Evangeline deputy kills family’s 12-pound dog in front of child for being ‘aggressive’

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A family in Ville Platte, Louisiana wants answers after an Evangeline Parish Sheriff Office’s deputy killed their young son’s 12-pound dog. The officer had been responding to a domestic harassment case at a neighbor’s home when the family’s 12-pound Chihuahua mix ran out of the house barking.

According to KATCNews, a deputy report details the dog as charging “aggressively” three times when he decided to shoot the dog. Kelli Sullivan, the dog’s owner disagrees and states he did not have to shoot their dog and especially in front of her young children. Kelli described her dog as weighing just 12-pounds and coming up to only ankle height on most people. She said her dog had escaped from the family home after the deputy had been settling an argument in the neighborhood.

“The dog got out. I walked to the end of the driveway to try to catch her. My daughter was running around trying to catch her. I thought we were going to go back in the house. I walked back to the house, opened the door, turned around, (and) boom, he shot her. It was a horrific event.”

Kelli stated her dog had no history of biting and was just behaving normally – barking – just like Chihuahuas often do,  at the confusion in the neighborhood. What was truly shocking and most disturbing, according to Kelli, is when the deputy shot their dog close up and “blew her skull apart in front of my children. Like her eyeballs were out of her head.”

And as if the family wasn’t upset enough Kelli stated the deputy told her it was better he shoot the dog than have to sue her if the dog was to bite him.

“He said he had to shoot her she came at me,” Kellie recounts. “It’s really a shame I had to waste that bullet because it’s a really expensive bullet,” the deputy is alleged to have said to the grieving family.

There have been no statements from the sheriff’s office.

(Photo of Evangeline deputy kills 12-pound dog via screenshot from KATCNews)

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33 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another instance of an out of control cop who killed a tiny dog for no reason whatsoever – this idiot so called ‘police officer’ whose brains are stuck where the sun don’t shine has NO right to be carrying a gun since he obviously can’t discern danger from nuisance – Chihuahuas are well known to be barkers and there is no way in hell this piss poor example of a cop could have been harmed – and yet, he killed this little dog in front of the kids and had the audacity to bitch about ‘wasting’ a bullet. What a miserable hunk of shit he is – low class would be a compliment – he is NO CLASS!

    • Linda Kovacsiss says:

      How heartless for the police officer to kill this poor defenseless little tiny dog!!!!!!!! He should be very ashamed of himself & to this brutal act in front of the little child is far beyond animal abuse!!!!!!! He has no right to carry a gun this trigger happy disgusting officer!!!!!!!

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG!!! And here we go AGAIN!!!! Oh yea that little 12 pounder was really going to rip him to shreds!! I have always respected law enforcement and I know every police department in America has a few nasty,low life jerk bullies in their departments but the more I read these kind of stories the more I am coming to DESPISE law enforcement!!! I own a Chihuahua and they are little barkers,never ever saw one that wasn’t! This is a complete case of EXCESSIVE FORCE and I find it absolutely CHILLING that he did this in front of a child and showed a complete lack of regret or compassion for this poor child and his family….CHILLING!!! He is a bad,bad person and of course he KNOWS there will be zero repercussions for his over the top and unreasonable actions! I find this stomach churning,horrifying,unreasonable,unacceptable and very,very disturbing! I think this is one of those asshole cops that jumps at every and any opportunity to shoot their gun,one of those bully cops that equates carrying a badge and a gun with being a bad ass tuff guy and thinks he is above and better than the rest of society! I hope karma rains down on him in a very big,big way because he has ZERO respect for any kind of life and he desires to be a cop for all the wrong reasons! And this is in the south so FOR SURE their will be no repercussions for this……MAKES ME ABSOLUTELY SICK!!!!!!

  3. ellen cottone says:

    a lot of little friendly dog’s have a condition called sudden aggression syndrome, its hard wired but usually by the time he charges tears an intruder his tail is wagging and the crazy is replaced by tail wags and bellows.
    the cop is a real coward and fog hater.
    he will pay for it.
    on do many levels he will pay.
    he is now hated by the community as well as his police community and that s just the beginning.
    he did tbis in front of a kid.
    he will rot in hell

  4. pamela bolton says:

