Teen punk suspected of tossing cat into street arrested

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The juvenile suspected of being the punk that was videoed on Snapchat hurling a defensive cat onto an Ontario street has been arrested. According to the Ontario Police Department news release, the unidentified teen had been spotted by police and tried to run away when he was tackled by officers and taken into custody in Upland.

The suspect has been described as a 16-year-old boy from Ontario and was arrested about 1:45 p.m. on Monday afternoon near Seventy Street and Boyle Avenue. In a Twitter statement, police stated:

“The Suspect in the Cat Abuse Video has been ARRESTED! He was spotted by officers today in Upland. He ran from the officers but was quickly tackled and arrested. The injured cat is at a veterinarian hospital being looked after and is in good condition.”

The investigation began on Saturday in Fontana, California,  when a nine-second video posted to social networks Snapchat and Twitter went viral showing a teen throwing a cat into the street as if it were a football. The video showed the boy holding a cat in his arms for a moment and then launching the animal at least 20 yards into the air. The  frightened cat could be heard meowing and whining as it hit the street.

By Saturday evening, the Ontario Police tweeted they had found the cat and her owner. The cat named Spots is currently under the care of a South California veterinarian hospital and suffers from a broken leg. Her other leg has also been injured and internal injuries are suspected. Meanwhile, Spots is resting comfortably and will remain at the hospital while she recuperates.

The teen has been booked into the San Bernardino County Jail on suspicion of felony animal cruelty.

(Photos of punk suspected in cat tossing video via Snapchat)

(Photo of cat via Facebook)

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Who’s surprised with this revelation?

7 replies
  1. Stormy Wallace says:

    Why isn’t his name released? He posted for everyone to see what he did – so – why should he be protected? He didn’t protect a defenseless cat – and where are his parents? His actions should be announced world wide, thats what he wanted, so let him have his day of shame….

    • Pamela Garlisch says:

      Totally agree! There should be no anonymity for underage people and the parents should be named too! Why protect the kid? I’m glad the cat is doing well.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Absolutely! This miserable fucking punk’s name, address and phone number should be made public – let him get harassed – then hopefully, he is bullied, beat up and his forehead is tattooed w/ANIMAL ABUSER – let everyone see what a spineless coward he is. Don’t care one bit if he is a juvenile –

    • maxiemom says:

      Totally agree! The thug felt no shame when he did it and posted the video publicly, so he certainly deserves no protection now.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    OUR laws on minor’s Need to be changed :: after working in a facility for adjudicated females 11-21 I was taken back at the attitude many of these youth had and laughed and joked that they were above the law because of their age.. The parents in many cases were worse than their children!!! It more often than not gave one a very good idea as to WHY the youth was in the facility after meeting the family!!! This kid needs to be held accountable !!!

  3. J. Martin says:

    And yet , they still won’t do sweet fuck all to that little bastard!!!!! Minors get away with wayyyyyyyyyy TOO MUCH! I think most people .. wouldn’t give a shit how old they are. You know it’s wrong .. you know it’s cruel and you still do it .. then record yourself doing it. Punks/adults who do it …. makes no difference. You do this shit .. you need it done to you.

  4. Ezgi Melody says:

    I just now understand better that ; Psychos are everywhere in the world and they have got really serious problems in the mind and they try to make themselves relieved by torturing animals because they can not do this torments to the people ~ That is why they choose this little poor harmless, voiceless Angels ???? And Here it is ; another horrible event about a cat below :
    I just want to share with you a horrible event that happened 2 or 3 days ago in city Erzincan in country Turkey. The place is in the video that you see ; Turkish Military Officer’s Club in city Erzincan in Turkey.
    That Guy Killed that Little Cat by his those Horrible Sadistic Acts. After his those torments that cat died at that scene. And another unbelievable thing about this happening : That guy is a Soldier ( He is 25 years old ) and authoritites did not announce his whole name to the public yet. We only know his name is : Taner H. After bring a prosecution against him he just defended himself ; ” I have done this all to that cat because I was too drunken that day and I was just broke up with my fiancee. ” – He arrested and investigation is continue. And One last horrible thing is ; as you can see in those Youtube videos other people was just watching him… I have no words for this also…

    ~ ~ ~ Here is the Links of his torment to that poor cat below :





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