Levee breached - get out now

Levee breached – officials warn ‘get out now!’

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Early Tuesday morning, officials in Brazoria County issued a warning after a levee at Columbia Lakes was breached. Using Twitter, officials stated, “Get out now!!”

Brazoria County is located south of Houston. County spokeswoman Sharon Trower said:

“The Brazos River is being pounded, and all of that water is coming down from the tributaries and creeks into the river. All the roads around us are flooded. We don’t have any evacuation routes to tell people to take.”

The SPCA of Brazoria County is currently begging for pop-up kennels and crates, in addition to foster homes, because their facility is packed to capacity with dogs and cats. The shelter posted to Facebook on Tuesday:

Donations are coming in!!!!
So are the flood rescue animals!!

We are in urgent need for XL and Large pop up crates to house pets and traveling crates for transports to rescues hopefully this weekend.

The sheer volume of pets which the staff is caring for is outlined in a Facebook post:

We have had 84 lost pets come in as a result of Harvey. We are currently caring for 714 SPCA pets between our shelter, at The Box, or in foster. There are just over 350 animals in the shelter!

We are also managing the Companion Animal shelter at Brazoria County fairgrounds. We have 286 animals in our care there. It is getting very close to capacity there.
So we are providing for about 1,000 animals total!!!!!!!!!!

See the shelter’s Amazon wish list here.

As of the writing of this article, the SPCA of Brazoria County did not address the breached levee situation.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

Adding to the list of flood victim misery – fire ants. Read more about this threat here.

After 20 years, re-homed pony is back with his owner – watch the beautiful video here


8 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    The PEOPLE that are SO VERY dedicated to helping the dogs, cats, horses, in these communities REALLY NEED help FROM NATIONAL ORGANIZATONS for

      • Susan Brummett says:

        I agree, Pamela. Best Friends, HSUS, ASPCA and other national organizations have boots on the ground. As well as people from different humane societies, for example, Portland, OR humane society. Not sure what news orgs you are following.

      • e says:

        it looks grim but in reality rescue are in the area and waiting for authority to clear to go in there their safety must be assured.
        area by area methodically they will go home to home and break in and red x off the house they will do this by boat. and dont for get regular people and small groups barreling down from up north and even Canada. its a process, it Will not be the pet tragedy of Katrina. hold on brace your self. we will begin to see human compassion at its most dramatic. in a few days the real problems of want and desperate need unfold. do not be distracted by this soon upcoming event it is still part of the process. stay focused and pray and we will do what we can from our remote. get thru it Texas. we are all going to be in this together. unfortunately this is effecting the nation not just the region.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is a nightmare, Keeping these poor people trying to save the animals in my prayers. I hope and pray there is an end to this horror in sight!

  3. Adrienne says:

    I pray that whoever is nearby and has the facilities to take in these animals for the duration of the storm please help however you can. These animals have no one to help them except us. I realize everyone on the crowd are stressed but at least they understand what is happening. These animals don’t understand so we are there only way to survive.


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