No charges against youngsters who threw rocks at chained dog resulting in injuries

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In Bedminster, Pennsylvania, three youngsters were reported to have thrown rocks at a woman’s German shepherd while the dog was tethered safely in the family’s backyard. The five-year-old dog named Tex, suffered serious injuries including two broken teeth, abrasions, bruises and welts along his back. 

The boys – the youngest identified as seven years old, will not be charged with animal cruelty. Bedminster Police Officer Nikki Thompson responded to the call from the dog’s owner, Patty Jantzen, and stated the family had already left for the emergency veterinarian to treat their dog when police arrived. According to Fox29News, police have spoken to the family several times by phone and met with the families of the children involved in the attack, but have stated the boys are too young to face animal cruelty charges.

Patty has spoken out on social media explaining the reasons the family is infuriated about the lack of response to the animal cruelty situation which took place at their home nearly three weeks ago and the lack of any justice for their dog:

“The police originally came out once within 5 mins of being called, which would have been great if we were actually home from the emergency vet & hadn’t asked him to wait an hour for us to get back! Then it took a week to reach him by phone for him to tell us the Humane Officer would be handling it now & it’s really a civil matter because the kids are too young to prosecute. He did a telephone interview with me to complete his report, stating it wasn’t necessary for him to come out & meet with anyone involved!”

According to Patty, the humane officer assigned to the case hasn’t been very helpful, after telling her the children had just been “playing” with Tex and “thinks things got out of hand.”

“…she said she spoke with the other families involved and that the children (who are too young to be charged) were just playing with Tex and thinks things got out of hand. She said it’s a civil matter now & it’s about a property issue! MY DOG IS NOT PROPERTY! He is our family member, I hurt for him like he was one of my children when this happened!! Those monsters stoned our family member!”

Authorities say education is the key here. Obviously, this solution isn’t much consolation to the family.

(Photos of Tex who suffered injuries after children threw rocks at him via Facebook and FoxNews)

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27 replies
  1. ellen cottone says:

    the dog is an assault victum . he had his teeth knocked out while the dog is minding his own business in the safety of his own yard. what makes them evil and not just stupid kids is they didnt stop after thy broke teeth and the dog pleaded for mercy
    thats the big diferance.
    so they are not really kids at all are they.

    pennsilvania . how can you live with your self.
    good luck with your most recent new crop of child molesters and serial killers your protecting in its larva stage, fools.
    you reep what you sow.
    by your own pathetic inaction. is a shame it will be at the expence of innocent people and animals.

    Stupid pennislvania athority,
    if you are confused on how to proceed. then you need evidance as to what i am saying may be true.
    there are grounds for a ligitiment investigation, and god knows you got the time on your hands
    you have the incident.
    now investigate,
    with out warning,
    each of the little darlings,
    home computer, phone, under their bed, closet, basement and the back of their house of each of them.
    when you discover youll thank me. but its time for fat ass out of the chair and out the door to do your job, you lazy, indifferant scam of a police dept.

    i know dam well who is reading this post rite now. so you can raise your brow and tighten you lip in mild shock as to how i know.
    yea you!
    now get to work!!! This is on your watch.

    and do something about the damm amish and the damm puppy mills and horse abuse.
    Damm you, lazy, immoral corruptibels

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    The Humane Officer needs to find a new job if he is so disinterested in doing his job properly! He sounds like he has a complete lack of interest or compassion in dealing with the cruel mistreatment of dogs! Sounds like he is lazy and wants to avoid doing any paperwork. This was a perfect opportunity to put a little fear into these mean little brats and educate them on kindness and respect towards animals……NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR THEIR UNACCEPTABLE,MEAN TREATMENT OF THIS POOR DOG!!!! Sounds to me these young kids are on the path to being animal abusers,most kids would see a dog and want to pet it NOT CRUELY INJURE IT!!! THEY WERE NOT PLAYING WITH THIS DOG AND THE AUTHORITIES AND THEIR PARENTS NEED TO RECOGNIZE THIS FACT AND CORRECT IT!!! Maybe Tex’s owner should sue these families for damages and maybe then the excuse being made for these mean brats would stop! SMH

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Sue the families for all vet bills and pain and suffering for the family members! Abusers in the making that don’t know right from wrong and it will only escalate from there. Your parents have not taught you anything and the adults are not willing to do anything so this does not happen again.

    • Stephen Phillips says:

      Sue for actual damages PLUS emotional distress (both family AND companion)!
      Make those “parents” pay through the nose, then set about having that “humane (NOT) officer” removed from his post!

      • Melanie says:

        I absolutely agree! These families need to be sued for what their brats did! They are old enough to know better! People need to stop making excuses for them! I would also file a complaint with the humane officer’s supervisor, and with the police dept. This entire situation was mishandled. I hope your baby is doing better. Sending hugs and prayers for him????

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    And what is being done to stop these brats from doing this again? These kids and their parents need to suffer some sort of consequences and not just let the brats off the hook because supposedly they are “too young”! I know what I would have done had my kids ever thrown stones at someone’s dog, and trust me my kids would NEVER have done it again. The parents of these brats should have at least paid for the vet bills and offered some sort of apology for the behavior or their kids! With the youngest being 7 years old, these kids are old enough to know you don’t throw stones at dogs or people! This is why some of the children in this day and age are brats, the parents aren’t teaching right from wrong and when they do something like this, they aren’t punished! I hope Patty Jantzen takes these irresponsible parents to court and sues them, they should not be getting away with this!

