Good Samaritans make heartbreaking discovery: Two infected, neglected dogs left alone

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The Grant County Animal Shelter is asking for the public’s help identifying the owner of two infected, neglected dogs left alone and found by Good Samaritans on Wednesday. The dogs were rushed to a veterinarian where emergency medical care treatment was started for their painful wounds and mange. 

“We would like to know what kind of human being allows this to occur to innocent animals? If this is not neglect/animal cruelty- than we don’t know what animal cruelty is,” the shelter posted on their Facebook page. These two dogs were brought in yesterday as strays and were taken to a veterinarian and he has never seen a case this bad in his whole career. This didn’t happen over night and these dogs have suffered unimaginably! They wail in pain if you touch their skin, they have open sores, and are in horrible condition!

The vet doesn’t even know if they can be saved because their condition is so grave, but they are being treated, and we are trying to do the very best for them.”

According to WlwtNews, Animal Control Officer Pat Michaels, worries that the dogs, who might be Cocker Spaniels may not survive. Describing the pups, Michaels stated:

“His skin looked like it was made of stone and the other dog, which was a female, if you reached out to touch her, she would just scream. It sounded like a banshee screaming,”

On Thursday, the rescue group, Recycled Doggies stepped up to help the Grant County Animal Shelter who has limited funds. Both dogs, now dubbed Andy and Annie have been placed in foster care; both dogs suffer from extreme cases of mange and other skin infections as well as malnutrition and overall neglect. 

“They are safe tonight in one of our foster homes where they got soft blankets and yummy food and will learn what it’s like to be loved and taken care of,” the rescue group posted after naming the two dogs. “They’re a bit uncertain right now about their new lives and they’re very uncomfortable due to the condition they are in, but they’re on medication and we hope they will be on the mend very soon. We don’t know their breed yet – one guess was Cocker spaniel, but it’s impossible to tell. Annie weighs 12 pounds and Andy weighs 14 pounds, but they are both underweight.”

And for the first time in a long time, both dogs have comfortable beds, ate their dinners and took their medication. To help with their care, please click here.

Anyone with information about the dogs is asked to call police or the shelter at 859-824-9403. To donate to the Grant County Animal Shelter and replenish their funds in order to help the next serious case of neglect and abuse, please click here.

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(Photos via Grant County Animal Shelter and Recycled Doggies)

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  1. OMG! So cruel and horrific! Heartfelt thanks to all involved in their rescue and care!! GET WELL SOON ANDY AND ANNIE!!

  2. Karma will get the Dog Abusers that did this. I hope and Pray to the Good Lord that Law Enforcement finds the People that did did this.

  3. Oh my gosh???? poor little FURBABIES. Please get well really soon. So sorry for the pain that the ignorant worthless pos ???? has caused you both to endure.!!
    Thank you good Samaritan that found them and the rescue and foster for the second chance for a life of love and kisses????????????????


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