Lowest of the low: Owners just left their dogs tied up as flood waters rose

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As Houston, Texas continues to experience catastrophic flooding after the torrential rains of Hurricane Harvey refused to quit, how many pet owners just fled and left their pets to fend for themselves? Perhaps the lowest of the low were people who tied up their dogs, cats and livestock – no chance to escape the rising tide waters and less of a chance for anyone to ever find them. And there they sat – shivering, frightened, hungry and abandoned.

Texan authorities have repeatedly warned pet owners not to leave their four-legged companions behind. Tragically, the pictures of these poor souls tell the whole story – no words needed. One dog was found holding onto the road barrier for dear life. Another dog was found chained to a tree and utility poles – what were these pet owners thinking?

As more than 20 inches of rain fell within 24 hours, what would happen to these dogs?

“I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog in extreme weather conditions,” warned Chief Stephen Carlisle in Roman Forest. “Dogs are your family members too.”

Social media had no sympathy for the people who abandoned their pets. There was warning Hurricane Harvey was approaching. Although weathermen are not always accurate, radar images of this impending storm getting closer and closer loomed throughout news reports, television, the Internet and all over  social media. Shame on you for leaving your pets like this.

It has been reported all the dogs pictured here have been rescued.

(Photos for lowest of the low via screenshots Ruaridh Connellan, Imgur)

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Adopters lined to to give these dogs, rescued from a hoarder, a new home – read more here.

French bulldogs available for adoption

Adding to the list of flood victim misery – fire ants. Read more about this threat here.

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  1. I’m so happy to hear these 3 dogs have been rescued. It has bothered me since I first saw the pictures posted and on TV. I don’t understand how anyone could leave their family member behind who loves them, comforts them and relies on them for safety and food. How do you walk away and just leave them helpless? I hope these people are found and held accountable.


  3. To anybody that evacuated and left their pets behind, shame on you! You don’t deserve to ever have another animal for the rest of your life. You cannot be trusted to take care of them when they need it most.

  4. To anybody that evacuated and left their pets behind, shame on you! You cannot be trusted to take care of them when they need it most.

  5. Earlier, I was watching coverage of families being evacuated from a neighborhood and it was heart warming to see them with their pets. One woman and her two little boys had her dog with her, another man and woman each had their dogs. These dogs didn’t need to be tied up and left behind so why are some doing this? They would have to shoot me to get me to leave my dogs behind! I have no sympathy for the morons that do this, I do have sympathy for the dogs left behind though, their owners are the “lowest of low”! I’m willing to be too, that the ones that left their pets behind won’t be looking for them after this is all over either!

  6. we are going to find out a lot about people in Houston Texas, their homes and how they cared for pets and livestock. Especially the ones who abandoned them and tied them to trees and telephones poles or in crates . the entire country will be sitting in judgment. especially other Texans.

  7. we are going to find out a lot about people in Houston, Texas, their homes and how they cared for pets and livestock. Especially the ones who abandoned them and tied them to trees and telephones poles or in crates . the entire country will be sitting in judgment. especially other Texans.

    • Stop blaming idiotic doings of humans on politics! It seems a lot of people are great at placing the blame elsewhere! We see a lot of these people in states that voted for Hillary as well, should we blame her? These people have no one else to blame but themselves for having no regards for another living being and should never have the opportunity to have another pet in their life!

      • You are absolutly right W trump was backed by texas oil and he rewarded texas and his sleezy texas backers with the red light to remove animal protection to allow for fracking drilling and mining in national parks and forests with no roads all of witch put wild life and animals and protected areas in danger of being ruined for ever. So screw Texas and their problems.
        Texas is the welthyest star in the country.
        I was at Wal-Mart and they asked for a donation for Texas I said are you kidding me. Keep it in New York baby!
        We got nothing from washing ton when we are without power for 3 weeks.
        Don’t be fooled people.
        Texas , houston rounds up 100s of strays and kills them every time there’s a big sporting event.
        Screw you Texas and the horse you rode in on.
        Any animal who needs help is because Texas and its people are on animal rescue shit list
        There if said it. I feel better

      • Hilary and obama have have battled tooth and nail to protect animals and protected federal lands dee all were overturned by trump alond with taking 100 of animals off endangered and protected lists. You better get it strait and open your eyes to what is happening to wildlife
        Dee. Your president is the worst embarrassment in white house history
        And will do the most damage to this country.
        Your such a fool

      • Eileen, I’m not sure why there’s no ability to reply to your comment so I’ll go about it this way. You were so quick to assume I voted for Trump due to my statement that we should place the blame where it belongs, on the idiots who had no regard the this poor pup. Than you choose to resort to calling me a fool. I will not stoop to your level but I will clarify things, regarding you post. I do not agree with the undoing of the protection of animals, whether wild or not. I do not agree with this person’s post, to allow these people to blame their thought process of leaving a living being with no way to survive a natural disaster because they believed in someone and voted them into office. The problem with our society is that we are so divided because we choose to take the route you took of assuming and name calling instead of really seeing the message stated… that these people are at fault, no one else, they left this dog tied up, they left this dog to die with no way to survive.they made that decision, not Trump, not Hillary. Let’s call it what it truly is… the negligence of people that had no regard to the life of a living being. Just maybe if we can all stop this aggression and placing blame elsewhere and stand TOGETHER to oversee our government, then maybe we can stop certain things from happening. But we must place And accept blame when it is rightly due. Your blame in this matter was your aggression towards me, do you accept it?

