Offensive smell from apartment leads to animal cruelty charge

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Police state an offensive smell emanating from an apartment on Vanier Drive in Guelph, Ontario has led to the arrest of a 19-year-old man now facing animal cruelty charges. Zhenlin Lius Huang has been charged with mischief and causing unnecessary suffering to a dog.

According to the, the manager of the building had repeatedly knocked on Huang’s door where he believed the “overwhelming odor” had originated, but no one ever answered. With the manager then believing the tenant may have died in the apartment, the police were summoned and were overwhelmed with the foul odor as they entered the apartment. And there they found a small white Samoyed puppy living in “squalid conditions” in the midst of dozens of piles of rotting feces.

The Guelph Humane Society was contacted and arrived to take the dog into custody. Authorities say the puppy’s hind quarters were so matted they didn’t know if he was able to even defecate. There have not been any updates about the puppy’s condition, although when police found the dog he was not harmed, but clearly suffering from neglect.

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Keep your eye on this dog’s front paw while reading this story.

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  1. Mischief?????? This punk put this poor dog thru hell and should be sent back to his hell hole of a country – China – tied to a leaky raft – I think what he did to this dog is much more serious than MISCHIEF!!!!!

  2. Isn’t it amazing we let fish heads like that come here every god damn minute abuse our animals insult our way of life yet we build a wall to keep a beautiful race of people out who want nothing more than a better way of life

  3. So how did Zhenlin Lius Huang stand living in that stench? Maybe the dog was unharmed but the conditions the dog was living in alone is abuse! Why get a dog if you are going to treat it like this!


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