So many dogs had no one to save them from the floods

Street dog had no one to save him from flooding
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Over the past week, heartwarming images of beloved pets being saved from flood waters in storm-battered areas of Texas have been posted to social media. Photos showing people carrying dogs above the water line in cages, or piling them into boats…heading to areas that were dry and safe.

But there were dogs (undoubtedly cats as well) who had no one to save them. Dogs like Tattoo, one of many in the Houston area who lived on his own, without the care of an owner. On Friday, Adore Houston highlighted the tragic death of Tattoo to bring attention to the homeless animal problem in and around Houston.

The rescue agency wrote about the dog who was familiar to a rescuer who took it upon herself to ensure that he had food:

Tattoo had one voice and he was more fortunate than most others who have none. He was loved by an independent rescuer that used to feed him every day. Tattoo would wait for her at their special meeting place. This meeting place is an area familiar to street rescuers because it is a dumping ground for animals.


Why did the rescuer not take him in? Tattoo is on a very long list of dogs and cats the independent rescuer feeds. She is likely the reason any of them were alive prior to Harvey. She values their lives and works tirelessly to care for and network these street animals but every rescue organization and every shelter in Houston is continually operating in crisis mode. Tattoo had to wait like many others until a kind soul could find a place for him to go. That day will never come for him.

Tattoo is just one of countless “street dogs” who did not survive the flooding – a dog without an owner, a dog without someone to risk their own life to save his.

Adore Rescue is hopeful that the resources coming to the Houston area can be used to help dogs like Tattoo – dogs who have been cast aside and left to survive on their own.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page

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  1. Rest in peace, Tattoo. I’m so very sorry that you had to make your transition to the Rainbow Bridge alone. You are not alone anymore. Run free with all the other dogs. You will never be forgotten.

  2. Not only street dogs and cats, but pets left behind by heartless owners. Some were saved, but I suspect many, many more were not. The photo has me sick to my stomach. NO animal should die in this way.

  3. JUST so DAMN SAD!!! When there are CERTAIN RESCUES ( BIG MONEY ONES AT THAT) that ignore USA DOGS for OUT of COUNTRY ANIMALS to BRING ATTENTION HOW GREAT HUMANIRARIANS THEY ARE with DONATED MONIES>>>This little dead guy could have used that help instead of Puerto RICO!!!

  4. My heart is breaking as I write this……

    RIP Tattoo…… I am so sorry for your death….. I know the person who fed you tried…… you were failed by humans in so many ways…….

    I truly wish we could have saved every single animal who needed to be saved…….

    Tattoo, please look for MacKitty in Heaven. He loved everyone and will be a wonderful friend for you…….

  5. Rip poor baby. You did matter. I’m so sorry you couldn’t be helped. I’m so sorry you didn’t make it. Such a tragedy????????????

  6. Oh darlin I’m so sorry……It breaks my heart to see you lying there…RIP Tattoo….You were loved by your rescuer who fed and helped you…Wish you had known a home…A better life for you over the rainbow bridge….

  7. And this is EXACTLY why my mind IMMEDEATELY goes to all the homeless dogs and cats whenever I hear of any extreme weather approaching and I start feeling such heartbreak. My thoughts goes to the homeless animals first because humans can save themselves! The life of a homeless stray is a life of pure hell,it truly is a life of minute to minute survival,and its heartbreaking! Some people think that these homeless creature can manage to get by okay but it’s a life of suffering,a horrible existence. And because humans have domesticed the dog they haven’t the survival skills that they possessed before humans domesticated them,that has been bred out of them over time and they now depend a man to meet their needs and to make their life a good one,a life worth living. For me it’s the most heartbreaking and saddest thing.

    • This photo of Tattoo and his story will haunt me forever. He was probably waiting for his friend at their special meeting place, hoping she would save him. RIP sweet boy.

  8. This makes me sick – these dogs/cats were left on the streets of Houston by uncaring irresponsible crappy owners who had no concern for anything but themselves. Some dogs/cats were owned and left to die by owners who just left them when the storm hit – even though there was time to get them to safety. These are the people I have no empathy for – the animals were the true innocent victims. I may sound cruel but people have disappointed and infuriated me when it comes to animal welfare.

  9. I have no words. I have only grief and sadness. My heart aches and my eyes are filled with tears for our fur-babies who do not make it. To ALL the animals that were failed by the SUB-HUMANS who should have protected you: REST IN PIECE. TO THE SUB-HUMANS: SHAME ON YOU!! May you all rot in Hell. YES! No apologies. HELL!!! Our fur-babies depend on US. And they depended on YOU. You pathetic monsters!!! I am angry as hell knowing you left them behind.

  10. Should have a strict breeding regulation and ban all backyard breeders with huge punishment. All the pets should “mandatory registered neutered and spay

    • Michelle,wouldn’t that be nice! Unfortunately the unnecessary and needless suffering of dogs due to mass overpopulation and all the horrors that result because of it seems to trump the rights and wants of our selfish,egotistical human race. Nothing is being done one iota to change all the suffering and needless killing of dogs via of euthanasia and abuse in our country. What we are doing now isn’t even beginning to change the immoral euthanasia and homeless problem of dogs that we have going on. You would think humanity would try to do something,anything to try and change this heartbreaking problem! Humanity has no problem using dogs to enrich and better the lives of humans….assisting police,going to war with our soldiers,helping those with PTSD and Autism,alerting those suffering with diabetes to on coming diabetic emergencies and those suffering with seizure disorders to oncoming seizures,assisting the physically handicapped and lead the blind,search and rescue, sniffing out drugs,cadaver dogs…..on and on and on. Look at all that dogs give to improve the human life,and how are they repaid? We can’t seem to enact good strong laws to legally protect them from abuse via of harsh punishment if caught,or working towards cutting down on the overpopulation of them! Banning puppy mills is a start towards cutting down on the mass overpopulation. Besides Puppy Mills are nothing more than legal torture chambers for dogs! Thank God for the amazing rescues out there that are left to pick up the pieces of the horrors that so many people do to dogs. It’s such a massive problem and in my opinion nothing is being done to try and change it for the better. It’s immoral,inhumane,insensitive,and selfish! We can only hope that someday this problem will be taken seriously and REALLY start working on fixing it. I like ur suggestions very very much!

  11. Adore Houston is a wonderful rescue organization who are right there dealing with all the unwanted dogs and cats who scum just dump on the streets for various reasons. It is a huge problem down there and something that the rescuers there are sometimes overwhelmed with. These animals have absolutely no control over their lives and depend on us for any morsel of food or shelter.The state of Texas needs to finally decide what they are going to do about these poor animals wandering the streets of Houston and I don’t mean euthanizing them. Spay and neutering must be done first, then deal with each animals health conditions and how to take care of them. They are all the responsibility of Houston and other cities in Texas.

  12. My heart just breaks for the homeless ones that had no one to save them. I wish we could save them all. Tattoo, your life mattered! Rest in peace!

  13. Rest In Peace sweet Tattoo ,so sorry no one came to save you ,so alone in that terrible flood , you lived a solitary life but you had a little love from the one who gave you food , sleep now my lovely boy safe in the arms of angels . I am so sorry you had to suffer , may God grant you eternal peace , God Bless you Tattoo.

  14. so sorry sweet furbaby nobody saved you now you with the angels and god to love and care for you the way you should have been loved on this earth!


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