Perth girls repeatedly slapping dog in the face with rubber sandal

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Two young Perth girls thought it was funny to video themselves slapping a dog repeatedly with a rubber sandal late last week in  Western Australia. Once the teens were tracked down by a cruelty officer for the RSPCA WA, the girls were reported to have been “extremely remorseful, ashamed and embarrassed.”

According to a statement appearing on the Facebook page of the RSPCA WA, dozens of outraged viewers reported the video showing a young girl laughing as she continued to hit a white long-haired dog in the face while her friend filmed the disturbing situation. Chief Executive for the animal welfare organization, David Van Ooran, was able to locate the home where the girls lived to check on the dog and interview the family.

“Naturally, our main concern is the welfare of the dog. After carefully assessing the dog and the environment in which it’s kept, it was determined that it would not be in the dog’s best interest to remove it from its home at this stage. During the interview process both girls received a serious warning about their senseless behaviour, and that their actions mean they could risk losing their pets altogether,” Ooran wrote.

Because the community was so enraged over the girls’ mistreatment of the dog, the WA Police and the RSPCA WA warned the public to leave the children alone no matter how they felt about the situation.

“The two girls involved are minors. The RSPCA WA and WA Police would like to remind the community that it is never appropriate for members of the public to take matters into their own hands or threaten and target people they believe might be involved.”

Although everyone might not agree with how the situation was handled, it is hoped the youngsters have learned their lesson and in the future respect their dog and treat her with respect.

“Both girls are extremely remorseful for their actions, ashamed, and embarrassed, and have realized the seriousness of their stupidity. The community’s outrage and reaction has driven home to them that what they did was totally unacceptable, and they will now have to live with the consequences of their actions which have already had a significant impact on their families.”

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(Photo of Perth girls video slapping dog freeze shot)

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  1. Minors, schminors! They both deserve a good sound ass-whipping, not to mention losing their dog permanently. I can’t believe the authorities didn’t remove that poor dog from their brutal, vicious “care!”

  2. Future thugs and serial killers start their careers by abusing animals! Australian police and judge should be ashamed. Drop them off in the outback with nothing ! Parents should be punished as well!

  3. F*ck these two little sadistic witches!! It’s so alarming to me at the amount of very young kids harming innocent animals and how often we read about it….I cringe at the thought of these brutal acts we don’t know about! When I was growing up I never heard or was aware of young kids brutalizing animals,and the thought certainly never entered my mind! The kids of my generation saw an animal and wanted to befriend and pet it…..what the hell is wrong with some of the young kids of today? Not sure yet if I’m going to watch the video but I do know I’d love nothing more that smack the both of these little cruel brats right across the face a couple or more times,hard,and see just how they like it! The parents of these two need to evoke some punishment upon these two and teach them to be kind and compassionate to all animals! They certainly don’t deserve to own a pet! BRATS

  4. I wonder, are they remorseful for their actions, or is it only because they have been caught? Where were the rest of the family when all of this took place? If there is a next time, they should have the book thrown at them.

    • That is the ONLY reason they are ‘remorseful’ and these female punks should be standing in front of a judge – to do literally nothing to punish them is so typical of the RSPCA and their incompetence and lack of action to make anyone responsible for animal cruelty. Those miserable excuses for girls should be publicly humiliated – maybe then they’d REALLY be remorseful – and that poor little dog should be taken away – this will happen again I am sure.

  5. Of course they said they were sorry because they got caught! That poor dog needed to be removed to a safe place immediately! They will not stop and they will do it again! Same on you for protecting these abusers and predators!

  6. No animal should be hit or abused, however, a thong is a lot less than what we have seen on this post regarding animal abuse. The dog seemed more bothered about being left alone and nothing else.

  7. Nasty evil monsters. Cold hearted monster have no remorse. Should beat their parents for not drowning their asses at birth!! ????

  8. Leave them alone .. because their minors? Bull shit!!!!! They thought it was funny to be cruel. Little sacks of shit!!!!!
    I don’t give a fuck how old they are … try slapping them each in the face and keep on slapping. See if it’s as funny then

  9. extremely remorseful for their actions bullshit they are remorseful they got caught, the parents better teach these little bitches some respect these future abusers i don’t care how old they are old enough to do the crime you can do the time hope people there own ages beat their ass down loser pieces of shit,bet the parents are very proud of what they teach their pieces of shit

  10. The dog should be removed from the home. For sure, the little turds will do it again. The parents should pay a hefty fine for animal abuse, and maybe then these nasty brats will feel remorse when their action impacts the parents’ wallet.

  11. These are not small children and they well should know better:: are their parents dope smokers:: who sit in a vapor or cloud all day and night and don’t give a HOOT what their daughter is doing ? the one filming should be barred from having any contact with the little “Brat” for lack of a word that would make this post unprintable….

  12. What a bunch of crap!! OF COURSE THEY ACT REMORSEFUL….. the stupid, ass little monsters got caught and now they are “remorseful”. Whoever decided to leave that poor dog there…..SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE WHEN THEY ABUSE IT AGAIN…OR WORSE – KILL IT.
    ANYONE…. I do not care what age they are….. who finds abusing an animal fun, funny, good or cute ARE SICK PERVERTED MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO SICK of pets being treated like they are nothing more than a THING to have around.


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