer to hide and beinking alone.
      actally the snake looked starved. yet it somehow got the puppies in the crevice and was keeping them warm and dry.the snake was thinking. it was merciful

      • linda says:

        The snake’s belly doesn’t look full at all. It had every advantage of harming the pups. What a strange phenomenal that it didn’t.

      • ellen cottone says:

        a snake does 3- things in its life,
        Hunt for food,
        digest food,
        Snakes dont hang, they dont seek out their own species. They do not intermingle with other species
        they eat them.
        this snake could clinb out of the well but chose not to.This snake was starving and stii chose to keep the pups together and shared warmth. I wonder if the snake left the well and brought food.for the pups?
        It understood it had to keep the pups out of the water and in the crevice.
        it was thinking. I think it was starving but would not feed because other snakes in the vicinity were just waiting. know that all preditory animals in the vicinity were aware of the pups in the well.
        One thing is for certian. It perfers the company of these baby mammels and chose against nature
        to not kill and eat but protect.

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