    If this doesn’t stop, there is going to be one HELL OF AN UPRISING over cops killing family members over “alleged” aggression of dogs just being dogs. Every dog is going to run around and bark when something new comes around their yard. These sorry POS cops that think they have to shoot everything is disgusting. If COPS don’t, or won’t, hold off their “superior” attitudes of killing everything and blaming it on their “IN FEAR FOR MY LIFE” SHIT, they need fired or put on a desk job. They DO NOT need out in the public with a gun in their possession. Unless the dog has their teeth in them, there is NO REASON for them to draw their weapons. He was more worried about the cost of the bullet he used to kill the dog than the fact that he had murdered the dog in front of the family Damn Evangeline Parish Sheriff Office’s, get control of your idiots and take their guns away until they learn how to handle animals being animals. I truly hope the family sues your butt for this. That seems the only way you will pay attention to us and get your idiots under control. Shame on you. And you wonder why the public doesn’t like law enforcement. Look in the mirror and take notes.

  5. Louisa Cornell says:

    This cowardly, gutless, nutless, waste of oxygen needs to be fired immediately and the parish needs to be sued for hiring psychotic sissies as deputies. Are there no real men in Louisiana that they had to hire a waste of flesh who is afraid of a 12 pound ankle biter? Someone put this lady in touch with a good lawyer. If this bastard did this to my dog in front of my children his ass would be working for me for the rest of his life. START PSYCH EVALUATING POLICE OFFICERS !! And quit hiring your relatives who can’t get a job anywhere else, sheriff !

  6. Aunt Jane says:

    Was he afraid it would bite his shoe lace? AHs like this should not be allowed a badge or a gun. But I’m sure the sheriff will say it was justified! What is wrong with some people?

  7. carrie ainsley says:

    I hope we see a huge payout from a lawsuit paid to this family, both for the trauma associated with the dog and this idiot’s callous remarks afterwards.

  8. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    WTF!!!! REALLY??? I cannot believe that he is scared of a 12 pond dog. He needs to be fired and charged with abuse!!!! It is a TERRIBLE thing that he did and what he said!!!! He needs to be FIRED!!!!!

  9. Adrienne says:

    The deputies that are hired are not trained to deal with dogs of any kind (even seasoned police officers). Ongoing training on how to deal with dogs of all sizes and aggressions, rather than kill.Shooting a tiny Chi in such close contact where it’s her skull blew apart and eyes popped out. What a sight for a child to see and have to remember their dog being killed by police who they are suppose to trust. Take Barny Fife’s gun away from him and give him desk duty (because he will not loose his job because of this death). Owners should find a lawyer and sue this man for tons of dollars and turn around and donate it to rescuse.

  10. maxiemom says:

    If you call them, the lady answering the phones will make an excuse about this, as if being afraid of a 12 pound dog is normal. That he did it in front of KIDS doesn’t even seem to phase her, never mind that these kids are going to be traumatized for life! Then, in time, she’ll direct you to call his boss tomorrow, which is probably a stall tactic. In other words, she, and they, don’t give a damn and see nothing wrong with what this vile SOB did.

    In other words, these people don’t give a damn that they have a sociopath who has no business with a badge an is a DANGER to others. They’re just as bad as he is.

    “That’s on him” No, “lady”, that’s on an entire department that allows a coward to kill a 12 pound dog in front of kids and keep his badge so he can terrorize and traumatize others with impunity. It brands every last one of you, and sends a stench throughout the entire department even if you’re too stubborn to smell it.

  11. Janette says:

    I am tired of Cops shooting and killing dogs, this is an everyday event and needs to stop! Cops need to learn from mail carriers that don’t have guns!

  12. RatedArf says:

    What do we have to do to bring these “officers of the law” to account? There is NO THEORY UNDER WHICH a 12-pound dog presents a danger to a grown — if completely immature and underdeveloped — man. And if the comments he made afterward regarding “hating to waste a bullet” are true, then he is NOT to be trusted as someone to serve and protect the community in which he works. That represents such a callous disregard for life and for the feelings of those he’s supposed to serve that I have little doubt he was in zero danger and had zero regard for the animal’s life. To do such a thing in front of a child, to behave in such a manner in front of a grieving family is despicable. This man — and any sheriff’s department that would defend his behavior — represents a sickness in our society, and he needs to be punished and those who defend him need to be examined for other abuses. This is unacceptable. I am outraged beyond measure. The fact that the sheriff’s department hasn’t gotten back to anyone about this matter shows that they do not care about decency. And if they’re willing to pull this crap on a dog AND THE DOG’S HUMAN FAMILY… can you imagine what deception and callousness they’re capable of when it comes to a human being? Shame on them. Something needs to be done and it needs done now.

