Man sentenced for hanging his dog

Man who intentionally hanged a dog has been sentenced

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A Washington man who admitted that he intentionally hanged a dog from a tree has been sentenced for his crime. According to Monday’s publication of the Olympian, James Leroy Evans, of Grays Harbor, will spend a year behind bars for killing a three-year-old pit bull mix named “Diamond.”

In a statement, Evans stated how (and why) he killed his dog in March 2016:

 “intentionally killed an animal by means of causing undue suffering. I hung a dog after it killed my iguana.”

Judge Carol Murphy also stipulated that Evans is prohibited from possessing any animals, or living in a home with animals, for five years. After the cruel killing of Diamond, a Facebook group (Justice (Just”Us”) for Diamond) was created.

The punishment for Diamond’s killer did little to appease her advocates. A post after sentencing reads:

A small group of us were at the status hearing at 1pm this afternoon to see if the trial of James Leroy Evans was still happening on the 14th of this month. In a surprise twist to everyone, including the judge, he decided to plead guilty right then and there. He gets one year in jail, not prison. A small amount of fees around $1000ish all told and 5 yrs with no animals.

We were dumb founded. Plus we were unprepared to deal with the emotional stress of reliving the horrible abuse and pain she suffered through. This brought it all home. Plus his lawyer got to tell Evans’s side to the story. All lies of course and no one got to hear the evidence we had against him and that she was raped and tortured. That was a hard one to take.

Diamond had been an emotional support dog for a child – she was temporarily staying with Evans while her owner sought permanent dog-friendly housing. A necropsy on Diamond’s body revealed that she had been “aggressively” sexually assaulted before her death.

(Image via Facebook group/Justice for Diamond)

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34 replies
  1. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Sick asshole who did this I hope he is hung & exposed & dragged through the streets & killed evil asshole who did this to poor doggie god bless d the dog I hate this evil creep who did this bg

  2. vicki hood says:

    Courts sometimes suck. Why did the rape of Diamond not come up? His sentence might have been a whopper. Bet FBI would like this info as they are keeping track of sex abuse. All serious animal abuse goes to NIBRS at the FBI. Poor Diamond. What a beautiful innocent baby.

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    RIP Diamond……. so sorry you were murdered……

    POS deserves to burn in Hell forever for his cruelty…… hope he gets there sooner than later…… and after an excruciating, painful and terrifying death………

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    Too bad it was jail only…. IN prison the DOG LOVERS would have taken care of himmmm….. the Worthless Whale Turd!!!

  5. Adrienne says:

    I pray that even in jail someone does to him what he did to Diamond where it becomes impossible for him to walk or go to the bathroom where he looses all bladder and bowel control. What a disgusting piece of garbage. I hope the mother who left this dog with him takes him to court for all the emotional damage done to her family,son and the tortuous was Diamond died.

    • pamela bolton says:

      Someone needs to spread the word about this POS. Everyone who will listen needs to know wht he did to that dog. Everyone who is connected to this dog should sue the crap out of him. Make his life a living hell because he deserves no less than HELL ON EARTH.

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    Obviously his lawyer told him to plead guilty and tell “his” lies because if a judge or jury ever heard the real story they would have put him away for good! This POS deserves more of a punishment than this! This sentence is a joke and none of us are laughing!

  7. Helen says:

    I hope the idiot shares a jail cell with a sexual predator. May be if he got raped everyday, he’ll do us a favor and hang himself. RIP Diamond, run free.

  8. maxiemom says:

    Aggressively raped? You sick bastard, I REALLY hope you live through what you put that innocent dog through on a daily basis, and I am saying that as a victim. You are SCUM.

  9. Jill says:

    This abusive.depraved..sick.evil bastard who did this to the beautiful dog….needs Prison!!!! Where. He can get the. Proper sentence…….!!!!!!! Meeting dog lovers who will. Show him. What. Abuse is. And make sure this man suffers as. Much as the. Poor dog!!!!!!


    Only a year? That’s a slap in the face! He needs 10 years. Doesn’t mean it’s a dog that his life won’t matter. Each dogs life matters just the same as humans. Somebody needs to hang the son of a bitch to a tree, and then take his eyebals out right before his last breaths.

