Hiker rescued bear cub

Oregon man could have faced charges and fine for saving dying bear cub

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The U.S. Senate recently voted to make it legal for hunters to kill bear cubs inside of a den, but an Oregon hiker who rescued an abandoned and dying bear cub could have faced charges, jail time and a hefty fine for his act of compassion, which likely saved an ailing bear cub’s life. According to ABC News, Oregon officials have decided to simply give Corey Hancock, the Salem man who saved the three-month-old bear cub on Monday evening, a warning.

Sgt. James Halsey explained why Hancock has been given a pass this time around, “Oregon State Police contacted the male subject who picked up the bear cub. Due to the totality of circumstances, to include that the adult male subject thought he was helping the bear cub without knowledge that the mother bear may have been nearby, a criminal citation was not issued to the male subject.”

Hancock found the bear cub while he was hiking the Santiam River Trail. When Hancock first found the cub, he explained that the bear was “barely breathing” and motionless. After moving away from the sickly cub, and watching for the mother bear to arrive, Hancock decided to remove the baby because he was not moving, and “twitching.” He stated, “He did kind of twitch a couple times so I knew he was dying or going through the motions of death when I found him.”

Hancock bundled the cub into a cozy shirt and rushed him to a wildlife rehabilitation center for care. On March 28, the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center updated Facebook followers about the bear cub:

Update! Yesterday evening we received a malnourished, lethargic black bear cub. The cub, nicknamed “Elkhorn,” received several rounds of sub cutaneous fluids. His hydration and body temperature finally normalized around 2a.m. Nearly 12 hours later, he is showing significant signs of improvement!

Elkhorn was transferred to a wildlife veterinarian with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife where he will have a full health exam, and pending the results, will be placed in the care of an out-of-state center to continue his rehabilitation.

The organization commented on this particular situation, and Hancock’s decision to lend aid:

It’s recommended to call ODFW or us here at Turtle Ridge if you encounter wildlife you think may need help. This was an uncommon situation and we appreciate Corey for trusting us with the distressed cub’s care. We are also grateful to our amazing community of supporters whose generosity ensures Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center is here to help in emergency situations such as this.

(Images via Facebook and Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center FB page)

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24 replies
  1. jeanette says:

    I can’t stand those politicians anymore. what is wrong with their brains? killing wildlife is ok, NOT! get rid of every politician who voted in this horrible law.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Imagine allowing the death of baby cubs, people are so cruel it’s sickening the lengths people will go to for a trophy. Sick Bastard and what a stupid fucking law

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    The Whole LOT of our Legislators Should be VOTED out PERIOD !!! Republican’s and Democrat’s ALIKE WE NEED to START OVER with a Group of INDIVIDUAL”S that only care about their own Salaries, Perks, Kickbacks, A Great Insurance Plan for the lifetime after a four year term, security details for protection & TO HELL WITH THE AVERAGE US CITIZEN and the PLIGHT WE THE PEOPLE ARE IN!!! TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      I agree 100% – they are no more than a bunch of hypocrites whose only concern is covering their butts and securing their salaries – Mr . Hancock saved this precious life and the idiots decided to give him a ‘pass’ – what did they want him to do – stick this sick cub in a cave so they could murder it? Probably so.

  4. Marsha says:

    Idiot government!!!Kill.cubs,mothers, pups and wolves in they’re den AND Corey could have faced jail for an act of compassion???Assholes,all of these government suits!!!!!!!!!Thank you Corey! What a man!!!!!!

  5. Ruth says:

    I think it is wonderful he saved the cub, my problem though, is the selfie of himself with the baby. Can we just not take pictures of ourselves doing everything? Makes me wonder if he did this because it was the humane thing to do, of if he did it for “Look how great I am saving this cubs life.” It’s good though the little cub is going to be okay, just stop with the selfies already!

    • Ave says:

      Stop judging! He deserves his selfie, he rescued and saved a baby bears life? You don’t see this act of kindness & compassion every day? He’s proud of his heroic act and a lot of people, including me, applaud his kind and compassionate act. Just bless him and wish there were more men & people like him, instead of the damn thug coward dog fighters who enjoy watching animals tearing their flesh & yanking ears off their heads and face? Yes, God bless this man and his big, beautiful compassionate heart! Amen!

  6. kenneth says:

    Thank you Corey Hancok for saving that baby cub. how kind of you………i just read about this new law, where bears & wolves & their cubs can be shot to death in their Dens while hybernating. call your local legislators and tell them to stop this law. i called senator baldwins office. WE THE PEOPLE need to take a stand on these ridiculous LAWS implemented by

  7. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Les politiques devraient plutôt tuer les assassins que de pauvres animaux innocents, j’espère que ces fumiers se feront dépecer par des ours pour leurs incompétences et leurs monstruosité.

  8. susan m froman says:

    WTF!!! Really this guy gets treated like a criminal for helping an animal, but really criminals are treated better!!!
    He should be recognized as hero for his efforts!!! That’s how I see him 🙂

  9. resqdogz says:

    KUDOS to Corey Hancock for his compassionate actions and utter disregard of bureaucratic absurdities! You will forever remember this passionate act, Corey – and those of us who still retain the “humane” part of our humanity salute you!

  10. Jayne Miller says:

    The whole truth is that this cub’s mother was most likely poached, a well known and accepted issue here by timber industry and ranchers as a way to “manage” bear. Even State Senator Boquist who owns a ranch, boasts about Asian poachers killing off bear on his ranch, essentially, looking the other way. Reference his statement starting at about 9:12 of this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XIl5ehbfu8&t=975s

  11. maria christina says:

    Thank you Mr. Hancock……..You are the HERO. For that little baby cub. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH FOR HUNTING ANIMANL ANY KIND FOR ANIMAL. This is GOD ANIMAL……the more you kill animal there will be no more in is earth at all. NOW STOP HUNTING ANIMAL. We are the people of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA……should change the LAW NOW!!

  12. Beth says:

    I was seriously considering moving to Oregon because of their Supreme Court ruling that animals can be victims just like people. BUT, lately I have seen animal horror stories coming out of OREGON. What is going on???

  13. Barkley's Mom says:

    Good lord, the mother bear has probably been killed and this little one was left to die without her. How “considerate” to not prosecute someone for saving a life and only give him a warning! Thank you Mr Hancock for saving this baby, had the wanted to prosecute him, there would have been many of us standing behind him in support!

  14. susispot says:

    Did they pass that stupid ass bill? They must be insane. I hope the uproar is deafening! The animal protection movement has been “set back” 30 yrs! I’m so grateful this man did what he did to save this cub. I love him for it. He is a hero in my book.

  15. Dixie says:

    I would save any wild animal if they need saving. Especially baby bears. I would just have to fight it in court. The man that helped. Bless you.


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