Golden Retriever suffers serious injuries at airport

A Golden Retriever that had escaped from his airline carrier cage while traveling home sustained serious injuries after allegedly having been abused by airport staff. The disturbing incident occurred in the cargo area of a China Eastern Airlines flight originating from Shanghai; the dog is said to have escaped from his kennel and bolted across the tarmac at the airport.

According to Metro, the dog’s owner stated his dog suffered severe injuries to his eyes and body when he was handed over to him by the staff at Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei Province. The dog named Er Mao had caused the delay of the flight after he ran away across the landing field where eight staff members spent nearly an hour chasing and capturing the frightened dog. The staff is believed to have used “excessive force” while  pursuing and capturing the dog. The airport said staff were forced to react to the “emergency situation” in order to avoid damage and injuries to cargo and passengers.


It wasn’t until the flight landed and the owner had to wait an hour before being reunited with his dog did he find out what had happened. It is not known how the dog escaped, but the airlines stated they did their best to keep passengers, employees and Er Mao safe. The owner is not satisfied with the excuse from the airline as the dog is still receiving intensive treatment from a veterinary hospital.

An investigation continues.

(Photos of injuries of Golden Retriever screenshots via Asia Wire)

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