Man killed 2 cats using martial arts because of his daughter’s allergies

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In Greene, Maine the man accused of killing two cats, using “his knowledge of martial arts how to choke things out” has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty. Michael Herrmann, 47, surrendered to the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn on Friday after police issued an arrest warrant.

According to Wcsh6News, Herrmann killed the cats with his bare hands because he didn’t want the animals in the house because of his daughter’s allergy. The cats reportedly belonged to a friend of the family who dropped the cats off at Herrmann’s home. Animal Control Officer Wendell Strout had been investigating the deaths of the cats after receiving a report the cats had been victims of animal cruelty.

Herrmann did lead authorities to a snowmobile trail in the woods where the dead cats were found still in their carriers. He  allegedly told the Animal Control Officer he just didn’t have time to take the cats to the Humane Society and felt they would have been euthanized there anyway. Herrmann has since bonded out of jail, however he is prohibited from having any animals.

Rest in peace innocent pets.

(Photo of suspect who is charged with using martial arts to strangle 2 cats via Androscoggin County Jail)

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  1. Bg says:

    You sick asshole I hope some kills u & u suffer the way u did the cats I hope you get your throat cut using martial arts & doe someone will kill you u do not deserve to breathe this air bg

  2. ellen cottone says:

    I hope you spend fathers day in a cell. Killer of small friendly trusting desperate innocent creatures.who are miserably dependant on evil men monsters.oh it must have been so fun to display your martial arts to kill a hopeless small animal infront of a girl child. Brava!
    And you lie,lie, lie.!! Your daughter does not have alergies.
    You were punishing her.and you wanted her to have killed many times you are a killer.

  3. Red says:

    THIS PIECE OF CRAP IS ALREADY OUT OF JAIL??? And his punishment is that he is to NEVER OWN ANOTHER ANIMAL????????? Really??? Are you judges freaking afraid to do more that slap peoples hands for harming, abusing, torturing and killing defenseless animals????? May God have mercy on your souls because all you are doing is ALLOWING THIS CRAP TO CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are just as guilty as the monsters DOING this if you do not make them pay!!

  4. ellen cottone says:

    The First rule of martial arts is….you never Kill. You disarm. and you teach. Thru NON VIOLANCE. its an art of mercy and protector of weaker things. a martial artist is a merciful protector. Dont you dare call your self a Martial artist you are the compleat oppisite. you are a bully and you enjoy killing small defenceless things.I am glad you are finally done. you can explain your self to your cell mates. you will find out your not a martial artist your are just a Pussy.

  5. Bunny Peters says:

    This makes me sooooooo furious: those poor furbabies…… what gave this POS the “right” to kill vs. rehome (or simply have his daughter on some allergy medications)???

    My fatherinlaw (hates pets) told us (years ago) we couldn’t have pets due to his allergies….. we told him that he (very thrilled for this blessing) lives out of state & we ARE having pets…… up to him if he chooses to visit us as the pets are part of our family…..

    RIP poor innocent furbabies…… you were failed by your original human who gave you to a POS (who will burn in Hell forever as punishment for his cruelty)……..

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    So why did this POS allow his friend to drop the cats off at his home if he hated them so much? No reason for this! This monster needs to pay for this!

  7. Janie Ledergerber says:

    This piece of garbage should be choked to death himself. Karma will find him and I wish I could be his karma. Murdering bastard.

  8. Linda Szymoniak says:

    It doesn’t say why the friend of the family dropped the cats off. Was the family supposed to be cat-sitting? If I were the owner of the cats, I’d also take this monster to civil court. Of course, no amount of money will bring them back or undue the horrors they went through, or ease the owner’s suffering, but perhaps it’ll make this monster thing twice before doing something like this again. I just really hope the daughter didn’t witness this.

  9. maxiemom. says:

    The FIRST thing they teach you when they instruct you in the martial arts is how and when to use them. Guess what? This POS violated the very principles under which he was supposed to have been guided.

    His friend dropped the cats off, and THIS is what he did to both his friend and his friend’s cats? ARE YOU KIDDING????

    Obviously, he’s a failure as a human being in every single sense of the word, as a father, friend, and a member of the human race. They should have kept his vile and despicable a** in jail where it belongs.

    I hope he ends up in prison with someone else who knows martial arts. That person would be totally justified in meting out justice.

  10. Cynthia Como says:

    Fucking brutal asshole!!! Well isn’t he a big and bad tuff guy,brutalizing two cats that are no match to an adult human! And I suppose that the charges are misdemeanors so that the courts can make a few hundred dollars and NOT PUNISH the abuser/killer! He will pay the fines and then be sent on his merry way!! I hope if this asshole is employed and he gets fired! And I hope all the decent people in this community shun him! He really needs to be in a jail cell for a couple of years then he can fight the big boys!!!

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    Once again an animal killer gets NO punishment and as usual he is treated as seriously as if he spit on the street. This a-hole will hopefully get a dose of street justice which seems to be only punishment animal abusers get.

  12. J. Martin says:

    This heartless POS seriously fucking “THINKS” that choking some poor defenseless animal is more humane??? If his daughter is allergic .. why the hell did this stupid asshole agree to take the 2 cats? As for the former owner .. were you giving them up to this douche? (IF SO .. CONGRATS .. this prick murdered your cats!!!!) If not .. and this asshole was suppose to be cat sitting. HELLO …. HE just murdered your pets In one of the most cruel, sick, heartless ways you can. His punishment .. he’s not allowed to own any pets? WTF … THEY .. were not his to begin with and that is his punishment??? No justice there!!!

  13. Mary says:

    Most the times when we do bad things in this world, karma come back to us and hit the person we love the most, in this case his daughters. Then he will regrets to be an assh%&:!!%e!!

  14. Jill says:

    Piece of shit! This coward probably couldn’t hold his own in normal society. Burn in HELL motherf……!


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