Kent couple banned for life from keeping any pets after dog’s horrible neglect

A Kent couple have been banned for life from owning any pets after they left their small terrier dog out in the cold tethered to a chain all winter. David William Lee, 51, and Lydia Ann Lee, 54, left their terrier, Frances, chained up outside in the middle of winter with his coat encrusted with feces and urine.

According to Yahoo News, the couple from Whitstable, Kent, had been charged with causing unnecessary suffering by failing to investigate and address the cause of the pet’s plight. The RSPCA described the situation as a “very nasty” animal cruelty case.

In January, RSPCA Inspector Carroll Lamport visited the home to investigate allegations of the pair trapping wild birds. It was then the inspector found the tiny dog nearly frozen to the floor – his chain had been frozen solid in his filthy kennel and the dog could barely move. In addition, the couple had been trapping birds in what the RSPCA referred to as a “deliberate act of long term cruelty – trapping birds is a planned act.”

Mr. Lee was charged with the possession of 13 wild birds and trapping them. He  was sentenced to 18 weeks in custody, suspended for two years, and an 18-week curfew. Mrs Lee was sentenced to 12 weeks in custody, suspended for two years, and a 12-week curfew. Both were fined and banned for life from ever owning any pets.

The good news – however is that Frances survived his terrible ordeal; the pooch was treated for malnutrition and mange and has since been rehabilitated and adopted out to a wonderful family.

(Photo of dog left out in cold via the RSPCA)

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