Golden Retriever suffers serious injuries at airport

A Golden Retriever that had escaped from his airline carrier cage while traveling home sustained serious injuries after allegedly having been abused by airport staff. The disturbing incident occurred in the cargo area of a China Eastern Airlines flight originating from Shanghai; the dog is said to have escaped from his kennel and bolted across the tarmac at the airport.

According to Metro, the dog’s owner stated his dog suffered severe injuries to his eyes and body when he was handed over to him by the staff at Tianhe International Airport in Wuhan, the capital of Central China’s Hubei Province. The dog named Er Mao had caused the delay of the flight after he ran away across the landing field where eight staff members spent nearly an hour chasing and capturing the frightened dog. The staff is believed to have used “excessive force” while  pursuing and capturing the dog. The airport said staff were forced to react to the “emergency situation” in order to avoid damage and injuries to cargo and passengers.


It wasn’t until the flight landed and the owner had to wait an hour before being reunited with his dog did he find out what had happened. It is not known how the dog escaped, but the airlines stated they did their best to keep passengers, employees and Er Mao safe. The owner is not satisfied with the excuse from the airline as the dog is still receiving intensive treatment from a veterinary hospital.

An investigation continues.

(Photos of injuries of Golden Retriever screenshots via Asia Wire)

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23 replies
  1. jeanette says:

    I would do the same thing to the airline employees, people can be sooooo stupid when it comes to animals.

  2. Red says:

    I would never travel with my pet UNLESS I was relocating to another country. I wouldn’t trust anyone to keep my baby as safe, loved and secure as I. THIS IS HIDEOUS!!! What in the heck did they do to this precious little soul?!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another example of an airline with the compassion of a damned rock. This dog deserved MUCH better than to be treated so cruelly and I hope the owner is suing this airline for incompetence – the dog escaped from his crate and I bet this was also due to negligence by airport staff. Glad he was reunited with his owner BUT someone needs to be held responsible.

  4. julie lightfoot says:

    What an absolutely awful story these airport staff must be held dulperable for such vile abuse to this poor dog golden retrievers are very gentle dogs hope this poor baby makes a speedy recovery

  5. Helen says:

    If you chase the dog, the dog will run away from you for reasons such as fear or the dog could think you’re playing. In this case its certainly fear. There’s no reason whatsoever to hurt this dog. The wounds shown indicate the airline employees physically abused this dog as punishment after it was caught. The owner should sue the airline and have them pay the vet bill. As for the airline employees, they should be fired, and then give them a beating that they will never forget.

  6. Christine Brown says:

    i would do the same to them in what they did to the dog. I do so hate the Chinese people as they have no respect towards dogs and cats. I hope that the owner press charges against these people who did this to there dog

    • Viki Hood says:

      We need more people to realize the lack of respect in China for living, feeling beings. The innocent dogs and cats suffer terribly. They are tortured and eaten. Some are peeled alive for leather and fur. .

  7. Cynthia Como says:

    What the hell did they do to cause such injuries? These injuries are significant and if it were my pet I’d would want to know exactly what the bell caused such bad injuries! Freaking China!! I’m surprised they didn’t shoot this poor dog! I hope the dog is doing better!

    • Viki Hood says:

      Report says dog was shot with an airgun. Lucky she was not stolen and eaten. Some foreign customs/in this case a practice, will be brought here with immigration. Dog and cat meat markets will spring up and pets will be stolen to feed the ghouls.

  8. Star Shelley (@shelleystar2) says:

    Totally true , I am sure these people did not know how to handle the dog, I want to know what did they do to him., he looks terribly abuse. If a dog gets away once you put a leash on them they will be fine. But these pup looks like they beat him up.

  9. Marcia says:

    To the owner of tgis precious pup…please pick up a copy of a handbook titled:”Every Dog’s Legal Guide”, you to take legal action.

  10. (FlamingWolf)Beth C. says:

    OMG! I would be suing their asses for this no question period.
    Was reading another post as well that stated

    Er Mao
    returned to the owner in a net, cowering and covered in wounds and blood-matted fur. The owner also noticed that its eyes were bloodshot.
    After having parts of his coat shaved off, multiple puncture wounds on abdomen, legs, face and head.
    The vet said these injuries seemed to be caused by a whip with spikes or an air gun”,
    Is at risk of going blind after the injury to eye became infected.

  11. Barkley's Mom says:

    Looking at the pictures of this poor dog how can they say “they did their best to keep passengers, employees and Er Mao safe.” What a bunch of BS, they need to be sued if for nothing more than the vet bills! This is uncalled for!

  12. Wesley Lewis says:

    In my opinion someone intentionally let this pet out either maybe to pet it or to harm it nevertheless whoever done this needs to be fired and jailed. I myself have now my fifth golden retriever since 1979 golden retrievers are the most loving animals I have ever seen my latest one is right here at my feet right now waiting for me to continue to pay it on him he will soon be 4 months old and he loves my son and myself more than life itself. Prayers and love for the golden that has been beaten so badly

  13. Elaine says:

    If it were my dog, id have those fuckers heads on a plaque. That is unnecessary and maybe they should make sure animals don’t escape, and if they did, know how to handle it properly. It was an Asian airline, you sure they weren’t trying to eat the poor dog, fucking savages

  14. Sara Mason says:

    I flew my dog once, and that was enough. He survived the ordeal, thank God, but never again! This was on Eastern Airlines many years ago. Looks like things have not changed.


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