Heartbreaking animal cruelty: Dogs suffer from abuse starvation

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Two suspects have been arrested in another heartbreaking case of animal cruelty in Genesee County, Michigan. Admitting this was one of the worst cases of animal abuse starvation he had ever seen, Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell posted photos of the two dogs that had been surrendered to the local humane society early this week.

Sheriff Pickell turned to Facebook to discuss some of the details after an investigation of the home located on the 5000 block of Alpha Way in Flint revealed the dogs had been kept in the basement which was strewn with trash, urine and feces from the starving and emaciated animals.

“During our investigation, it was revealed that the individual who lived in the home was struggling with Heroin addiction, and the dogs would go for weeks at a time without food. Her live in boyfriend would apparently from time to time feed the dogs by throwing pizza into the basement.”

The sheriff continued:

“It was also discovered that a third dog had died in the home due to the same starvation issue. The surviving two dogs then began eating the deceased animal, in their only means of nourishment. It was revealed the suspect knew this was occurring, but did not intervene due to her drug addiction.”

The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office has arraigned Jennifer Koos and Martell Dyke in the investigation. Pickell said both Koos and Dyke have been charged with one count of animal killing/torturing each. If found guilty, both could face the maximum of four years in prison.

“I would like to thank the detectives in my office for their dedication to this case, and Prosecutor David Leyton for his efficient and expeditious handling of the charges,” Pickell wrote. “My hope is this case will be a warning to others, that our County takes animal cruelty issues seriously, and will take action against those who abuse these pets.”

Sheriff Pickell said the Genesee County Humane Society had to euthanize the six-month-old puppy because of his condition. Rest in peace little one.

(Photos of dogs abuse starvation courtesy of Sheriff Pickell)

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14 replies
  1. pennys dachshunds says:

    This is a totally unnecessary Not Cruel, IT IS BEYOND EVIL!!! this Bitch needs to be sentenced to 5 years in a federal prison… her partner in crime Too… How those poor little dogs suffered and only 6 months old…. EVEN drug use IS NO EXCUSE>>>> they both got off on watching the suffering, pain, fear, and complete devastation and end of life… and that is what should (but of course will not happen ) to these less than HUMAN POS EVIL PSYCHOPATHS!!!

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I hope they do get the 4 years in prison, they do not have any sense of right or wrong and I don’t care about their addiction. RIP little puppy but to the other puppy you will be well taken care of now.

  3. vicki hood says:

    RIP babies. Sounds like one is still alive. Where were the neighbors, friends, family? All failures. Sheriff Pickell is serious about animal abuse. Some good people on this case. Hope the prosecution is as severe as the abuse of these innocents. addiction is no excuse for these sewer scum. 3 dogs suffered the max. Hope Bubba can help. Keep us posted and thanks for your caring sheriff Pickell.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    And we are supposed to feel empathy for drug addicts when they are way too busy shooting up and neglect these poor helpless animals to the point of starvation – HARDLY! These two hunks of sewer sludge should be dumped in their own filthy basement and left – just like they did to the dogs – they had enough sense to feed themselves but cruelly ignored the plight of two innocent dogs. They need a lot more than four years in prison.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Although these people are drug addicts and need treatment, what they allowed to happen to 3 dogs is beyond what I think even they could have prevented. They had these dogs for what? Why not take them to a shelter and say you found them, and then go shoot up some place. Why they made these poor, young dogs knowingly suffer is something I cannot even find an excuse for. Plain and simple, they both need to be in jail for what they did to these dogs and how they slowly suffered until in the end one dog was eaten,another euthanized and I believe one is still barely alive. What has our country become? No one cares for others or animals.

  6. Red says:

    These two monsters BETTER GET THE max. Four years is not enough…but if that is the max, so be it.
    PEOPLE….IF YOU ARE GETTING A PET AND IT IS ONLY TO BE A YARD ORNAMENT, or an occasional play thing……. DO NOT FREAKING DO IT!!!!!! Pets are to be members of your family, if you have a worthless family…DO NOT GET A DOG! Pin heads

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Why do drug addicts have dogs to begin with? They are into their addiction and why bring a living soul into the mix since they can’t seem to “remember” to even feed them! They obviously didn’t care about the dogs, They do need to be prosecuted to the max.

  8. Maria says:

    Investigation underway??? IF FOUND GUILTY???? Are you KIDDING me???? IF……..What kind of proof does one need??? They deserve the electric chair!!!!!!

  9. Joanne says:

    ????????????????????☹️???????????????????????????? HEARTBREAKING, DESPICABLE, AND HORRIFIC! This makes me extremely angry – my blood is boiling! ????????????☹️????????????????????????????????????


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