Teens make video showing a horse being fed cigarettes

Horse being fed cigarettes
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On Tuesday, a group of teens uploaded video to Snapchat showing a horse being fed cigarettes. According to the Daily Mail, the horse’s owners have seen the disturbing video and they claim this isn’t the first time that the thugs have abused their farm animals.

The horse’s owner,  Moya Hayward, and her son Josh Cummings, claim that this type of cruel behavior has been happening for several years. Howard claims that the teens have chased the horses and they have thrown rocks and bottles at them. The farm has several types of animals, but the horses seem to take the brunt of the abuse by the gang of teens.

The owners were able to obtain the video proof from the most recent incident and they have approached the Surrey Police to lodge a formal complaint – what, if anything, will be done remains to be seen.

Video link to Snapchat footage here.

Please feel free to share your comments below – how should this situation be handled? Do you think that the authorities will take action, or write the kids’ behavior off to them “just being teens?”

(Photo screenshot via Daily Mail)

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    • I totally agree with you Julie, and since there is now video footage of them, there is no reason not to punish.
      So many teens now seem to be so very cruel to animals and don’t even care about what they are doing.
      The law has to punish them for their actions or it will just continue.

  1. Feeding those thugs cigarettes would be a great start toward punishment. It would certainly make them sick, if not outright poisoning them. NO loss there.

  2. these teens are idiots, too many excuses for boys being boys or teens being teens. they need to be taught respect for ALL living creatures. the little punks should have their butts spanked. oh no! that is cruel, NOT!

  3. Do you think that the authorities will take action, or write the kids’ behavior off to them “just being teens?” Well lets see, these POS “teens” are abusing the horses and are obviously being allowed to get away with it. So when does it become not “just being a teen” thing? When they kill one of the horses? These teen monsters need to be arrested and punished for this before this bullying goes too far and one of the animal’s is hurt! This should NEVER have been allowed to go on for several years!

  4. Arrest and jail these idiots! They are well on the road to being violent criminals who’s next target will be a unsuspecting person!

  5. Totally disgusting and cruel , I hope
    These morons get caught , they will
    Surly strike again to someone’s poor
    animals , that are innocent and trusting
    Shame on them !

  6. Why can’t something be done? It is on video…. go after the parents who are too stupid to teach their brats that you do not abuse, mistreat or harm animals!!! This is insane. PUT THEIR BUTTS IN JAIL for awhile and let them see how they will spend their days if they do not learn to be productive adults!!!!

  7. Être adolescent n’est pas une excuse pour pour être cruel, aucune excuse , aucun pardon. Se sont de futurs assassins, des parasites qu’il faut éliminer, ils sont un danger pour la société.

  8. Yer lets just let them harm the animals I DONT THINK SO come down hard unless you won’t them to go on to be cruel worthless adalts brats need to be punished to bloody soft on these unruly morons

  9. This is Bullshit. These teens need to be charged with animal abuse. This is abuse and there is no way around it.

  10. It is an age-old belief that the tobacco kills worms in horses. I have heard this over 50+ yrs. I understand that is NOT the intent of these teens. But I don’t think the horses are harmed by nibbling on a couple of cigarettes.


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