Heartless culprit pours boiling hot water on 2 neighborhood cats

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An unknown heartless culprit has poured boiling hot water on two neighborhood cats in Poole, England. Authorities believe one person is responsible for dousing both cats over their heads and backs with the burning liquid which seriously scarred both animals; almost killing one of them.Boiling water cats2

According to the Daily Mail, it is believed the same person attacked the cats since both pets lived just doors apart from each other. Police speculate a disgruntled neighbor may have been angry at the cats entering into their yard and then poured the liquid from a kettle or a pot. The first attack happened to a tortoiseshell cat named Lavender in October 2016. When her owner, Sarah Cutler returned home, the cat was in such pain from her injuries, she could barely crawl.

“Her injuries were so horrible and we took her to the vets straight away. She received treatment, but the fur and skin from her back kept coming off for the next week. It took them quite a while to actually conclude she had been scolded by boiling water,” Sarah stated.

Lavender is no longer permitted to go outside. Her injuries are permanent, and the cat seems to have lost her zest for the normal kitty curiosity. Sarah added:

“She’s still getting infections, has lost the top of her ears and will never regrow the fur on her back. We can no longer let her outside because of the injuries and she wouldn’t dare to anyway, she’s too scared. She’s become very subdued since the attack, which has been life-changing for her.”

The second incident occurred earlier this month, and that cat involved nearly died from her injuries. Whether the person responsible for the attack was angry about a special garden the cats may have messed up or birds the cats may have attacked, there is no excuse for such egregious cruelty. Neighbors with cats are in a panic over the safety of their pets. The best advice would be to keep all cats safely indoors.

The RSPCA is asking for the public’s help. Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities. No one has the right to make any animal suffer.

(Photos of heartless culprit dousing cats with hot water via screenshots via the Daily Mail.)

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7 replies
  1. Catherine Staffy says:

    This is shocking esp from a country like the UK which is a cat loving nation. Recently, also there has been a spate of cats being decapitated. We have to be on the lookout for not only out backs, but our pets too, on a permanent basis.

  2. maxiemom says:

    Of course it’s a neighbor, and someone in that neighborhood knows who did it. They need to speak out NOW because this cruel and evil behavior is only going to continue. Even if caught, this scum won’t be punished as he or she deserves.

  3. Cathy Rolley says:

    That sick evil coward,those poor cats to have to go through so much pain because of some evil evil coward.Plus those poor innocent cats are scared to death now.My heart and prayers go out to them.Only evil evil cowards would do something so cruel.Ir I could I would throw tie you up and throw boiling water over you over and over and let you feel the pain that they these cats had to go through.I hope they catch you and I hope someone in prison throws boiling water on you YOU SICK EVIL COWARD.I wish we had a prison where all animal abusers go and we could torture them and. Then let them starve to death.SO SAD FOR THOSE CATS.

  4. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Il faut absolument arrêter ce barbare et lui faire la même chose et le laisser crevé. Pas de pitié pour ces dégénèrés.

  5. Joanne says:

    OMG – This is extremely heartbreaking, shocking, and horrific! Please investigate and locate the evil monster that horrifically abused these poor innocent cats and prosecute that evil monster to the absolute maximum extent! These poor innocent cats suffered agonizing pain, despicable torture, and horrible abuse! These poor innocent cats are still in excruciating physical pain and emotional fear, and distress. My heart bleeds for the unbearable physical pain and emotional betrayal scars these cats are still suffering! I am crying for the pain these sweethearts will suffer for a long time. The heartless evil monster that did this despicable, cruel abuse on these innocent cats MUST be prosecuted to the maximum extent! That scumbag is extremely evil and dangerous and will continue to horrifically injure and abuse innocent animals. That cruel and abusive scumbag should have SCOLDING HOT water poured on his/her entire body and FEEL and SUFFER the excruciating pain that was inflicted on these innocent cats! That dangerous bastard MUST be SEVERELY punished! Please locate that scumbag, he MUST NOT get away with this horrible crime! Sweet kitties, I am so sad and sorry that humanity failed you. We must be the voice for these helpless cats that are still suffering agonizing pain, fear, stress, and discomfort. I am praying that both cats will soon feel much better physically and emotionally. Kitties, I am hoping and praying for your deserved justice and that evil monster be thrown in jail for a very long time and that monster will pay for all the veterinary costs for continued medical care for these sweet innocent cats. Kitties, you are in my prayers for a quick recovery and for deserved justice. Feel better precious sweet cats, you are dearly loved. ♥️????♥️????♥️


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