No one knows how Samantha was blinded: Rescuers helping her cope

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Samantha was rescued on Friday from a high-kill shelter in Dekalb County, Georgia. The young dog had been blinded; her eyes were bloody, swollen and red; she had no eyelids and her pain was excruciating. Shelter workers stated had the dog been born blind, her eyes would have shriveled up. No one knows what happened, but it was a certainly Samantha needed help:Samantha RDR

“Samantha is in serious pain; it hurts to look at the photo, so imagine the pain she is feeling inside her body,” stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, who stepped up to help. What happened to this innocent soul? Who would do this to sweet Samantha? How long has she been suffering in this condition? How did she end up in a high kill shelter? These are questions we have no answers for, unfortunately. We can only help Samantha right now and pick up the pieces for her and give her everything she needs. She no longer needs to suffer in silence.”Samantha RDR4

When rescued, the young Labrador retriever mix shook in fear. Transported to the organization’s partner veterinarian, Samantha underwent double enucleation surgery to relieve her of her intense pain. Surgeons said the operation went well, and although very frightened, the hospital staff is lavishing her with love and expert care. Her degree of pain has diminished, and the pressure she was feeling around her eye area continues to abate. When ready to be released from the hospital, Samantha will need a quiet home where she can recover. If anyone can offer this dog a foster home please apply here.

(Photos and video of Samantha was blinded courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.)

To donate to Samantha’s care, click here or PayPal Donations or checks can be mailed to RDR NYC PO BOX 101 NY, NY 10028.

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Graphic video can be viewed here:



17 replies
  1. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Quelle horreur, quelqu’un lui a fait du mal. Se n’est pas possible que ses yeux ont saignés comme ça sans que quelqu’un lui ai fait ça. Pauvre amour, j’espère qu’il trouvera une bonne famille.

  2. Phyllis Carlino says:

    Whoever did this is just plain evil- a monster. Wish there would be some way to find this person and indite them for animal abuse. Hoping someone will adopt her and give her a wonderful loving forever home where she is treated like a princess.????????????????❤

  3. Linda Patton says:

    OMG! Who ever did this horrific act to her must be found and dealt with harshly. A very long prison term is warranted along with a good old school butt whooping! I’d be willing to do it free of charge as long as it’s in a place way out where no one can hear the screams of that devil, no help will come, no rescue, no medical care. Just the whooping and solitude as they are abondened alone, in pain, with no way to get out for help, no comforts…. only fear and unbearable pain. Bless you for helping her, for lessening her pain, for letting her know she’s safe. I’m praying for her to have a speedy recovery, to heal quickly, to find a loving home. You guys do such a great job with all those in need. From the depths of my soul I thank you…

  4. Cathy Rolley says:

    oh my God that poor dog.I pray she finds a loving home and each day she feels better.Thank you to the people who rescued her. I hope whoever did this to her will get what they deserve.we have way too many dogs and cats to take anymore.I really hope that she can find a home where someone has the time and love to give what this sweet dog deserves.The video shows her to be such a lovable dog.She would make someone happy to have as a companion.

  5. Catherine Staffy says:

    Abs horrific. Speedy recovery for the dog. I hope she will be adopted and looked after properly. Pls keep us updated.

  6. says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. What kind of sick animal would do this. I just pray that whoever did this that karma repeats itself a million times over. This is just heartbreaking.


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