Kent couple banned for life from keeping any pets after dog’s horrible neglect

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A Kent couple have been banned for life from owning any pets after they left their small terrier dog out in the cold tethered to a chain all winter. David William Lee, 51, and Lydia Ann Lee, 54, left their terrier, Frances, chained up outside in the middle of winter with his coat encrusted with feces and urine.

According to Yahoo News, the couple from Whitstable, Kent, had been charged with causing unnecessary suffering by failing to investigate and address the cause of the pet’s plight. The RSPCA described the situation as a “very nasty” animal cruelty case.

In January, RSPCA Inspector Carroll Lamport visited the home to investigate allegations of the pair trapping wild birds. It was then the inspector found the tiny dog nearly frozen to the floor – his chain had been frozen solid in his filthy kennel and the dog could barely move. In addition, the couple had been trapping birds in what the RSPCA referred to as a “deliberate act of long term cruelty – trapping birds is a planned act.”

Mr. Lee was charged with the possession of 13 wild birds and trapping them. He  was sentenced to 18 weeks in custody, suspended for two years, and an 18-week curfew. Mrs Lee was sentenced to 12 weeks in custody, suspended for two years, and a 12-week curfew. Both were fined and banned for life from ever owning any pets.

The good news – however is that Frances survived his terrible ordeal; the pooch was treated for malnutrition and mange and has since been rehabilitated and adopted out to a wonderful family.

(Photo of dog left out in cold via the RSPCA)

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14 replies
  1. Alisa clark says:

    Thank god that baby found a loving home. God bless the family that adopted the dog. And god bless the judge that has banned those horrible people from being able to do this too some other poor animal

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    I find this appalling! And once again no kind of punishment was handed down! These ignorant scum bags will most likely have animals in their possession again if they do not keep tabs on them,and we all know they will not be monitoring them. I truly do not understand why if animal cruelty is a crime and u commit the crime why there is no punishment for breaking the law. Why take the time to investigate,arrest and charge these horrid animal abusers and then systematically not punish them! Where is the deterrent to not repeat it? The courts constantly enable,condone and essentially protect these asswipes! God it pisses me off!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    There is NO punishment – these two lousy piss poor examples of human beings were basically slapped on the hands and sent home to continue their abuse – they can be denied for ever owning any animal again and exactly WHO is going to ensure this – No one! With the lousy reputation the RSPCA has you can be well assured they will do this again and again. Personally, they should be chained outside this winter and left to sit in their own waste.

    • Liz Penney says:

      This is not the fault of the RSPCA. Time and time again the courts let them off so lightly. I totally agree with your punishment for them…then shoot them.

  4. Theresa says:

    They both should have a chain wrapped around their neck tied to a tree left outside in the winter with no clothing no food and no water until they die fucking worthless fucks

  5. Sherry D Hadley says:

    Yay to Frances for finding a good home away from these sleezeballs. This repulsive couple should also be forced to donate 1/2 of their income to animal welfare charities. Honestly, tho, I think they should be jailed for life….don’t think they are fit for society.

  6. Sue judd says:

    No prison term just a suspended sentence!!!!!!! This country needs to rehash the laws on animal cruelty and def b able to hand out lot longer sentences Hope these sub humans are ignored by all their neighbours What is wrong with these people(i am using this term very very loosely)DISGUSTING

  7. Red says:

    These two should have been jailed for at least 5 years…. fined a minimum of $10,000!! Until the courts crack down on these monsters….this will not stop.

  8. Elizabeth Ward says:

    OK, at the risk of making myself unpopular, I smell a rat. Certainly that kennel is disgusting. But the dog clearly was not left outside – that implies completely outside, kennels are not illegal. As for the chain frozen to the floor, no. It was January but this was Kent, the winter was exceptionally mild, and for the chain to freeze to the floor the floor would have to be covered in water round the chain and even then you wouldn’t get anything like solid ice. Note that there is no mention of the water being either frozen or absent. I’m afraid this is just another case of the RSPCA painting the blackest picture they can for money raising purposes.


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