    • cindy schultz says:

      Lazy prosecutor and a gutless judge. This never should have been pled out. This guy has got a criminal record a mile long.

  11. Cynthia Como says:

    The only sentence appropriate in this case is castration and death by hanging! He is a danger to all animals and humans,he is a ticking time bomb. Fucking demented,evil,depraved POS!! Just another judge who had the ability to impose a much longer time behind bars,and much steeper fine and a LIFETIME ban on owning or being around animals! When will our lawmakers and the judicial system get it? LAW ABIDING CITIZENS OF AMERICA DO NOT WANT THESE EVIL WASTE OF HUMAN FLESH MONSTERS LIVING AMONG US? He needs to be EXTERMINATED from this planet! Once again the innocent dog gets no damn justice! U can believe he only pled guilty to avoid the dirty details being widely known! When I’m done sharing this post on Twitter and Facebook thousands more will know just how completely evil and depraved he is!!!!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      I agree w/you 100% – One year in jail is a joke – this fat bastard should be put through the wood chipper feet first. He proved he is unworthy of life. Diamond deserved MUCH better.

  12. pamela bolton says:

    And they call this a sentence? REALLY. I can come up with one more appropriate than that. One year is a slap on the wrist AGAIN. Why do you JUDGES continue to ignore the fact that these Cretans took a life? Oh, it didn’t have anything to do with them, so it’s OK huh? You JUDGES need to get some Balls about yourselves and do what is right. Besides, why was his LIZARD where the dog could get it in the first place? This MAN (using that term loosely) need stood in front of a firing squad and dispatched the way he did the dog, with no remorse. He has no right to be breathing clean, free air. God only knows how much I hate humans.

  13. vicki hood says:

    Remember the name James Leroy Evans of Gray’s Harbor Washington. Send it to FBI as a sex offender of animals. A torturer, a killer. The rape of the dog was passed over by the court. He only got one year jail.

  14. susispot says:

    It’s hard to be happy for the year. But so many don’t even get that. Maybe he will get some jailhouse justice in the pokey. We can only hope.

  15. Kathleen Drude says:

    This is not a surprise! Everyday all over this planet animals are being killed! I don’t know what the hell he was doing because this poor dog showed signed that it had been raped! This dog killed his iguana? Where was he keeping the iguana that the dog could even get to it! Then come to find out the dog belonged to a little girl the family was looking for a place that allowed pets! Tell you what this piece of useless skin would not be walking around! I have no qualms about taking humans out and in this case it would give me the utmost enjoyment knowing I can torture him as he tortured this little girls pet!

  16. cindy schultz says:

    This is pathetic. Why was this case pled out? Washington State give 5 yrs. for felony animal cruelty. The District Attorney and the Judge should never have accepted the 1 year plea. And where were the animal groups and people during this? I know….lighting candles and being careful not to make anyone mad. This is awful.

  17. Sherry says:

    Judge, only ONE year for torturing and killing a dog? Shame on you for not sending out a much stronger message to animal abusers. Also, only a five year ban on owning animals> HMMMM…doubt you own an animal, but if you do, would you trust him to babysit yours in five years>>>. Really? ONCE a dog murderer, always a dog murderer. Have some sense, judge. This is ridiculous to presume that he will be a compassionate, caring individual with empathy at the end of his sentence. What a mockery you made of your courtroom. DISGUSTING>

  18. Jeni Beckham says:

    Judges are voted into office. Keep the name handy and find out when they judge’s time is up. Is there a contact where people can send emails or letters expressing our feelings about this pathetic “sentence”?

  19. Jo-Ann says:

    Judge should be ashamed! Also the mentality of this vicious man is cause for concern! This judge needs to realize that if and when this subhuman hurts anyone else it will be on him

  20. Red says:

    JUDGE YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!! He sexually abused then hung this precious pet….. someone’s family member. And all you gave him was one year of vacation in the local jail? No rent, no bills, free doctor care, free food….yeah…that’s a really hard sentence for this useless waste of skin.


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