  5. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    It doesn’t matter how young they were they still need to be charged with this offense!!! They will continue to abuse animals as long as we let them. They need to be charged and shown that animal abuse will NOT be tolerated!!!

  6. Debbie says:

    Not too young. Beat their butt. Lock them up. They need to learn NOW just how horrible their crime is! Little brats. Parents are what is wrong with them!!!! Sue them!!!!

  7. Jill says:

    This is terrible that those kids weren’t given some sort of punishment for causing the injuries on this German Shepherd!!! It starts at home people…and the lack of concern is appalling.!!!! I hope the dog is on the mend and i wouldn’t put the dog outside unless you are there with him….

  8. Susan M. Bissell says:

    I guess the homeowner next step is to go to a lawyer to make the kids parents pay the vet bills. Sometimes you will get to the parents more if they PAY than just dealing with the law. Nobody likes to part with money, these kids sound like they are from a bad family that doesn’t respect other people property and their pets. Future criminals are being made in this family.

  9. Sandy Yates says:

    I say if they were just playing with the dog then throwing rocks at them is just playing around,so what if we knock their teeth out.

  10. vicki hood says:

    Neighborhood watch. These little scum need banned from being out of their own home. If everyone stares at them and everything they do, if cameras are in the neighborhood, these ugly little necrotic brats will hang themselves. Their parents have not been responsible and need a court date with a good judge.

  11. Darla says:

    Too young to be charged??? So…..authorities are just going to wait until they’re older and do it again (maybe worse the next time) before charging them? This country is so effed up. The justice system protects the criminals.

  12. Pamela Bolton says:

    Too young to prosecute?? BS !!! If they thought it would be fun to throw rocks at a dog then they need shown how much fun it is to sit in jail for their actions. Parents should be charged as well. They taught them that it was OK to do this. Kids go to jail and parents fined and made to pay vet bills. No justice here whatsoever!!!

  13. Adrienne says:

    Definitely not too young for these kids to learn this is not normal behavior and harming any animal, especially one in it’s own yard and tethered, no excuse or reason for throwing rocks and such to cause such harm to the dog as it’s teeth broken and welts and bruising on the dog. Police should have done more and this dog is not property, but a member of this woman’s family. Theses kids need some type of punishment or community service to make them understand that what they did was not only wrong but harmful to the dog where he was taken to the vets. for treatment. These kids should not be let go without any consequence to their behavior.

  14. Nancy Raymond says:

    This is bullshit – these punks need the crap scared out of them – stick them in a jail cell for 1-2 nights and tell them they are being arrested for animal cruelty – let them sit there and cry for mommy – they need to learn animal abuse is a crime – to allow these mini monsters to go home and get no punishment just shows this so called ‘animal control officer’ is a lazy uncaring loser who needs another job – total incompetence. Now they can go on and abuse more animals since animal control says its OK. I hope the dog recovers and I applaud Patti Jantzen for coming forward – her dog is the victim – these brats are the perpetrators.

  15. carrie ainsley says:

    If the dog is a family member – then why was he chained outside to begin with? The owners need to take some responsibility for leaving poor Tex in such a vulnerable state. Those kids may have also been injured or killed had Tex defended himself, what kind of conversation would everyone be having then? The kid’s parents also need to hang their heads in shame, they obviously haven’t taught their kids how to treat other living creatures with kindness and respect.

  16. Red says:

    OK…maybe they are too young to punish legally……BUT YOU CAN FINE THE IDIOTIC PARENTS who have not taught their children how to care for and respect animals!?!?!?!?!?!? They should be made to pay the vet bills for the injury to this poor animal who was SUBJECT TO the little brats actions!
    If it is civil……..sue the parents!!!

  17. Mary Ann Clark says:

    These little monsters should be on a violent offenders watch list and institutionalized and they should also be on the FBI animal cruelty list. They are an extreme and immediate danger to society and need to be securely confined!

  18. Linda Szymoniak says:

    These kids need serious psychological counseling. The family could take the families of the kids to civil court, too.

  19. linda says:

    Future animal abusers in the making. Playing got out of hand? Doubtful…..they purposely made an effort to hurt and abuse this dog.

  20. Darla Lamoreaux says:

    Do drive by stoning of the little bastards, make sure you use stones big enough to break teeth, blind eyes and break bones, let them cry to mom and dad to see how they feel about a loved one being hurt them stone the whole freaking family to death, there’s NO fixing stupid in these waste of life creatures.

  21. Joanne says:

    Those disgusting monsters are NOT too young to be punished! Those sumbags MUST be punished or they will continue to abuse, torture and injure innocent animals, and eventually people! Those despicable evil THUGS must be PUNISHED, no exceptions or excuses!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Marsha Squibb says:

    These fuckin kids need to be.punished BUT they won’t?!?Their families won’t punish them and the useless authorities won’t!!!So sorry Tex…,can’t even put your dog out in in the yard.!Sue these families!!

  23. Helen says:

    Too young to be charged for animal cruelty? Well, then charge the brats’ parent a hefty fine and some jail time as well. Make them pay for all medical expenses incurred to treat the dog’s injuries caused by these rug rats.


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