  13. susispot says:

    Sue that ass fast! Don’t let him think he has the power of the badge on his side. What he did was a cowardly act of animal cruelty. Those children will see their beloved dog blown to bits for the rest of their lives. If they don’t fire that disgusting piece of garbage, there is something very wrong in that town. My heart is breaking for that little boy that lost his dog so violently. RIP beloved pet.

  14. linda says:

    Seriously the asshole had to shoot at a Chi mix? Wasn’t man enough to take care of the situation without having to kill the family’s beloved pet.

    • ellen cottone says:

      And he Still thinks it was justified.
      his police dept. really needs to do backround checks and check referances.
      The pup was Doing his job.
      protecting His home, child and family from clearly,
      A friggin threat to his home and his people.

      • linda says:

        ellen I agree. He is a pussy for feeling threatened by a small dog…..shows his lack of manhood, lol. Btw I had to PTS my last dog…Prima 14 yr old Lhasa Apso had major health issues. My late mom’s cat is a 16 yr diabetic not using the kitty litter box, lost weight,however, she is still active and loving. I don’t want her to suffer. Crying all day. I have to make a serious decision. With all my pets past and present I take comfort knowing they all have been loved, cared for and have been loved in return. Take care and have a peaceful weekend.

      • ellen cottone says:

        oh linda, my dear animal loving friend, first elvis and now prima. you made a well thought out, unselfish dicision. You more than anyone knew when it was time. its excruciating but the last chapter in the life and times and adventures of miss linda and prima “donna”
        was indeed carried out with love and grace and mercy that only true soul mate and their pack leader can provide.

        And now you have them forever more and they have compleat and total accesse to you and they are so happy. ( did you hear a little voice deep in the back of your mind when you first came home, put your bag down, sighed and had your first cry when you were alone, did you hear a little voice , with no fear or pain say”where Am I”)

        All of your little close friends, they are closer then you think and know they are hanging out in each others company, in their little gang and are free of want and wait for you to come home from your out of the house activities. now they all go with you everywhere and they love that.
        Thinking of you and your Mom and her little love bug. Thinking wonderful thoughts to you and all your little friends. look for the moments when you are by your self and you get the chills from your knees up to your neck that have nothing to do with being cold especially if an image of a dearly departed pops in out of nowhere. then look down to your left and say hello baby. then smile thru the good tears and know at that moment they smiled back and many tails wagged.
        then wag your own tail because you can. Sending you a powerblast of love, to you and all your family,
        Your friend, El Cottone (hint)

      • linda says:

        ellen cottone thank you for your heartfelt response. Much appreciation hearing from you my friend. Lambi (mom’s cat) is doing fine so far). As I commented…All my pets were much loved and knew it and this brings me comfort and peace of mind. Take care and keep warm. Cold weather and snow will be coming soon ugh!

  15. Stephen Phillips says:

    FUCK that cowardly bastard!
    IF I believed in the second amendment, and IF I owed a firearm, I’d have protected my family… my ENTIRE ” family”… and there’d be one ass-hole “deputy” whose sniveling smirk would’ve been blown off HIS skull!
    Rest-in-peace, precious little soul…

  16. Gail F. says:

    A supposedly trained police officer could not handle a 12-pound dog who is barking at him, so the officer shoots the little dog in front of a child? That does not inspire confidence in law enforcement. Sheesh, what a mess. Hope the family sues the police department for the child’s therapy. And I hope that this officer never gets nervous around rebellious or noisy teenagers…

  17. pennysdachshund says:

    This Gutless, Vile , so called “Officer of the Law” is a Louisiana Low Life “Wanna be ” A Walking Tall or in the “HEAT of the Night” character !!! They need to Can his ass and I hope the family files a few hundred dollar lawsuit against the city and the police department… he certainly shouldn’t be allowed to carry or own a gun EVER!!!!

  18. Big Mo says:

    The cop who shot this dog is most likely a cowardly sociopath. If faced with a man to man confrontation he would run. The rot begins at the top. In this case the County Sheriff, an elected official. He needs to be voted out of office.

  19. Whitney says:

    This is BULLSHIT!!! That cop is aSTUPID WORTHLESS PIECE OF SH*T!!!
    He needs to be fired! 12 lbs… what is a 12 lbs dog going to do?…. DOUCHBAG!!!!

    i bet the officer was jealous because the dog had a bigger weener than him!!!


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