      • fact dee,
        you are a trump supporter what your doing now is called a snow job because you are beginning to see your choice in voting for trump is beginning to turn to deep regret and guilt.
        w speaks the truth
        we are beyond blaming we are sharing clear unadulterated clear vision and observation.
        its funny you felt the compulsion to confess what is really burdening your soul .
        no body was talking to you yet your pride felt the need to whine in protest to me. you have no friends here. you are trying to convey what a great person you Wish you are but alas you are not,
        you voted for the devil. nice work bone head.
        regrets , you have a few.
        and it could only happen to ….
        an idiotic fool like your self dee.
        keep Hilary out of it she fights for animal protection
        trump betrayed every animal in this country.
        too bad your such a moron or you would have seen what was going down.

      • Ellen,
        You don’t even know me in order to make such judgmental statements all because I said the blame should lay where it belongs, in the losers who did this to this poor dog. Yet your so quick to call me names and put me down. i have two choices here, to continue this conversation with you and stoop to your level of rudeness and assumption or end it now and not waste my time with you, someone who has no idea of the person I am and how I believe. So I’ve made my choice, I will no longer reply and deal with you, but before I end this I just want to give you one bit of information about me…. I didn’t support Trump, maybe had you not resorted to such a rude conversation on your side, we could have had a civil discussion on why I made the statement I did, but you didn’t and I have no reason to waste my time on you any more. Believe what you want, I don’t know you, although I can see the type of person you are by your words and you definitely don’t know me.

      • Dee u are right on with ur comment and I agree with every word,the blame lies on the scum who choose to abandon and neglect their animals. Ellen is a bully with a keyboard,so yes IGNORE her like I do. So now after responding to ur opinion I will wait to read her disparaging attack on me,it will come,it always does and I will ignore her as I always do.

      • the demon in dee speaks for her.
        and makes 1 feeble last stand at decite.
        but ellen knows a demon of inner conflict.
        and the demon in dee noisly stamps out the room and slams the door behind it.
        its gone now.
        but look Dee is still here.
        good dee. shes come to be with good people.
        she was misled and she has had time to reflect and has had her moment of clear vision.
        she is saved . she is here seeking the act of contrition.
        you are saved dee. thats why you came here today.

        you saved your self today. your inner guilt .
        BE GONE!!
        you have no value here . you will be replaced by good work.

        your thoughts and opions are welcome here. together well speak and share and make change for our animal brothers and sisters.
        youve came here to be among friends.
        the past cant hurt you any more.
        your among friends now

  8. The 2 small dogs chained….there is no proof they were rescued. I saw these photos on face book taken by photographers and we don’t know if these dogs were saved. Stop giving us false hope!

    • Regarding the very top picture of the dog. On face book he was untied by a photographer, but, left at the trailer home where he lived with another dog, 2 cats and a phony which were also abandoned. The next day the photographer came back to see her. He named her Lucky. He did say he would love to adopt her. As of now she still remains at the site.

  9. It is illegal in Texas to abandon your animals in cases like this. Each owner should be arrested when they return home. Lowlife scumbags

  10. What happened to the lessons supposedly learned from Hurricane Katrina? Absolutely no excuse. What these owners did to these animals should be done to them

  11. Low life Bastards. Anyone who can leave their family members in the middle of a Hurricane don’t deserve to have them back!!!!

  12. ANYONE who would just leave any animal to fend for themselves during such a catastrophe is someone who does not deserve to be saved – to be so cruel, uncaring and self absorbed makes me want to puke. These animals are helpless – and to leave them to save yourselves shows a severe lack of humanity.

  13. We need to help. I see that one rescue doing all she can and crying because she can’t do more. Lets get behind the people that are helping. Next month insurance companies want to deny weather damage responsibilities for the state of Texas.

  14. So relieved the ones we see were rescued. However I have no faith or belief that any of the low life assholes will ever be held responsible,even with undisputable proof,as this sheriff states.

    • Hi Cynthia,
      I just wanted to say Thank You. I’m glad to see someone got what I was saying. I agree with you too on this comment. If they do get brought in, the only justice for these poor pups anyone will see is the dollars going into the judicial systems pocket and a slap on the wrist for the idiots who did this. The laws are too light regarding neglect and abuse.

  15. all these dogs were shown compassion and mercy and were saved.
    your underestimating human first responders and able citizens even and especially in minor apoclypical events.
    but now a word friends.
    we are seeing events from the solar eclipse .do the math .social uprisings between good and evil earth quakes at our bordor .3 god damm swirlies !!. all pretty much in the region of the point of compleat solar totallity.
    we have to make it thru sept and oct. i want you all to prepaire. get food and first aid and water plan to collect elderly in homes they may be abandoned by staff keep kids and pets close stock up on cans and dry food for 3 months just inn case . some of us may be watching it onfold on tv many will be in the moment .
    the most shocking and apalling events will beguine now.
    we will see what we have here now as a president.
    reconstruction is not the end of the world.
    its the beginning of the new world.
    what what to do with the starving shattered mothers and children seeking food and shelter that will be showing up at our border.
    the hungrey cold wet traumitised homless masses in the south , the british west indies and cuba and the caribbian.
    We will feed them.
    jesus fed an entire wedding party by throwin a fish at a bucket (he didnt miss he was just doing stichk).
    so pretty much this is the call to arms for the god givin gift of america and being america.
    and isnt that what its all about?
    you know it is.

    and we will build humble shelters and give them blankets and an arm around them and we will remind them that they survived .
    and now we rebuild together. god probly thinks we all had a little to much time on our hands and needed a refresher in the basics.get ready to live with a lot less and its all the stuff you never needed.
    good luck my friiends , well be in constant touch. none of us are alone here.


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